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Monday, February 23, 2015

Phil the magical Robber ...soton 0 LFC 2 (Coutinho Raheem)

 Phil is a magical Robber, but dont anyone tell YOU that we were ever in control of the ball..!

Pre Match comment...
"Team at soton...: Mignolet, Can, Skrtel, Lovren, (Sakho injured ) Hendo, Allen, Markovic, Ibe, Lallana, Coutinho, Sterling.
Bench : Ward, Johnson, Toure, Lambert, Studge, (????)  Moreno, Balotelli    Brent tinkering again, hope it dont end in tears,,, (Brents lad Joe is playing the fan nies moan about BRs "rotation" ha ha ?? "

soton 0 Liverpool in the black 2  (Coutinho, Raheem)

cast in Black away kit, it was the relevant colour as we certainly , for once, were the "Bad guys" in this scenario...

Arguably on e of the worst, and luckiest performances of the team playing in black away strip

a wonder strike from Phil early in the game gave us a totally undeserved lead, against the "run of the play" which was a one way street, Soton were all over us Raheem hadly touched the ball

Soton had a poor pen appeal rightly turned down from the start,  then Joe stupidly tried to tackle with his wrong foot and Lovren scrambled it, but IMO Allen had played the man.. 

bit of luck for a change as too many decisions have gone against us, But, we didnt do anything much to deserve it, Phil was creative, but rarely saw the ball as Soton charged, again and again, and thanks to Skrtel we survived the pressure, whilst Can and LOvren need "heading lessons" as the Soton players constantly won the ball in the air far too close to our goal, 

Marko should not have been playing on the left , if Lovren was a forced replacement for (injured?) Sakho, BR shoud not be changing the left side by also leaving out Moreno ...

Marko was eventually subbed , but he must learn to do more with the ball than push it and run, the much praised Can and Ibe were not at their best, and apart from my M.O.M ( the solid Martin ) I am struggling to think of someone who deserved credit.

Allen and Hendo were unimaginatve with hardly a decent forward pass between them. FAR too many times soton players were first and second to the ball..

we had about 3 or 4 shots all game and even Studge looked uncomfortable, as he might have done better  with the rare chances he got, Raheem scored the second.. thanks to an error by the home teams defence.. 

the "travelling Kop" singing the rodgers song, have a sense of humour, (as much as brents "outstanding" mantra..) and when I heard them sing "poetry in motion" ..well ...

"if this is the magical style, 
of bodgers, i wouldnt walk a mile 
to see them play, 
and the f s g ticket prices to pay
brought up on Shanks, Bob, Joe, Kenny ,
    & Rafa, he wouldnt pay a penny  
for several of the imposters in our shirt,
 to watch that made my  iverpool RED heart hurt,"

Brent Bodgers.. getting a soaking..thank GOODness! :)

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