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Friday, December 14, 2012

KILLING OUR LIiVeRbIrD ..."scrooged" & DISabled by John (w)Y*nker Henry?

"Scrooged & DISabled"

 ...from  suffocation by  
the F S G"Fanchise"  
Friday,,,the 14th December , 

I got my "pressie" from the plastic president;
John W(!) Henry  the "official website" told me when I went to check on "MY KOp" profile
"This fan has been disabled".Click here to browse a list of our current fans. (mostly F S G clones & naive "f a n n i e s ")
 according to : the COPS @

so they have made me "disabled" ..I am sure thats a human rights violation! ... AND MORE IMPORTANT they continue to KILL OUR LiVeRBirD with their commercial "FANchise"...


 BalkanREDS> 12:31 PM on 14/12/2012
"I am a lifelong REd and the LiverBird belongs to the people, not to the yankers "fANchise" ..! Supporters worldwide made it famous, with our banners and global support, take me to court when I wear our supporters club t-shirt, Mr. Henry, I DARE YOU!" :) ( via Liverpool Echo Online ·)

Macedonian Reds> Ливерпул ја доби судската битка за задржување на авторското право над ливербрдот. Имено 47 годишниот Алфи Хинкс поднесе тужба со која го спореше авторското право на фудбалскиот клуб, сметајќи дека ливербрдот е симбол не само на фудбалскиот клуб, туку и на градот Ливерпул воопшто. По поднесената тужба Канцеларијата за заштита на трговските марки и дизајни на Европската Унија одлучи во корист на фудбалскиот клуб.
(See Translation)

CS> once again the failed system is WRONG/how quick they are to back a business and how SLO they are to admit to "legalised murder" of the NINETY - SIX after 23 YEARS / The LiverBird does not belong to the the "infestors" .. they will abuse this great symbol, of the LIVERPOOL COMMUNITY..and use it for their own commecial gain..the law IS an ASS!

CS>to be repeated by all TRue REdS -worldwide "I am a lifelong REd and the LiverBird belongs to the people, not to the yankers "fANchise" ..! Supporters worldwide made it famous, with our banners and global support, take me to court when I wear our supporters club t-shirt, Mr. Henry, I DARE YOU! :)"

Read more: Liverpool Echo

banned by the FSG KOp-cops ;

CS>Tina B seems to have a good feeling..,.I am concerned that all the good info you supply is not even read by most...

I wrote with her..

thanks for that.. it was obvious when the "high court farce" was promoted that the game was to transfer one set of yankers to another and make the new "cavalry" acceptable, Henry lunched key fans, SoS, and bloggers ..cleverly convincing them that NESV (now FSG) were the saviours, those of us with experience  saw trhrough it, but the tidalwave of relief to remove G & H was so immense that initiatives like ShareLFC were sidelined

 (In fact I wrote to both ShareLfc and the SoS committee long before Henry came along to combine, "administration" (& 9 points deducted) woudl ahve been a small price to pay for us to take over and employ  pro management who follow OUR wishes, some months later I promoted but was called "cranky" by some who should know better and who now wont

communicate because they realise they have been fooled - TWICE..

.. but when I read some (too much) of the Banal comments and reactions to honest efforts to remove these "infestors" I do wonder if its worth the effort, there has to be some managed shareholding.. a "qualification" if u like...however, i'd even do a "deal with the devil" if we could at least get 50% and "manage" the yankers

.. as much as I believe in socialism, the raw truth is that we may have to start from scratch and I really believe we need all ex players, Rafa Kenny & relevant "celebs" oin board, and we have to stop complaining and act..the "We are the club" and facebook's "came hetre not to Pay" campaigns may have some effect soon, but EVERYONE who cares MUST act and not sit back epecting "the few" to do it all...again.. take care, ChRiS
Tina_B wrote:

I totally agree with you when you say that there are lots of reasons why we don't trust FSG.  So far they have done little or nothing that is positive and plenty that has simply set the Club back even further - such as sacking Kenny and Steve Clarke, as you also noted?.

Their main, and perhaps only, interest is money, which is never going to be in the best interests of the Club. I was a member of Share Liverpool FC back in 2010 and hope and pray that at some point in the not too distant future we will be able to see at least a degree of fan ownership and the removal of outsiders who know nothing about our Club and care even less. That said, the idea that the likes of ignorant people like Evans Plunge Pool could buy into our Club is also rather worrying. 
All the best,

ARREST ME , I dare you! ... Mr. JOHN W(!) Henry....??  
"N E S V & F S G = Henry's Titanic"
jari_<>37 wrote:

Just received some potentially explosive reports about FSG executive Philip Morse and his receipt of millions of dollars in secret payments from the CIA for the illegal rendition (transporting) of alledged terrorism suspects in his private jet to illegal CIA torture centres around the world, in between the jet being used for Red Sox players:

Some of these reports go back to last year........

Many people in general, let alone many LFC fans would view such activities as being appalling....on several levels:

There's the fact that an FSG executive was happily profiteering from the aiding and abetting of sending potentially many innocent people to CIA torture centres around the world (independent reports suggest at least 50% or more of those renditioned were completely innocent of any charges and were held and renditioned and tortured illegally.....and, even if some people renditioned were guilty of involvement with so-called terrorism, as defined by the US authorities or CIA (which originally trained and funded many so-called terrorist organisations and still utilises them in various conflict zones), the torture of any suspects is illegal under international law)..

Also, given that FSG criticised the "handling" of the Suarez hysteria by King Kenny.....why did FSG not condemn Standard Chartered for their money laundering fraud and of course no surprise that there was no word of these abhorrent and amoral/immoral activities by an FSG executive, let alone any condemnation; not to mention very little condemnation of Jen Chang's bullying activities.

CS>yeah sure, P(athetic) F***ing A(hole) "chairman" G. Taylor & Lord so & so ( a high court "judge") etc were obviously correct in labelling Luis as Rascist (inviting louts from all over england to chant "we know what you are"  and blaming Kenny for standing by OUR man...
FSG and finances (RAWK "leaders" sold OUR CLUB out when they were conned by John dubya? over a few bevvies?)

CS> it was obvious when the "high court farce" was promoted that the game was to transfer one set of another & show them as "saviours"... the main "problems" with the RAWK "stats" is that .

a) u can make anything look as u want by manipulation & presentation of "stats" and

b) it ignores all the other things Henry && co have done wrong (Kenny, Rafa, J4t96, cash injection ) 

c) there is NO evidence of ANY money being paid by Henry for Lfc 

d) there is no appreciation of the global sales potential of OUR club or e) the immense Loyalty of its "customer base" which IS worth 1 billion PLUS!! (if managed properly..Henry's business acumen is a MYTH, his empire & (B)anking buddies sinking fast, losing over 1,5 billion dollars in recent years.. question why would YOU want the captain of the titanic piloting a vehicle that he's never driven before??

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay LINK ! (CS)

cs> and they are not "nice people" ..quite the*te ;) (CS) 

Note to Frank C, I was due to come over to Lp this weekend, but cant even get from here to the next town, let alone to the Beograd airport, BUT, if ever u need tickies, let me know, in advance, because mate in Lp usually sorts me out (mind U due to OUR boycott I wouldnt go anyway) and a useful source, follow me on t'witter or go on "Red and white kop" lots of lads would help u out there...(for future ref) YNWA! (121214)

FREE VIDEO, of "terrible man" Suarez..& other RedS.@ kiddies hospital in Liverpool;


 pre-Villa training...

Danny; great Player..step up lad, this is your time..! should be next captain after Stevie..



dont rate dempsey & dont like him as a person, always trying to get our players booked... more importantly Henry & co should apologise for pretending to know how to manage a cultural icon & global entity that OUR CLUB is, and pass the shares over to supporters-owned campaign , so we can employ professionals who know the game to run OUR CLUB
Read more: Liverpool Echo

.........MONTV (via this link..eventually???)  ( a "basic" blog, u wont like the colours, but the truth is still EVIDENT!)

from "Avaaz"> Right now at a UN meeting in Dubai, authoritarian regimes are pushing for full governmental control of the Internet in a binding global treaty -- if they succeed, the internet could become less open, more costly and much slower. We have only 2 days to stop them.

The Internet has been an amazing example of people power -- allowing us to connect, speak out and pressure leaders like never before. That's largely because it's been governed to date by users and non-profits and not governments. But now countries like Russia, China and United Arab Emirates are trying to rewrite a major telecom treaty called the ITR to bring the Internet under its control -- the web would then be shaped by government interests and not by us, the users. Tim Berners Lee, one of the "fathers of the Internet," has warned that this could increase censorship online and invade our privacy. But if we object with a massive people-powered petition, we can strengthen the hand of countries fighting this power grab.

We have stopped attacks like this before and can do it again before the treaty text is locked this week. A wave of opposition to a new ITR is already building -- sign the petition to tell governments hands off our Internet! and then forward this email to everyone you know -- when we hit 1 million signers, it'll be delivered straight to the delegates at this cozy meeting:

an INVASION is coming.....LOOK out for the REd NOSES...

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