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Thursday, January 10, 2013

2 0 1 3 Resolutions: REdNET v F S G REvolutions, no ! = EVOLUTION

2 0 1 3 
 "REdNET v F S G "
REvolutions, no ! 

AS I write this, preparing to leave home for a meeting of u.r.s.u.n. @ Balkan REdS H.Q (Beograd)
to continue the "Not to pay - We ARE the Club" campaigns.. I consider what "resolutions" REdNET (u.r.s.u.n.) and its global TRUE REdS members (and myself) should be making for OUR CLUB v the y a n k e r s ; F a n n i e s & other "cupid stunts" (its necessary to span out the letters because they have viral attacks and blocks on any of our publications that mention key words, believe it or not!!) 

WE WONT be fooled again?

It seems that there is a rumour that Henry will invite Kenny Dalglish back as "ambassador" ..popular opinion being that he understands how important Kenny is to our club, It is sure to that John W, only "understands" that he done his "slick FSG PR-opaganda" campaign damage by forcing out Kenny! WE @ REdNET want Henry & F S G OUT! and we RESOLVE do ensure that happens..
Henry's empire is crumbling, the myth that Henry is a business/financial "wizard" made laughable by his losses in recent years and the iminent liquidation of his companies.. We RESOLVE to constantly remind "experts" and the F S G clones of their snubbing of the Hillsborough memorial, the brutal sacking of Kenny, (not even half-way through Kenny's contract), and ignoring Rafa as obvious management candidate, the use of Melwood & Anfield to enable N E S V (F S G) to "buy" our Global name and turn it into their "FANCHISE"

WE RESOLVE to remind everyone that articles by the official website like are full of examples why the CLUB is OURS not theirs WE made it famous from the early days when SHANKS binded us together in a "holy trinity" through to supporting Rafa and Kenny's teams at home or across Europe as they brought pride back to our CLUB, in opposition to the "football mercenaries & prostitutes" of other clubs..

WE RESOLVE to stake our claim for TRUE REd SUPPORTERS take over and NOT let the opportunity pass us by THIS time,  and ask the current members of SoS/SL to do likewise, with "7 million registered Lfc fans" on the net ; an average of the price of ONE MATCH TICKET EACH would be enough to re-launch our club and remove those exploit it, A supporters trust employing professional management bring back Kenny and Rafa to enforce and maintain a club that competes with the best in the world. (we expect ex-players and "celeb fans" to further endorse our aims with investment - OUR CLUB is a GOOD bet! )

and RESOLVE to retain and maintain the ESSENCE of a REd Spirit and the (non-political) socialism of Shankly ; every member every player and all those associated with this club fighting together , helping each other to improve the world of football and the society ; local & global.

WE do not boo our players, we dont INSULT our people; our supporters or players online or on radio, we state our preferences, we hail our heroes, but we encourage those who struggle, we RESOLVE to be FAIR human beings; reminding the biased media that WE wont stand by and let them twist the TRUTH


whether it be to obtain JUSTICE or to defend one of OURS being "crucified" by ill-informed "public opinion" or contrived FA agenda.

CREdS opinions and ....  

OUR biggest enemy ,  is  apathy... educate yourself about FSG & Henry backing Bush & their "dirty money"
 the "debt " was a fraud!


  • an open social not for profit club to bring people together who know how to party & enjoy themselves no matter where they come from & to enjoy & develop social & fun events and tournies ;)


  1. Phil Pedlow
    Monday at 10:46pm via mobile ·

    Ok, so next time U get some dickhead givin it out to ya on here about Suarez, just throw it back at them : What if u parked on a double yellow line for a few hours, would u ring up the council next day and say by the way here's what I did yesterday, u'd better give me a parking ticket for that! .... I think u'll find there'll be nothin' comin back. What a fuckin loada shite, jus cozza who it is.

    Is any defender known to man gonna tap a referee on the shoulder an say Here ref, I handled that, u didn't spot it, u need to book me & give a penalty there! ?? Don't Think So!!! Utter bloody nonsense... How anybody could imagine that someone who is paid to score goals, does it instinctively coz it comes naturally isn't gonna try & do just that when he's brought off the bench by his boss, specifically for that task in a side that is currently heavily reliant on him to score goals which is well known by all, isn't gonna react to an instinct when a chance comes along.... Those who are havin a go and havin a field day currently need to wind their necks in & take a look at themselves. If Patrice Evra punches in the winner on Sunday and its allowed to stand, i'll find it very hard to say nothing, if course I will, lol... But shit happens, ref and his linesmen all missed it, just bring in the goal-line technology an be done with it ffs... People need to get real.

    Liver Paul Red> Correct and reasoned as always Phil...
    Tuesday at 10:30am ·

    Chris>Ursun> how many times we are on the wrong end of a decison? e.g....Luis won the game at goodison..disallowed...the Nevilles..Gary fouled and cheated his whole career, Phil handled on the line in one derby , and dived in the latest one.. accept it that society's herd likes to "crucify" and the media scum love to fan the flames.. rise above it and give Luis OUR 200 % support thats ALL that counts!
    just waiting for Fergie to time his "pre-match propaganda" to milk the BS!
    looking at it again, and Luis looks as stunned as anyone, he smashed the ball in to that EXPECTING the whistle to blow against him what WE have to do is to make sure he doesnt lose his desire due to the usual FA/media/fannies cr*p..SUPPORT OUR players..
    Tuesday at 11:01am
    Phil Pedlow> Exactly so Chris, that was the only bit I didn't add I said so much, lol. But correct, he did look very sheepish I thought too, not at all the usual Kenny-like joyous smile when he got on the scoresheet, clearly he was amazed as you said that it was allowed to stand, like Mansfield and all the rest of us were. The complete reverse of a cheat, and a prime example of how Suarez is held up to be at fault when others fail in their cause of duty, in this case the officials. And did you see the journo James Lawton described Suarez as coming onto the pitch off the bench 'with diabolical intent'. I was seething when I read that, he should be sued for it, in my opinion. Even ESPN have apologised now for their commentator's Jon Champion's words and apparently spoken to him for describing on-air Luis' actions as those 'of a cheat'.

    It's 50°C apparently in Australia at the minute. #BlameSuarez.

    CS> ;)




  5. the league Is weak.. i dont rate ManU as a team but there is no competition, I just hope Rafa can have a go at them .. if he'd stayed with us instead of being forced out by the fraudsters (pt 1) Fergie wouldnt have had such an easy lead up to retirement/... we caused our own decline by not fighting to Keep him or Kenny.. y a n k e r s OUT! because BR is also a "Work in progress" and we shouldnt be funding a managers education..

    Read more: Liverpool Echo

  6. BLOCKED "Twaats" ...not tweeted here! :)

    ChriS-EuRED ‏@EuRED09

    @TonyEvansTimes @The_FSF @RedAlieNeT YES, BUT as usual FSF (as with SoS/SL ) led by ppl without nouse to out-wit the cupid stunts & yankers

    @TonyEvansTimes @The_FSF the EPL is not the "peoples game" ..'89 caused by police /stadium neglect, not by safe standing, we stand anyway!

    @david_conn @RedAlieNeT whole of society must stand up against commercial exploitation in or out of footy, its y-OUR world; WE are the club!

    @david_conn @RedAlieNeT whole of society must stand up against commercial exploitation in or out of footy, its y-OUR world; WE are the club!

    Tony Barrett @TonyBarretTimes
    CNN has named Liverpool as one of Europe's ten hottest European destinations for 2013: … dont need CNN to tell us... Lp and Monty are THE places to go!!!

    Kenny Dalglish could make a return to Liverpool FC, as club ambassador.

    The former manager was controversially sacked by FSG last summer, but could return to a role that he held while Roy Hodgson was in charge at Anfield.

    According to Chris Bascombe in today's Telegraph...

    Liverpool are keen for Dalglish to become a familiar face on a match day again. Apart from the obvious affection of the Kop, Dalglish’s presence is considered valuable in other aspects, particularly in the commercial areas of the club.

    Liverpool are seeking to attract an increasing number of sponsors, and it always helps to have the most famous player in the club’s history nearby to pose for a photograph with an excitable VIP.
    (!) ;)