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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bbbbburning Drama....LIVE R POOL update for TRUE REDS

 bbbbburning Drama

....LIVE R POOL update for TRUE REDS..

a 2-3 win @ Blackburn with a goal from Andy compensating from another refereeing blow - the sending off of poor Doni, after a harsh first yellow unsettled flano, left 10 men fighting for the result ... Maxi having scored twice...

The ref gave the home team ONLY 2 pens...maybe our luck is turning?...  cant believe that their manager (kean) complained about decisions..??

Anyway well done Brad, whose son died recently and whose lass had a baby son this week, H e thanked the Supporters "who have been great" and said the save was for his deceased son Luca... home LUCK stays with the REdS for the semis coming up!

andY ..hopefully can build on the goal  and develop his goalscoring..

some pics from last night & from past games @BBurn..

Remaining league season:-


SCLOG: LIVE R POOL V illans + update
‎- "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"
REdNeT ‎(great fighting win last night...) but Refs "agenda" will make it difficult saturday!
Brad: That was for Luca - Brad Jones dedicated his penalty save during the dramatic 3-2 win over Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park to the memory of his late son Luca, who sadly passed away in November 2011 following a long battle with leukaemia.
Lucas relishing semi showdown

Injured star Lucas is relishing this weekend's all-Merseyside FA Cup semi-final and is confident his teammates can pull off a third win of the season against our old rivals.

REdNeT >still some negative "Karma" at our club....wigan had 0 corners - their 2 goals came from our "mistakes" surely "dangerous play" is still an INdirect free kick"?.....


The "committee" met again on the 24th March,,, (they put a notice TODAY on the official website) then Karen says "we have to make ourselves known...") notable the "spin" " Lfc extends to the comiittee too... ;) > The third meeting of the official LFC Supporters' Committee was held on 24 March, 2012 at Anfield.

Chris>  and they appoint a "replacement" for P.Rice, with no input from US ..the TRUE REd SUPPORTERS..! ...spinning away Shanks legacy!

JUSTICE = Justice everywhere for ALL!


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