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Friday, July 13, 2012


REbeLION s Tshirt     

Hiya ,,to whom it may concern...

i am still alive..


my laptop got bombed, and thats for telling the truth about the y&nkers and so on

.. but its too late the REbeLion s  t-shirt is out now via ursun and balkan Reds and other true Reds supporters groups, but as it only cost less than 5 euros, make your own rebellion, they cant stop us

... and when all the worms come out of the can the various corrupt ppl and their institutions national & global banks will crash along with Henry – werner s dirty money empire.. i have had emails sms websites and blogs and FB groupos etc blocked , deleted or infested with virus bugs etc, so now the common description of the y*nkers and their fannies is INFESTORS because thats what they do to y-our club and the world through the illusion of a monetary power

... so if i cant use my laptop Ill use various networks, and linkedin, branchout , wayn, anti-gnats  and FU..via the internet cafes and libraries and members pc etc..they cant stop the Fire of Freedom

...even when i see that some fan( nie) s  deleted my post about F S G /N E S V, Henry-Werner syndicates
... well if U dont care that they loaded the club with debt *fact , Insulted Rafa, Kenny and the Hillsborough memorial, are buddies with the broker who gave us G & H, and Henry sponsored the Lying cheating murdering Bush campaigns..then I dont care about u, I am out of here and we True supporters together with the Liverpool community will go ahead without u, dont cry later////

....if u find yourselves on the wrong side .! (btw AlJazeera TV just showed a documentary about money infesting footy) 


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