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Friday, April 6, 2012

LIVE R POOL V illans + update ((11 REdS v 12 villains)

LIVE R POOL V illans 
+ update

 (11 REdS v 12 villains)

Never forget... 

(what Hillsborough means..)

...& reasons to be "cheerful"
Suarez earns Reds a point (11 REdS v 12 villains)

A tap-in from Luis Suarez earned Liverpool a 1-1 draw at home to Aston Villa on Saturday afternoon.

REdNeT > same old....

dominated play, the others had only 2 shots on goal, we had a lot, no luck & missed chances, sh*te ref, hit post-bar, dog & cat, their goalie (givens) played a blinder..etc

seems our team has to play every game against 11 + FA sponsored Referee, lost count of how many times this season the ref denied us a justified advantage!

Next saturday's semi final Ref is HOW-hard Webb, sure he will follow the FA's instruction to be anti-Lfc !


* Kenny is our manager - surely at this time of the year - I dont need to explain why - he is one of ours, HJC & fights the sh*te media & his loyalty & dignity Is part of "the LIVERPOOL way":

* whatever happens (and if its citeh that loses out, it may send a message  to the "fannies" that swallow the "money buys success" mantra) ONE of the manc clubs will wn NOTHING this season

* Rafa hasnt joined any of our rivals (I still think Kenny should convince FSG to invite Rafa to play some role in our club - radical idea = give him the Europa league "campaign" (KD could select best team for EPL and then let Rafa look after "europe" theres no one in the world better at international club footy!

* dAgger is back !

* Luis is scoring regularly.....(despite the "enemy bile")
* Doni looked solid if not spectacular. (Pepe is still IMO best keeper in the World, though, and paid for our teams failings @newcastle & Perch's acting !! ..and another stinking biased Ref!)

*<smile> & Kenny is our manager (and the yankers would totally ruin our club with any other manager , except Rafa, in charge!)

* WE won a cup and "could" win another this season! (although the blues will DIE rather than lose ANOTHER big cup game to us, we have beaten them before in FU cup semis, and 3 finals too!!

* There are STILL good people SUPPORTing LFC! 

* I didnt twat anyone in the pub yesterday when they took the P*ss ;)


Justice delayed = justice denied, expose the lies before thatcher dies???  UK govt. will do anything but admit that the neglect lies between the FA decision to allocate a smaller section to Liverpool support , the police decisions (or non-decisions) including officers refusal to let crushed people leave Leppings lane, & refusal to let in ambulances, Thatchers anti-SOCIAL(ist) polices & her police henchmen..evil shadow exists in today's government & continual anti-LFC bias of the FA!            

Interesting Fact: Jamie Carragher has made more appearances (25) against Villa than any Liverpool player ever. He made his full debut against them back in January 1997, incredibly scoring a header at the Kop end in a midfield role!

Here’s the EA Sports Player Performance Index pre-match stats;

Liverpool suffered a 2-0 defeat to Newcastle in their last game

As Liverpool prepare for a tough end to the season and an FA cup semi final, they will be looking to talismanic midfielder Steven Gerrard for inspiration

Discounting players who have had fewer than twenty shots on goal, Gerrard has the second best shooting accuracy in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index, getting 80% of his 25 shots at goal this season on target

With Adel Taarabt scoring for QPR in their last game Stewart Downing now has the honour of being the player to have had most shots on goal without scoring (57)

Aston Villa honoured captain Stiliyan Petrov by running Chelsea close in their last game

Petrov has contributed more defensively for his team than any other midfielder in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index, with 235 contributions across tackles, interceptions, blocks and clearances

James Collins and Eric Lichaj scored to level the scores at 2-2 before Fernando Torres and Branislav Ivanovic made it 4-2

Collins’ aerial ability has been put to more use at the other end of the pitch this season, making 71 clearances, the second highest total in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index

Collins is also joint top of the index for blocks, having made 33 so far this season

Overall, Collins has been the busiest defender in the league so far this season, making 334 defensive contributions across tackles, blocks, clearances, and interceptions, averaging one every seven minutes thirty seconds

Stephen Warnock is second in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index for tackles won with 77 won so far this season

REdNeT added 8 photos to the album remaining League season 11-12

still some negative "Karma" at our club....wigan had 0 corners - their 2 goals came from our "mistakes" surely "dangerous play" is still an INdirect free kick"? Luis shd have headed our 2nd .. another game dominated,although I thought maybe...See More  @"REdNet" on FB

REdNeT shared a link.
Boss: We can all help each other (
Kenny Dalglish today called on Liverpool fans to help the Reds return to winning ways against Aston Villa this weekend.
Here's a selection of some great shots from Melwood this week as the Reds prepare for the visit of Aston Villa to Anfield on Saturday.

Dear Emma,
Those of us who have had long time "dealings" in or with the system KNOW that they already DO check through y-our emails, (including THIS one folks!!) the main problem is the apathy of the masses who have allowed themselves to b...See More
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Steven Gerrard to Fernando Torres - Beforetime - 2007/2010
Steven Gerrard to Fernando Torres 2007-2010
Everton FC staff left red-faced after e-mail blunder > Local News > News 
For almost a century Everton fans have enjoyed the mints handed out by their Toffee Lady. from the past (compliments Lfc)

SUPPORT & believe?


  1. the yankers "thought police" @ Lfc????

  2. FU the FA & the thatcher legacy of fascist conservative & capitalist perversion! since 30 Years these B*stards from london have been antiLIVERPOOL

  3. news report from 89..