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Saturday, April 28, 2012

12428 Pre-Norwich Away, banned "are U a fannie" ? mod-ants & My KOP = COP?"

12428...  Pre-Norwich Away, banned again... 
 "are U a fannie" ,
My KOP = COP?" 

I have been adding a few chapters to "ChriStory2" = Now 2 B  Alien..   

The Suns shining and i am having brunch & dinner on the patio now its jumped to about 30 degrees(c) ...

dealing with ants & "fannies"  (see below) as we later today take on Norwich (Away) in the league and only a week away from the cup final

Considering my "conflict" with the "office @ Lfc" ; 
my 'chances" of getting a ticket to the final would be down to mates, but I have been lucky to have been to 7 Red finals.. and if the tickets are taken up by TRUE REdS considering the allocation from the F-ing "FA" ...(there's a lot of comments on the latest "REdNeT" sclog about the FA ...inclined to call it the "FU Cup"... so I will probably watch it with Milos & Jelena(?) &/...or go to "MacREdS" if "downstairs" if not available..

firstly stats & links from the REdnet page on Fb...

official club statistician Ged Rea.> 

Head to head (league only):
At Carrow Road: Liverpool 9 wins, Norwich 7 wins, 7 draws.
Overall: Liverpool 24 wins, Norwich 11 wins, 12 draws.

Earlier this season the sides drew 1-1 at Anfield. Craig Bellamy scored against his former club in first-half stoppage time with Grant Holt equalising on the hour mark. It was Bellamy's first league goal since his summer return to Anfield.

The last meeting between the teams at Carrow Road came in January 2005 with the Reds winning 2-1 thanks to second-half goals from Luis Garcia and John Arne Riise. Only Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard who played that day remain at Anfield.

Liverpool have won five and lost two of the nine Premier League meetings and are unbeaten in the last five clashes, winning four.

The last Liverpool player to score a hat-trick against Norwich was Paul Walsh, who found the net three times in a 6-2 win at Anfield in November 1986.

The only other Liverpool hat-trick was scored by David Fairclough in a 5-3 win at Carrow Road in February 1980 - a game remembered for Justin Fashanu's Goal of the Season effort on Match of the Day.

Liverpool's biggest away victory on this ground came in the 1978-79 season when they won 4-1 - Kenny Dalglish was in the team that day.

The Reds' biggest win over Norwich in all games came in February 1979 when Kenny Dalglish scored twice including the opener in a 6-0 Anfield win.

Liverpool's heaviest defeat at Norwich came in February 1992 when they were beaten 3-0 with Scottish international Robert Fleck scoring twice.

There have been 26 league goals scored in the nine Premier League meetings.

The Reds are looking to record a third successive victory at Norwich. Their last two visits have produced 2-1 wins - they are the only wins in the last seven meetings in East Anglia.

Craig Bellamy began his career with Norwich and made 91 appearances in total between 1997 and 2000, scoring 34 goals.

Glen Johnson made his professional debut against Norwich nine years ago while on loan at Millwall from West Ham. His side lost 3-1 at Carrow Road.

The first goal Jordan Henderson scored in his career came against Norwich while he was on loan at Coventry in a 2-1 win in February 2009.

Liverpool have scored nine times in their last 10 league visits to Carrow Road, with six coming in the last three games.

The last Liverpool player sent off against Norwich was David James on this ground in May 1993.

The Reds could win successive away league games for the first time since November.

Prior to this weekend's fixtures, only Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal have won more away games than Liverpool's seven.

Liverpool have hit the woodwork 30 times in this Premier League season already.   

Should Norwich score two goals they will record 50 in all league fixtures against Liverpool.

City's last win over Liverpool came at Anfield in April 1994 - the last game in front of a standing Kop - with Jeremy Goss scoring the famous goal.

Their last home victory came when David Phillips scored the only goal of the game in May 1993.

Their best finish in the Premier League came in 1992-93 when they were third behind champions Manchester United and only two points behind runners-up Aston Villa.

Earlier this season Norwich set a Premier League record by conceding a penalty in five successive fixtures - their opening games of the campaign.

The only Norwich player to score a hat-trick against the Reds was Terry Allcock, who achieved the feat in a 5-4 defeat at Anfield in January 1962.

Daniel Ayala will be out for the rest of Norwich's campaign. He has played 10 games since his summer move from Liverpool with his last appearance coming in early February.

Zak Whitbread played seven games for Liverpool - all in the cups - during his short Reds career in the middle of the last decade.

Grant Holt has scored 58 goals in 117 league games for Norwich.

Only the bottom three teams (Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan) have conceded more home goals this season than Norwich, who have shipped 27 goals.

City's last home game saw them beaten 6-1 by Manchester City two weeks ago - though it was only 2-1 with 17 minutes to go. It was Norwich's heaviest home defeat since losing 7-1 to Colchester on the opening day of the 2009-10 season. The Colchester manager that day was Paul Lambert. Within 10 days he was appointed Canaries boss.

They have not kept a clean sheet in the last 12 games and only twice in the Premier League this season - in home games against Chelsea and Bolton.

They have won two of their last nine home league games, beating Bolton 2-0 and Wolves 2-1.

Scorers this season (league in brackets):
Liverpool: Suarez 14 (8), Bellamy 9 (6), Gerrard 9 (5), Carroll 8 (4), Maxi 6 (4), Kuyt 5 (2), Skrtel 4 (2), Adam 2 (2), Downing 2 (0), Agger 1 (0), Coates 1 (1), Henderson 1 (1), Johnson 1 (1), Kelly 1 (0), Shelvey 1 (0), own goals 6 (4).
Norwich: Holt 15 (13), Morison 9 (8), Pilkington 8 (8), Hoolahan 4 (3), Jackson 4 (2), Surman 5 (4), Johnson 2 (2), R. Martin 2 (2), Barnett 1 (1), E. Bennett 1 (1), De Laet 1 (1), Howson 1 (1), Wilbraham 1 (1).

Author: @JimmyRiceWriter

for TRUE REDS....


Hiya CrazyHorse, & True REd Mates (ref My KOP blogs) 

I have "spent" enough of my limited time in answering them with the respect that they might be individuals, so now they only get a " group(i)e response 


I live here in part of a family house in a suburb of Podgorica, which has a very hot climate,. I was drinking a cuppa at 09h this morning in 30 degress (c) ..
and there's a few pesky ants thats been "irritating" this mast few days, I had to smile to myself, sort of equated with the mental capacity of the "fannies" who without taking any TIME to understand the reasons, backround, FEELING, or VALIDITY of messages contained in my postings (Open Letter, "are u a Fannie" True REDS v Fannies" Truth V the committee etc) ... they adopt (FSG) "fannie policy" and attack like jackals, if they think I am alone.. (yeah I know ants & jackals..dont really mix as a metaphor, ha ha ) I dont like to kill ants unless theres no other choice, as the ants have (as far as I know) any intended "malice" they are just "working to survive" whereas I dont really mind "puttign down" the " Fannie-club members " who seem to have a maliscious agenda to attack any "depth" of arguement that may take them or others away from a 10 second knee jerk reaction pro-modern policy, I agree with your blogs and the "dumbing down" has truly INFECTED "fannies who came into our club, much the same way as "ants" might infest my kitchen... except I have more respect for ants ;)

p.s. i am certain the ants wont understand the above either,


NOW to be Alien 2: 12427 Writing off 2 cars, Brit-tany, from Isis, via Express to Calberson...

REdNeT shared a link.

Kenny Dalglish today admitted the door is open for Alberto Aquilani to make an Anfield return this summer.

Marie Buckley > While they say he'd be welcome, he wouldn't welcome it. He has no intention of playing in England.

REdNeT > He didnt tell me that Marie.. but what am certain of that Hodgson & the english media & certain X-players & xenophobic fannies made it clear he wasnt wanted, ....

Pepe Reina is adamant that Liverpool have improved this season.

Steven Gerrard is set to return for Liverpool this weekend after missing our defeat to West Brom through injury.

STevie on the Late show (video link)


a "ScloG special" 

REdNeT shared a link.
Please sir, can we have some more land?
With the ongoing issue of controversy over who is redirecting and benefitting from the redevelopment of Liverpool as a city, (about which Squish has written a superb blog - 

so now lets get "personal"......

HUMOUR? - SO, are YOU a "fannie" ??

As recently I agave the name "fannies" to those who claim to follow Lfc - but are really NOT SUPPORTing the "holy Trinity" = which was BONDED during the days of Shanks, its the TRUE REdS "Liverpool way" which binds TEAM Manager; Players & SUPPORTers ....NOT "fannies".. ;)

It may be useful to explain what a "fannie" IS or may be by asking, come on be HONEST, ;)

* Did you start following Lfc because of ONE player or ONE final won by Lfc?

* DO you text your friends during a game, instead of watching

* If your girlfriend (wife?) asks - would you MISS an Lfc match to be with her?

* Do you post negative comments about players on web forums or twitter during the game, or after?

* Do you actually believe Hodgson should ever have been associated with our Club?

* Do you phone in to radio or LfcTV to show how much you know more than Kenny, or Rafa previously?

* You expect our team to play as well as the Lfc team on your video game?

* YOU think that having more money is the only way to make a succesful team/club?

* You would never stand in the rain to watch our Team

* YOU have never played footy and/or wouldn't want to unless it made you rich.

* YOU wouldnt follow the team if it didnt win anything for more than 5 seasons?

* You would not travel to away games, if travel & accomodation was not easily organised?

* YOU would never attend a Hillsborough memorial service.

AT THE STADIUM (IF you are a rare "fannie" that goes to a match..)

* Do you arrive late at your seat, disturbing those that got there on time?

* DO you leave your seat during the game, to get food or drinks? 

* Do you leave the match early if we are losing or to get home early or miss the rush?

* DO YOU BOO our manager or players AT ANY TIME??????

* Do you wear a jesters hat (and are over 18 years of age) ?

* You never sing unless we are winning or at least not losing?

IF YOU answer "YES"  to 1 or more then YOU fit my description of a "FANNIE" ;)


Bpoudyal ; its not about "opinion" you havent got the meaning...its about what makes US DIFFERENT, we are NOT "fannies" and if you are...go elsewhere because "fannies " ruined us in the 1980's  and its happening again... and thats NOT funny!

1. RusRED.. thanks for your comments...but... :P
a) its MY description of what a "fannie" is.. 
b) I dont need to edit my questions, a True RED Supporter concentrates on the game (I am really questioning those who spend all their times txting instead of watching...and probably miss much of the "moves")
c) I express frustration but i DONT INSULT players... I might say I "prefer" X over Y... as my personal choice but i dont "rubbish" players or our Team manager as too many "fannies" do..
d) you really need to read my questions more carefully I am not saying you should stand in the rain, but a true Supporter would...if he/she had to! 
e)  you should never "quantify" YNWA! ...

PLEASE READ the introduction to the questions, and try to understand WHY I write this =  The essence if that I am explaining the difference between the Core Supporters mentality that formed this clubs greatness and many of todays fickle & weak "fannies" if you choose to identify yourself with on or other description, thats your choice however let me make it quite clear that I am DISGUSTED to read what some "fannies" write about (& against) our CLUb; the club that I have given a large part of my life to!


2. daveypreece ...see above , , if I see anything about LIVERPOOL that offends me I will oppose it as I will oppose people who insult our players & (LEGENDARY) manager publicly ..! and if possible I will use humour, IF the " fannies " have some? ;)

3. NeplaliKop - I disagree, if you do every thing you can within your economic lilimtations to SUPPORT the team, then you ARE a SUPPORTer - I never once said you have to be at the stadium, read through it again.. (NOTE i wrote "send texts INSTEAD of watching the game"..obviously IF u have a choice) If u have done everything reasonably possible within your obvious restrictions that great! I have lived abroad half my life and know how difficult it is for "long distance fans" but thats not the message of the above! :) hope u understand now>?

4. EvansPlungePOOL ...???? ha ha ha ...

5. Although there are ISSUES that I am very determined to contest, I advise ALL of us to have a sense of humour, especially at times of adversity..and
by the way this is NOT "a time of adversity" mind u i am not sure if many ppl take any time to "discuss" at the "committee" is not effective either!

? ”He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!” ;)


12425 replies to "fannies" etc,,

I know many iof you havent got the time or intellect or interest to actually focus on my postings BUT dont "react" before you understand whats written, especialkly if u are ENGLISH you have NO excuses for lazy responses that obviously mean that U havent understood its content..

THIS means YOU "wmraker" (is that mis-spelt?) LMAO

& "scruggs" ..U know what YOU are!

& elzino.. no explnation for your comment, typical of a fannie!

oh and Davey? I thing U are responding to my reply to "evansplungepool"???(pubs etc)?????

As for Kenny, disgusting that U question his status, even before a season is out..

...not Lengendary manager?  er won League and CUP DOUBLE in first season (86) as player-manager then came 2nd , first, 2nd First and cup winners again 89???

who are YOU?


@ Class&success , fair comment, but Hodgson was never qualiified enough for LFC manager and appointed by FRAUDS..enough said? no? was highly paid ..what did he try?  to make us go mad?  LMAO!


Tx for the comments clanna, NellyD, kennyirishRED, I dont think you 3 qualify ..

 but.. "wmraker" LMAO  U make this worthwhile, this is MY "revenge" for putting up with all those "fannies"...

who "just dont get it! " 


dasendri1, well if thats not the ONLY reason u also dont qualify,  dont worry though the "suicidal fannies" will be clamouring to make "clever anti-chris" comments!! ;) ha ha ha , this is more fun than even I expected!!! 

12425 +

latest response to comments>

classANDsuccess> thanks for your comments, but Hodgson, was IN NO way qualified, he had NEVER won a MAJOR title, I could manager a top team, but winning trophies is something else...but the most important aspect was that he DISrespected our history, culture, he insulted Supporters and acted in a cringeworthy manner, he insulted Kenny, and blamed Rafa, Hodgson is not a man with dignity enough for our club, (Kenny has been too kind to him)  and please do not forget woy was brought into LFc by Purslow who was a devious money-man out for his own benefit and not ours.. check it out and research the subject properly , please! 

NewScouseWelsh> thanks , so shall we add " I f Lfc arent playing do you follow the blues?  (mind you years ago it wasnt so strange for men to go to alternative home games, but they just loved footy, so maybe thats not the same as  the type U refered to.. 

carraavi23> I wouldnt call U a "fannie" if you have "that feeling" and we both know what I mean, and u dont do the other stuff, mate! ;)

nattaphat666> what i mean is when ppl are constantly texting instead of watching , understand?

Mambya>see my other responses, IMO that comment isnt even worthy of a reply...sad fannie!

Redeyedinoz>please, take a bit more time, and read again, if u are bothered ,its MY interpretation of what a fannie is, not a fanny ;) which I am not against Lol, 
, unless that cap fits you?

luke01234> "this guy?" which guy? guy fawkes?  ha ha ha ...i dont need alchohol, because laughing at all the fannies' comments makes me drunk! 

Sobertini >  the title of this blog sort of helps you, doesnt it?  H U M O U R ?  .... LMAO

Redpiano>ha ha, sometimes I WISH i was 12 years old or younger (but not now, then) so I could live the experiences all over again, but slowly :)

wmraker> are u still commenting? , ha ha ha  ...thanks U really make me smile...

classANDsuccess> U dont know "OUR culture or humour" ?  I travelled 2000 miles back to Lp for the 20th memorial services BECAUSE I am a supporter and apart from the empathy I FEEL (and so should you)  apart from which i have lost people close to me, and identify with the victims & their families, it could have been me, but for "fate"  you see now i have LOST my sense of humour because of your insensitiivity,  because if anything identifies us (off the field) its our hunger for accountability by those who caused the death of 96 brothers & sister REdS... U arent just a fannie u are a fool!

alexjb1989> "fannies" are often DISGUSTING and insulted our club, our players, and our supporters CULTure & origins, and obviously dont like it when they are "challenged"  ... I added some "humour" to avoid getting too "bitter" in my JUSTIFIED condemnation of you dragging our club down, but it seems u fannies still dont get it, thanks also to 

"classANDsuccess" because U are making that an issue which U obviously dont understand.,. some "humour" is required because otherwise the temptation is to crack up with carrying adversity of having to defend the "holy trinity" against idiots & fools & hyprocrites...shame U just dont get it!


classANDsuccess> The aspect of HILLSBOROUGH is important, but there are too many "lightweight" fannies, that shy away from anything deep, sometimes to even get some "dialogue" its necessary to include a DEEP message to people within “humour” many social comedians send out heart-felt messages within their sketches .. some notice, some dont..

beej13> yeah ..didnt include “do U waive plastic flags?”  my fear is that too many fannies join us when chelski & citeh & barca & R. Madrid fail again...!

KennyIrishRed> dont care if u have been drinking...i get what u mean, YNWA!


norwich 0- LIVERPOOL 3 - Luis ...with one of the greatest hat-tricks U will EVER see and a wonderful 3rd...(link)

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