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Sunday, June 24, 2012

12619-12614 "Summer Solstice" updated

"Summer Solstice"    
Live R PooL 
Footy (fun) & Social Club

We just passed the change in the Year, The summer solstice from long days it will get progressively darker 

- at the moment its light about 5 am & I went running just after 06h ..

So I am "lazy" today in 35 degrees C. and really just copying from diary notes and some "discussions" 

and my "theme" is the formation of "Live R PooL Footy (fun) & Social Club

With the intention of bringing GOOD spirit back to LIFE! ;)

music : by 

& this one's  for Dom, and the "Balkan family " weekend in Piran(HA!) enjoy birthday & night... - i'll have a few bevvies with , when he gets here!! :) 
balkan madness

& for Ana...A
a little "poem" just for you...  

 i have been for a looooong run, 

- now i sit in the sun, (sun), 

hello Ana - dont work so hard,

- i'd like to "mark your card" 

- one day together dance, 

but share dinner is a small chance ! 

but she's another "maybe-baby" ..
" maybe" .........i heard too many times in "monty" c1a-o!
i dont chase anyone any more..! 
i made invitation.. thats all! if she dont respect it , thats her choice .. if she dont see my value , also her choice! as I said ..Geminis either "click" or dont... and whilst i would have liked to test things with her, even make a radio programme , i require "equal" relations.. ...(she probably cant dance! ha ha ;) 

how long for "modern girls"

Not "my lady" 

i once had a special lady
she never ever said "maybe"
and i didnt appreciate who I had..
and that now makes me sad,

she has gone
it wont be long..
so i'll party anyway
just wanted to say... much i miss a truly good woman.."Now to be aLien"

ChriS SmiTH 

"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Single by The Animals from the album House Of The Rising Sun

Father 's day.. = mothers ruin

   ///.....Frank Carlyle's a granda!

I told walter van l..

Hiya Walter, my ankle is getting better, almost 90% ..i have started running, have u still got my stuff, sorry, I rented a car last month & thought about coming up but the cost is over 500e (without accomodation) and although they are personal thingswith emotional & other value to me, ..its a lot... i was hoping a dutch lad who was visiting here might help, but i havent heard from him in a while...i have an idea, this area is a popular tourist area, what if i pay yr fuel for coming down, bring the stuff and have a "free holiday" with yr mrs here at my apartment..i can stay somewhere else..? or evn better bring the team down and i'll organise a footy tourny..?? hope u are well best wishes to Neel, Raoul, Stefan & the other lads..ChriS


..."a day on the B.....each.." clear blue sky, clear blue (clean) sea, lost myself "floating" on the waves, wonderful feeling..soaking up the sun, lying on the water, just the ripple moving me this or that way ..salty air, mini-bikinis , (confirming that, apart form "exceptions" "less is more " ha ha )

...the posing by would be "foto-models" & a few young guys with gold & silver chains that nearly drowned them, young girls flirting but not reaklly meaning it, only petty thing to disturb the day was a silly woman, on the train back to the city (its only a few kms) ..who seemed to be jealous that I have something between my legs (even if it thinks i have joined a celebate religion!),, and kept nudging me, (either that , or its was some some of 'come on" ) LMAO! ;) 


I am (not?) the "Go(0)dfather" of the CSers?... or the Silver ..Surfer?

taking the "rise"???

our honorary pressie gets high! 


David Llewelyn Wright shared Unforgotten Angels's photo.
Afreen died in the Bangalore hospital, leaving a grieving Banu to pore over grainy cell phone videos of her happy baby.

"After my delivery my husband had come to see me and the baby. He said, 'It is a girl, why did you give birth to a girl?'" Banu told CNN.

Just days after the birth, Banu says her husband told her, "For her wedding we will require a hundred thousand rupees (about $1,800 dollars) for all the expense. If you can get that amount from your mother, then keep her, but if you can't, then kill her."

A week after being admitted to the hospital with multiple injuries and a severe head wound, "Baby Afreen" suffered cardiac arrest and passed away, BBC reported.

Neha Afreen

ChriS SmiTH > c.25,000 kids die daily from mis-management of the global resources & disease etc caused by politics, religion & corporate greed, we
 are ALL accessories to murder of kids, wake up! see the truth! change yr life!


====== Now to be Alien..Next chapter ; The BIG STEP(s) ; S & S ;  the mini-recession, “testing the water” and the SACK, ..the EXPOSION & rise of S & S..whisky-traitor, The .& Jacqui.... LINK 

film with John cusack... solo...
"Brown penny " Yates?
since I have been here, "solo" the first time in a long while

..I have been complaining about women, girls who are too young, or selfish, self-absorbed barbies, snobs who only know business or small talk, , 

even accused one or 2  of being "too tall" (Monty_lasses are the tallest in Europe...)

... but after a couple of years "alone as an AlieN" i now realise its ME,
 ..I am a BORN again Virgin!! ha ha ha ... I have forgotten all that I learnt the decision is whether I should soil my purety and cherchez les femmes" or just be "one of the lads:

...and enjoy the party & enjoy my "freedom".///...guess what the choice  seems to be ? ;)

ricky G at golden globes (are they talking about her -see above right>)

ran 25 mins... ! and felt "shattered" (a word unusable on "My Kop") 
had a long nap/siesta (headache from running-it was too hot @ 7am)

and this... to celebrate solstice... the modern version of MOnty..P ..humour (mock...)

for josee 
(my X nuclear holocaust girlfriend from Holland)
I wish u well , with your relationship and yr kids.. its unlikely i will come back "north" to Nl / pays bas./Be what i lost, i lost, its just another part of my story...take care! (this music reminds me of u) so enjoy, Josee

"Samba Pa ti..
for if ever i find a good woman...great to make love to this...

a request to Mrs Khan Smith (roumy of romania/Bulgaria?) - come to Monty? ;)

mock the week 2 .. 

friday no panties...? according to Sean 22 jUne is "no panties day"

 I thought it was called "summer solstice" LMAO 

11623 late spring cleaning... 
washing bed clothes etc..sen this to the "C1A-0's  new yorker in Pg"

"Hiya Tina, your "non-antique girl" friend ignores me so I hope YOu can pass this message to her & to the "Natrure girl" please contact me, sms or email , as soon as possible, about the Rafting in U 
promised...ChriS" ? 

Z ah, so true, how deadly monty "wimmin" are.. this says so MUCH about the lasses here..from spoilt brats, poseurs, barbies & "prozzies" (thats scouse terminology).or the laughingly corrupt business-ladies...90% would NOT be able to tell the truth if their lives depended on it..most want to "catch" a fella, when they are YOUNG!

..and dress up accordingly,often looking for a "sugar Daddy"(because their own didnt give them proper love..?) they usually marry young, ; a "monty macho - man" just to get away from their family house, they have more issues & complexes than "bridget jones" ha ha

VioleNta on the Pg "beach" = aB**ch?
 .. most of them are completely f**ked up..and i propose after 5 years of marriage are bored with their man (who probably thinks a "G-spot" is an advertising campaign) and change like butterflies in reverse into a bitter version..thats why u never see women over 25 out on the town. 

....they get ugly!

...i'd like to take them all to Liverpool to show them how women can look good, relax, DANCE & have fun

.. but i guess the shock would be too much.. ;) LMAO!    ..

snobbish self-absorbed & bigoted, very tall, but our culture says "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" so,.are fee-males here like the similar to the countryside?

..wildly beautiful, but a LOT of rubbish dumped carelessly??

.of course i am "joking" ...? ;)

phototrekking outings most sundays (see club events & future meets) scroll down ???? 
summer solstice special///UnSuB..add to monty a-z?

Now to be alien2 - NEXT chapter ; to be written kids split S & S, being "away" (affairs) etc - the violation of adam & sarah

MY "alternative" Media "channel" ..

The last pic he sent me ...7 years ago? 
This to my (estranged) son Leon (another Lfc complaint)


Hello Leon,

I tried again(!)  today to order the new home Lfc shirt for you, I seem to get blocked, Lfc are having some problems and it may not be possible (for some strange reason) for me to order this..

does your mum have a credit card?  if so I could arrange a transfer to her bank before hand so she does not lose anything.. (it costs another 8 GBP for shipping to Freiburg) dont forget you have to "login" as leon.ha-smith@ursun

and your member number 10369748 should be automatically discounted when U go to the "online checkout".///..

IF she cant do that - maybe think of an alternative present _ could post from here..
or  an economy flight to meet me (!) I know that is "difficult" idea for you & yr mum!

take care
cuvaj se

Dad x

Item Qty Price Total
Subtotal £59.00
Membership Discount
Fancard 10369748 - Discount 10% Discount -£5.90
Got a discount code? Enter it here:   Total discounts -£5.90
Total £53.10

LFC Adult Home S/S Shirt 12/13 Small Red
Personalisation: 8|Gerrard


Club News Views & "minor conflicts"  ;) 

A LIve r Bird always on MY chest
WE are still MEN of Shankly's Best

His Teams always played HIS Liverpool way
Never gave up, come what May

but in 2012, F.S.G took us to hell
they sacked oUR KING, & only sell

Its OUR CLUB , its all so wrong,
and why we will sing this song....

" they didnt care about Rafa
they insulted our KING
Give us our footbal club
is what WE all sing...


To Ugo , about "the club"

i understand VERY well the mentality here, but, as everything changes, 20 years ago it was soviet controlled! if u dont read what i wrote u shoudl be quiet until then. "Monty" people cant be their own "island" and then act like arrogant independents then at the same time expect income from the rest of the world..the game is over.. u & they have to wake up and be your own people..nottaionalists , but socialist with creative initaives, or u can just sink with the rest of the "titanic" ..i really dont care either way..and I dont know if Alex is good enough for me to co-op with,,

i think you should read.. .. - making an NGO is easy... motivating people is something else, u already know about that, I am not impressed bys everal NGO's I have seen here either... so why do u get advice from other ppl, when i have done more than anyone you know?? ? its so easy to do on y-our own.. however IF i join U we must be clear about the motives & "mentality" before we start...I am clear on what I will & will NOT get involved in...

p.s. I would like to make not only a supporters club , but combine it with a football club and including coaching kids..if u are interested to join with ME 

well, you re right - its easy to make an NGO.. But motivaiting... So, i rather want to work with 2 quality guys than 52 idiots who just want to watch games and talk about rumours.. So, let be 3 of us at start, just to make a 'plan of working' and get things well organized.. And, about your football team.. I dont know.. Its good idea, but you think that parents here want to send their son to learn football from guy who isnt a proffesional coach? Dont be angry, i m just telling you the truth.. My opinion is that there will not be much interest for your footy club. Kids want to play, but in our clubs, where they have leagues, and match every week.. And where did u planed to train those kids?

I know people here are ignorant of me & what I have done, mostly because i give FREE advice, but the idea woudl be to create a footy cliub and build it up, and give kids coaching within - not to "advertise" coaching..I dont care what the parents think..if we do it right, the word gets around and the kids come ..! but if u perceive it to be a problem then i am not interested ..its either everythign or nothing  but i dont think u read my article properly yet...i am going out,,,chat tomorrow...
p.s. I could be "professional" if they paid me ! ha ha ha ..
but I dont need money!
if i do it because I want to do somethign good in the community & because I love football..and because I am the best, but u dont know that either! cia-o for now...

The Euro 12 is currently on, I have watched most of the games " west"

Kennys Euro12..

They (H-W!) "Killed Kenny"...

===================== at "west"

 ukraine 0 eng 1  , swede 2 france 0

dunno what waS THe funniest , 

watching Stevie play like a LIVERPOOL capt, for that c*nt hodgsons england team

& Andy scoring too, shame they didnt do it "for Kenny"..(6 REdS in english I am sort of...on their side..)

 or enjoying the locals  surprise that ukraine lost and the french getting "swede-bashed" LMAO! 


12624 MY KOP 

If U doubt my accusations have a basis, then u only need a child's logic to ask why, ...

for the second time in 3 years when we have 2 managers (Kenny & Rafa) who between them have won everything & any trophy worth winning, LIVE in LIverpool, and would make a dynamic duo to beat anyone (given the backing & some time)..

 would a so-called "clever sports club owner(s)" want to employ someone who has won "FA"...(G & H chose "woy" & H-W choose "Buck") /...whats up? ...its "the emporers new clothes"  its so obvious a child can see it but too many "fans" just dont want to know the truth...

Diego Maradona: " miracles really do exist. I've now made Liverpool my English team. They showed that football is the most beautiful sport of all. You knew they could defend but the team showed they could play too and wrote a page in the history books. The match will last forever. The Liverpool supporters didn't let me go to sleep the night before. There were 10 of them to every three Milan supporters. They showed their unconditional support at half-time when they were losing 3-0 and still they didn't stop singing." 

@LFC mason...  shown yr colours, son..
(nothing on yr profile either...!) ;)
except a song u could add?...

"we hate NOTTINGHAM forest, we hate everton too, they'are sh*te

and we hate MANUTD!, but LIVERPOOL WE LOVE YOU! "

ha ha..

typical fan(ie) ...arent U? , poor little rwf needs your help? ... u dont actually have any thing VALID, that u can say against my proposals so just insult the writer, no its YOU who should write for the scumedia! now go and cry to the "MyCOP thought police you FLAGGER!" ;)

who was it that started singing Y.N.W.A. @ H-T in Istanbul ?...the "True REd travelling KOPites" or "fan(ie)s" ?
&............who made Thierry stop playing & applaud? - True REdS! who cared more about sending a message to the BBC with a constant "stand up for the 96!"  that lasted much more than the planned 10 minute "protest" ? (NOT the "moan if things go wrong" sky-washed fan(ie)s ... 

(on FB) Xabi 2 france 0... there are a lot of idiots on FB , David, (Gill)

Rafa "made" Arbeloa, Xabi & Torres all 3 were unknown before he took them to Liverpool, the scumedia & stupid sky-washed fan(ie)s bought into the yanker BS..they denied Rafa the money and "politicked " him out,with RBs & Purlsow having their own "agenda" .. like the current y*nkers forced out a living legend called Kenny, it just shows how stupid some "fans can be"

...they accept a good looking young manager like Buck, who has won nothing... and reject Rafa & Kenny who between them have won ever single trophy thats worth winning, if I was black I would claim discrimination (suarez-negrito..etc) but ageism gets used every day in this sh*te world of the fickel fast-food fans & sky-washed sheeple


hat know-nothing Henry & his media mate Werner can dictate Lfc policy is a joke itrself...can only blame the fans..who let them in and didnt protest enough..maybe its true that u get what u deserve.. & look at the mess Lfc is

you are, @ the Echo , kidding yrself if u think LFc arent gonna have a reaction to the forced removal of anOTHER manger we love (like Rafa) except Kenny is more than a living legend , his removal just the final straw... nothing personal against Buck.. but,., its a disgrace

John w..knows "FA@ about football!

... the fraudulent "owners" replacing Kenny with a lad who (however young & "presentable" he may be to the Uk, & more importantly to them USA media ...has won NOTHING! ...and here he is presented with the global entity of LIVERPOOL which is more than a footy club,...there shall be rebellion, in great numbers! ..if he/U were WISE you wouldnt bang on about his "philosophy until he was won something worthy of such 'promotion"...



oh, thanks I AM smiling... at the level of condescending content in yr "response" 
you teach?  ("those who can DO, those who cant, Teach"?) 

you claim "not to be into "  the insulting but at the same time call me ignorant and insult my english, well, as u claim some innocence - (taking over form others who fail to stop my opposition to the fraudulent ownenership, i'll cut u some slack!...oops no , i wont!)

i'll repeat some things to you, i gave u some dear old departed ma would have said "if the cap fits, wear it" YOu have chosen to bite,,.big mistake..
because u pretend to be "nice" but manage to get in the insults anyway :) yes i am smiling

- but not for sure some of the fan(ie)s will swallow this BS!

i wrote a little poem about "bitterness" on other blog here (probably banned too) .. . to explain my "bitterness & BILE " ..but its simple all the good things are going that are much more important than just playing the game to win on the field (but include that too) and due to yr buddies blocking, disrupting and etc

a lot of my replies are "hurried" with small errors and certainly NOT perfect - but being a TRUE RED isnt about being gramatically perfect, its about heart & soul. so i call u a liar if u claim to have been supporting Liverpool longer or "more" than myself ..but even that is almost irrelevant..

I AM angry, I am NOT "nice" i am incensed ... by whate being done to LFC & by the lack of outrage by some ..
..but if u are only an "sky-washed fan" its to be expected that u talk through yr a*se-nal


yes u are right , iam "badly educated"- and from another planet..obviously as I am "REdAlieN" you may be better "educated" but u dont seem to be that intelligent.. 
whereas in my life i have instructed CEO's of global corporations, govt. ministers , instigated & managed billion-dollar projects, and launched creative ventures & charities too..

without ever passing any "qualifications: "' so who is the fool?

YOU are! ha ha ha!

getting back "on topic" ///...

11623 My Kop -
the nay-sayers  dont & wont respect the content of my proposals & plans- they prefer to drag this club down to the level of all others -  making it just a footballing brothel, like the mancs, chelski & etc where its just  about money & how much?  

the english premiere league and its unholy alliance with the devil murdoch copying the disaster we have seen in american sport - where media rules the sky-washed  masses, and "perception" over takes the truth...

- the truth is if we do  not stand and take over OUR club - the club WE finance (i alone could have bought 2 houses with the money i have invested into being a Liverpool SUPPORTER , am not just a "fan") ... it will drown ..

"they" (H-W & their followers, as rwf!) would love to complicate it, and our "union friends" at SoS confused the issue too, by waiting FAR too long to merge with ShareLiverpoolfc - this "issue" should be handled by Supporters THROUGH Lfc, not in spite of it..

several millions of fans Worldwide ALREADY finance the club, do u think those who claim to be "owners" expect to make money any other way ? than via our global network of Supporters & fans + the existing media income?? wake up and "remove" them who exploit YOU and me,...and take back our footy, We ARE Liverpool ; WE are the CLUB..

Come on supersubdickinson let them have it with both barrels. Regardless of your position on who owned/owns the club it is very readily apparent to anybody with an I Q of over 60, that the yanks are out to maximise their holdings ( which they got at a knockdown price ) and the blood running down the walls at present is only the beginning. They are shameless in their pursuit of profit, which in a capitalist run society is in itself know sin: however, there is a greater sin in saying as you do it, it is all for the god of the club and its supporters!!!!! Like others before them they will go and it is us the supporters who will still be here faithful as ever to the institution we all love so much, don't say you were not warned!!!!)

FB Torres
David Gill > and there was me thinking Alonso left Liverpool too, giving us just as much time as Torres gave us 2005-2009, 2007-2011, and where as Xabi had a Champions League trophy, an FA Cup and a second European final to keep him interested, Torres had won the total of jackpoo with us, only one title challenge, that Xabi was here for anyway. Don't get the Torres hatred, really don't.

Julie Ashcroft the difference being xabi dint slag the club off when he went or the fans

ChriS SmiTH> Torres scoring that epic @ old toilet, & his 5- finger salute to the mancs (another xenophobic comment??) ;) a momentous moment, and I just knew we would do them that day, everyone Stevie, Lucas, Nando, Sami, Fabio , the whole team played & gave commitment .. and Rafa enjoyed the embarassment of Fergie & the hordes .. Rafa, ignored by Henry, & who shares a common love of Liverpool with US (yes, US, John, the ones who finance the club...!) Rafa, who gave us back the pride to be a side feared all over europe.. Torres ... another player lost because of "politics" and "business-owners" 

I dont jump on the fan(ie)s bandwagon of calling one of the best players in the last 20 years to play for us, and who gave me many happy "away days" in europe etc a "judas" .. just as I discuss the current situation - if you looked at the club prior to his departure, Hicks, Purslow & Hodgson had all abused his talent.. 

Purslow (and i will keep my info on him until the right time, but many true RedS know what i mean) was STILL a director - playing money-politics - and was "involved" in removign OUR RAFA!- when Kenny came and Torres was still here, so was Purslow...I do NOT blame Torres for leaving..

Julie Ashcroft >was nothing to do with torres s ability

Martin Keyse Alonso was forced out by rafa and gave us 110% every game not like torres who played when he felt like it the spoilt twat.

Susan Ann Tasker Vale mi hija YNWA xxx

ChriS SmiTH Xabi was great, Rafa was forced into selling before buying and the previous Season (when Rafa considered offers) - not the last season with us, was a season when Xabi wasnt on form & had alot of injuries ..respect Alonso, but he went where he felt was the best for HImself too..

Mike Platt Xavi over Torres ANYDAY! Xxx YNWA

11622My KOP

CS>11622 here would have been a short vid of Torres scoring that epic @ old toilet, & his 5- finger salute to the mancs (another xenophobic comment??) ;) a momentous moment, and I just knew we would do them that day, everyone Stevie, Lucas, Nando, Sami, Fabio , the whole team played & gave commitment .. and Rafa enjoyed the embarassment of Fergie & the hordes .. Rafa, ignored by Henry, & who shares a common love of Liverpool with US (yes, US, John, the ones who finance the club...!) Rafa,  who gave us back the pride to be a side feared all over europe.. "banned" obviously because - the "My COP thought police" only allow "selective memories"  & Torres ... another palyer lost because of "politics" and "business-owners" 

Btw - @ Jeru... my profile pic, is a message too,

dont jump on the fan(ie)s bandwagon of calling one of the best players in the last 20 years to play for us, and who gave me many happy "away days" in europe etc a "judas"  just as I discuss the current situation - if you looked at the club prior to his departure, Hicks, Purslow & Hodgson had all abused his talent.. 

Puslow (and i will keep my info on him until the right time, but many true RedS know what i mean) was STILL a director - playing money-politics - and was "involved" in removign OUR RAFA!- when Kenny came and Torres was still here, so was Purslow...I do NOT blame Torres for leaving..

he got injured playing for us... Rafa tried to protect him, but media & fan(ie)s didnt get that! it nearly ruined Torres for Life,. when it was clear that moving from one set of owners to another wouldnt be a secure future, why should he stay - for us?? 

he had already passed up a move the previous summer..

IF our supporters & "fans" had been more cute, he may have stayed, but as we see now since G & H we have about 10% of the several million who havent got a clue about whats right or wrong or what OUR Liverpool way is...and the current regime is just "selling" its self...and our culture along with it,..

whatver - we mada PROFIT of 30 MILLION quid for a player who was the FASTEST goalscorer to reach 50 goals in our WHOLE history, and who gave us the BEST 3 seasons of his career (mainly because RAfa knew how to get the best of him)

he owed us NOTHING.. and the 5 finger salute to the mancs was , for me , a legendary moment...and if u like I will replace it with a 2 finger salute to those who are destroying our club now..? ;)

@rwf as U havent (what a surprise!) written anything on yr profile, i can suppose from yr comments u are either a) employed by FSG/Lfc , b) a Y*nker (are YOU allowed to write YANK? (if I am not???) c) a fan(ie) d) too stupid..or lazy to read through this and other postings (that your lords & masters have not "banned") e) you ALSO make your busines through DIRTY money 

so rather than wasting my time answering someone who has not dealt with the content or the reality that several million fans ALREADY finance the club, through tickets, replica kits, on line services & global product sales, and could raise (today) half a billion quid...thus not needing some dodgy businessmen to infect our club..

so as you "dont care" about this or that..its a waste of time,  all these points have been dealt with in previous postings, but probably U dont want to read them (as a typical FSG lackey  has the attention span of a goldfish!

this is a song...dedicated to you ;)

(new words old song..)

A LIve r Bird always on MY chest

WE are still MEN of Shankly's Best

His Teams always played HIS Liverpool way

Never gave up, come what May

but in 2012, F.S.G  took us to hell

they sacked oUR KING, & only sell

Its OUR CLUB , its all so wrong,

and  why we will sing this song....

" they didnt care about Rafa

they insulted our KING

Give us our footbal club

is what WE all sing..."


Gordon Bennett!!!! (He was a Yank, too!) What on earth is all this about? 

Football is a game but the premiership is a global business that takes tribal loyalties and promotes them around the world.  That makes the financing and management complex and difficult, and no team in England that is socially owned is likely to live in the Premierhip, as it will not generate enough money to fund purchases - for example, FSG's collective whack in LFC so far is something like £300 million to buy the club and wipe out the debt; £60 million to clear up the last of the Hicks/Gillett rubbish and around £30 million on players, with maybe another £30 this window - where on earth are the fans likely to be able to match the £420 or so million these guys have spent on 'our' club in the space of two years?  And anyway, does it matter?  you seem really sensitive about this, but I think I reflect the views of many fans when I write:

Do I care of the club is owned by yanks, turks, Arabs, Indians, English, Scots or Irish - or any other nationality? NO!

Do I care if we are managed by a spaniard, English, french, German, Sri Lankan or any other?  NO!

Do I care what nationality or nationalities are players are?  NO!

Do I care about the way that the club management is structured, and who is who?  NO!

What I care about is the players and the manager working together to play attractive football, in our old pass and move style (you can call it tiki-taka if you like!), about them winning matches by marrying this with alternative tactics and aggression when necessary, and about them winning things.  For me the last season was a success because for the first time in six years the club won something - and we got a guaranteeed European place.  And we played some attractive football but just couldn't score.  I am upset that on this basis, King Kenny was sacked and would have far and away preferred him to get at least one more season. 

I am becoming more confident in Brendan Rodgers, but want to see who he moves on, who he buys in and what happens with the first few games before becoming confident.

And I am looking forward to the club getting back to where it ought to be in terms of what happens on the pitch and where we get to in the league.

And so long as they continue to spend money in the right way, i am not at all concerned with who owns the club.

If you think that there is something drastically wrong with FSG, then you need to cut the hype and political posturing that this message contained and explain much more simply your points, to the rest of us!


@ jeru, If u have seen what I have & some (clued in) others have written about H-W and V.S.E.N / G.S.F >(reverse please) then its a "surprise" that U are surprised - the politics/policy of this forum is dictated and operated by those who are scared of the regime (which is more or less the same "Office" as when the G & H hierachy started to rot the rotten ..there were always problems, since the days of Shanks, but...back then U could find someone to reason with, now they just "delete" what they dont want u to see...

if the top is rotten what else do expect?  and ppl are fooling themselves if they think its gonna get better... 

without a full cleansing & renovation of the whole club, OUR club, and thats why I get so angry and the lack of outrage, amongst the "sheeple"  its not new in the world , people "follow" too easily, and have been dumbed down over centuries,.,

over the cliff...?

we (global REdS) are not going to stand by and do nothing, but nothing can be achieved on this forum....its infected beyond reason!

leaving of Liverpool for FSG..! = .com or .con?

forget the "barca hype" they won FA last season, trying to go through the middle every time against chelski was so predictable..a team that varies instinctively is the best style" of footy - long , short keep yr opponent guessing..! thats why Rafa was supreme at european tactics..

My12619 times at 17.06h (CET)

Very Interesting.."Matt" so kindly explain how "y*nker" is xenophobic?  and PLEASE let me have your full name to add to the legal complaint aginst FSG/NESV, Henry - Werner, Ayre & co, you & your colleagues actually DENY "free expression" i have a list of members whose rights have also been violated when daring to voice criticism that dont fit "corporate policy" - IF you were not such a bunch of cowards, you would have challenged me on my content FIRST, BEFORE removing my posts.. your actions & those of Lfc moderators are dictatorial , biased and that shall be proven in a proper hearing when u cant hide behind a keyboard! 

your lords & masters INSULTED a living legand and thats much more important than some "derogatory comment"  your fan(ie)s insulted players, managers & fellow supporters (real supporters) but u jump to defend them - 

you have obstructed posts, messages & deleted contents before & are obviosuly biased towards our members, my son and myself.. justice is coming to U!


this was used (Yanks out) when the "bored" ;) wanted  G & H to go... its called hypocrisy..!

Matt-CM wrote:

Hello REdAlieN,

Hi RedAlien, We've had repeated complaints from users about your blogs making derogatory xenophobic comments eg. 'y*nkers'. We want to allow free expression, but that doesn't extend to breaking our posting terms. Can you please avoid offensive terminology in future blogs? Kind Regards, Matt

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ukraine is game to U?

"Buck" quotes Shankli-isms, for th media...

Scouse, but with 6 Reds...(& "Capt Stevie")


Anfield will host Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United in our first three home games of the 2012-13 Barclays Premier League campaign.

Liverpool will kick off the new season with a trip to Steve Clarke's West Bromwich Albion on the weekend of August 18 before the champions travel to Merseyside a week later for Brendan Rodgers' first competitive home game.

The Merseyside derbies take place on October 27 (A) and May 4 (H).

Another fixture our new manager will be looking out for is his first return to the Liberty Stadium to face former club Swansea on November 24.

On Boxing Day Liverpool travel to Stoke City, while the fixture list has Sunderland down to visit L4 on New Year's Day.

Our season will reach a conclusion when Queens Park Rangers make the journey to Anfield on Sunday, May 19.

Liverpool's Capital One Cup (League Cup) campaign is due to start on September 26. The final is set to be staged on February 24. The FA Cup third round is scheduled for the weekend of January 5, with the final on May 11.

Here is our fixture list in full:


18 West Brom (A)
25 Manchester City (H)


1 Arsenal (H)
15 Sunderland (A)
22 Manchester United (H)
29 Norwich City (A) 


6 Stoke City (H)
20 Reading (H)
27 Everton (A) 


3 Newcastle United (H)
10 Chelsea (A)
17 Wigan Athletic (H)
24 Swansea City (A)
27 Tottenham (A) 


1 Southampton (H)
8 West Ham (A)
15 Aston Villa (H)
22 Fulham (H)
26 Stoke City (A)
29 QPR (A) 


1 Sunderland (H)
12 Manchester United (A)
19 Norwich City (H)
29 Arsenal (A)


2 Manchester City (A)
9 West Brom (H)
23 Swansea City (H) 


2 Wigan Athletic (A)
9 Tottenham (H)
16 Southampton (A)
30 Aston Villa (A) 


6 West Ham (H)
13 Reading (A)
20 Chelsea (H)
27 Newcastle United (A) 


4 Everton (H)
12 Fulham (A)
19 QPR (H)




Turistička Agencija EastWest Voyage updated the description.
travel agency 
Pilota Cvetkovica i Milojevica br 14 - PODGORICA
020 657 448, 657 446
067 743 805
069 150 706


future Club Meetings>? 
or CSer 


Dobri naši, došlo je vrijeme da napravimo Montenegro PhotoRafting turu :))) Osim što ćemo uživati u prelijepoj prirodi i kupanju, na čamcima ćemo napraviti nezaboravnu zabavu :)))

Vodite računa da je broj mjesta ograničen :)))

ORGANIZATOR: Eastwest Voyage i MPT

DATUM: 8. jul, nedjelja;
MJESTO I VRIJEME POLASKA: parking ispred hotela Podgorica u 7:00h; 
PREVOZ: autobus; 
CIJENA : 35€; 
POTREBNO: Obuća za čamac – patike, sandale ili neka druga obuća koja će vam valjti i za čamac i za hodanje po obali i plićaku. Šortsevi i kupaći kostimi za ispod neoprenskog odijela. Odjeća za presvlaku. Zaštita od sunca je obavezna(kapa, šešir, marame, lagane majice/košulje, krema sa višim UV faktorom). Ponesite i nekoliko sendviča, malo slatkiša, vode 1-2 litra :)))
BROJ UČESNIKA: min. 35, max. 50 !!! 
PRIJAVLJIVANJE: Prvo pozivom na 067 546 586 (Darko) provjerite da li ima slobodnih mjesta, a zatim(ako ima slobodnih mjesta) uplaćujete akontaciju od 20€, a mi vas stavljamo na spisak :) 
Ovogodišnji Refresh festival, šesti po redu, koji će biti održan od 9. do 11. avgusta, u kotorskoj diskoteci Maksimus, svojim nastupom otvoriće legenda elektro-pop i house zvuka, čuveni DJ i producent Tiga. Ovaj vrsni umjetnik prepoznatljiv je po kombinaciji komercijalnog uspjeha sa tehničkom vještinom u radu i harizmom koju prenosi na publiku. Među svjetskom, ali i domaćom klupskom scenom stekao je popularnost najviše zahvaljujući remiksima koje je radio za imena kao što su Scissor Sisters, Felix Da Housecat, LCD Soundsystem i Boys Noize, ali i zbog svoja dva albuma, posljednjeg iz 2009. godine objavljenog pod nazivom Ciao! Već drugog dana festivala, 10. avgusta za disko pultom naći će se slavni Cristian Varela i Marco Bailey u back2back verziji DJ seta. Cristan Varela, najveća španska DJ zvijezda, nekoliko puta za redom ponio je titulu najboljeg svjetskog techno DJ-a.

Friday, 14 September 2012
Čuvena britanska grupa The Prodigy i AAA Production ekskluzivno i sa ponosom predstavljaju „Warrior's Dance Festival" (WDF) koji je zakazan za subotu, 15. septembar 2012. godine sa početkom u 17.00 časova. Festival će biti održan u Beogradu na Kalemegdanskoj tvrđavi, lokaciji koju je kao najimpozantniju odabrao sam bend a važi za svojevrstan muzej proslosti Beograda podignut početkom prvog milenijuma, i sa Kalemegdanskim parkom čini jednistvenu kulturno-istorijsku celinu i jedan od simbola Beograda.
Nastavljajući se na veliki uspeh prvog festivala održanog u Tokiju 2009. godine i izvrsne reakcije sa prošlogodišnjeg spektakla u Milton Keynes Bowl-u u Londonu , bend The Prodigy je odlučio da ovo iskustvo prenese ljudima u Srbiji i regionu. Osećajući da ovde imaju svoje snažno uporište, a posebno nakon nezaboravnih koncerata koje su 1995. i 2005. godine održali u Beogradu, kao i na festivalu Exit u Novom Sadu (2007. i 2009. godine) koji je tih dana zabeležio rekordne posete, članovi benda sa nestrpljenjem iščekuju ponovni dolazak u Srbiju, i to sa potpuno novim konceptualnim događajem!!!

......additonal LInks (below) & pics

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