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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lucas is Back .. & Leon's front...

Leon are U pointing to the Liverbird or?*
is Back ..      
& Leon's front......

 .........There IS so much "BS" in the world. not least in the "politically correct" media, this "ScLOG" is my own, and it is a "personal scrap-book & blog" and combined with a (True REdS) "Supporters Club Log" = thus "ScLOG"    

There are people out there that will criticise anything and everything... and see the negative always,,,so this first comment is for "them" IF U DONT like ME or THIS , F**k off, because NO one pays for this or my time ...I dont need "fannies" or "yankers" in my life.. BYE BYE!.. (i'm not running a popularity contest, so I wont care if u go away!)
so, "anyway"... I dont just write about football but also about related social aspects, do not forget the "CULTure" of this game, has affected the majority of at least half the world 's population since centuries

...and if u think its "only a sport" you really dont understand, because its always been a CULTure and now some "INFESTORS" are polluting it as they want to exploit as a "franchise-business" once again, the few exploiting the many.. 

and everyone's apathy is to blame..

Lucas (right) will make a strong defensive shield & offensive launcher & release Stevie
Lucas is back for Liverpool Football Club., and the absent Lucas from the end of 2011 made a difference to our Team winning games and may have made it easier for the "INFESTORS" (Henry-Werner) to BREAK our legendary Manager (former star player) Kenny Dalglish's contract (& heart)

..and (the player Rafa rated when no-one else did became our "player of the season"!) Lucas's return may yet "save" the job of the yankers choice (obviously a young man without credentials such as Brendan will not be confronting the "infestors" as Kenny or Rafa Benitez, have or would)
(go to the "hard core" REdNET, if u are a true RED..or want to be! )
Lucas, Seb & Maxi, when Kenny was in charge..

of course "buck" (Rodgers)  & his ass istant (yes we have had to change virtually the whole "backroom" staff to accomodate the lunatic yankers choices..) think that Lucas is there to allow the average Allen, to go forward, when the opportunity to release one of the best midfielders of the last decade (Stevie) is a massive improvement.. and may yet save the season..

14 years of Stevie G
  I don't see that Allen, an average EPL player, is someone that we need to "back up", hes not that quality, Lucas if fit, walks into midfield, Allen isn;t much better than Henderson, or Adam (sold) .. Lucas will do more for Stevies game, and the 3rd spot ? an arguement as much for Hendo or Shelvey as Allen ...shows the decline in targets (& FSG "managing expectations") & hypocrisy after breaking Kenny's contract to be replaced by another (like Hodgson) who has NO qualifications to manage a club of our history & demands..

and if the "yankers" drown (financially) it could still be a GREAT one...

for the True REdS  - observations of "Lfc fans"  ;

there is that much finger-pointing & insults flying between you, but ....

following the disaster chain from Moores-Parry-Hicks-Broughton-Puslow-Henry Hodgson->during which so many mistakes were & are being made,  that its a miracle the club exists at all..

The Truth often hurts, and the bitter truth that the FANS are to blame...
For not Supporting Rafa after a disappointing season whilst being suffocated by G & H & the political games or Purlsow & Broughton etc...

for failing to support the buy-out plans (initiated by SL and eventually by the falsely named "S o S"...)?

 For moaning about Kenny, a greater man that you all..

people feared losing 9 points if we had allowed the company to go into administration, yet Hodgson had lost double that amount in his first few games
 (yet "woy" surprisingly still may  have a better starting record than "buck" who replaced Legend Kenny after Henry  broke Dalglish's 3 year contract..

"fans" are good at moaning" and  every ******** has an opinion.. but actually doing something effective??

theres an old saying "you get the society you deserve" well maybe you have got the situation at our club that you deserve??  
Stevie & Rafa... 2 greats together, ruined by idiots, fannies, scum media & yankers
wake up and take it back because when the financial meltdown swallows up Henry & F S G , you might not have any thing left to moan all!  John  Henry removed the biggest Scottish influence by breaking Kenny's contract ; a disgrace and i feel that "bad karma" will stay with us until F S G 's empire finally collapses (probably within months) because there are a lot of us who want nothing to do with these sort of "infestors"  who are the opposite of everything Shanks & True REdS stand for..!

..... if you care about the 96 RedS "legally murdered" in 1989 ..go to

In a week when I remember the birthdays of  my abducted daughter Noela (now 11) my Deceased Wife Jacqui (r.i.p. 2006) and my first son Adam, (birthday would be on 16th december) Life goes on & on & on..  the weather reflects my mood..miserable day, dark & grey ...but tomorrow, i will find my way
.. dark day, dark memories, heavy rain & sh*te result .. tomorrow life goes on...and   I had a couple of highlights..
a great night @ the irish pub in Pg with Sanja's band "So What?" ..
on  12 11 29 as my australian guest comments, "best atmosphere/music heard since arrived in Podgorica" if they dont re-book you for next thursday the pub owner is deaf and stupid! 

 Btw - birthday greetings to all True REdS from..

.......more events & services (recommended by our not-for-profit club) ; (under construction)

and MY (estranged ) son Leon, 16, (I have been prevented from sharing his time, although his mother has no legal or logical reason) and have had a TOTAL of 30 minutes with him in 10 years.. sent me a photo of him in the Liverpool shirt giving "them Finger?) (see above, *)

 I "funded" for his last birthday (even though we boycott the offical store, he had already been granted this "birthday wish, as usual, as I do every season , birthdayand/or xmas).. and his "current "civvies" pic->

details of our campaign are sent to members, some relevant info for new REdS;-  

I have been occupied with a lot of demands, (especially as we have news that the "infestors" ; J.w.Henry & Fenway Sports Group (F S G) USA-based "empire" is expected to collapse in January, and a number of actions & promotions of
our aims must be ready and ensure that our targets are clear and Global REds supporters community fully organised

Following a recent meeting - there have been some developments on OUR CLUB which i will explain in FULL to you via the net ;

some extracts; 

a) New Members (Igor) should have a "proper" email account (i.e. not hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc)

b) New members must "apply" in english to a verifield supporter (long time, or recognised)
( I advise new members to send an email to chris@ stating "I wish to be a member of the Universal REdS Supporters Union Network" (he will then be registered with the same membership as I did for you & received the same

c) Members must order (@ 10% discount) direct on line quoting membership number any purchases (after registration) BUT/......(see "d")

d) To "starve" F S G of OUR funds whilst we use our strength to take over the Liverpool club - there is a full BOYCOTT of the "official shops" (actual or on-line) ...

e) Members are asked to join local & global meetings & events to wear their local version of "We are the club"
t-shirts & distribute "We came not to Play" posters or flyers.

This means I cant, at the moment order your "kit" for you, but the good news is that once our "action" is complete, OUR CLUB products will be better and economic!


European Co-ordinator



Hiya Frank C, I sent a couple of messages, but i guess u are busy with the book/DvD launch, as I wrote on yr timeline thread.."time to educate them (yankers) from "over there"

Btw, Frank, my "missionary work" seems to be paying off here, I seem to have convinced a local lad here , and he wants now to open up a "Liverpool" pub in Podgorica - do u know any celebrity that might want to come over and open it...? ha ha ha

...oops! hope to cu soon, though...if my flight dont get shot down on the way ! take care, CS

(i was being "ironic" of course would love u to be able to come here and launch the "Liverpool" pud/club and "Liverpool nights" festival here in Podgorica..


Dani Finally I got a reply..from one of my contacts about a job.assisting a guest house .if u still want it, let me know & I will connect U to him, No need to talk to me .. CS
this is NOT "Raz" ;)

121204 (see M-L)

Anita M
you're asking where i'll be a month from now, i really don't know...<snip> it's a long way to travel (possible snow and ice) just to sit with me for our-two for a drink.<snip> I hope you'll enjoy your travel and safely come home.

CS>yes Anita, <snip> travelling can be a distraction and chance to visit U, <snip>.. its clear!

G, glad we connected , I needed that!! :) iki!

121205 I am connected seems...

this man in trouble, here in Pg, has serious stress, his father is at risk (near to death) and he is alone trying to support father and himself without any help, HE asked me to help him now rather than later, with "support" for his business which will anyway also useful for members of our club he will provide "at cost" services transfers/guides/hiking (&"house-telling") via "Monty Logic" (see blog Testing reaction from members @ under
construction Due partly to some "vague reactions" to my travel plans, expected extreme weather, and his predicament

I feel (morally & instinctively) that, unless his situation improves immediately, I should re-consider my travel plans <snip>

CS> brave Raz, hows things going....? i dot know if yr website is up to date,  we had some slight flooding (streets( in Pg) and I was offline..(go to ;  ..she's walking to ISTANBUL...yes walking, NOT hitching -> almost 5000 kms from cornwall which began 10 months ago

the Internet has enabled SOME ppl to have intelligent inter-action at distance,

but at what cost? the declining use of your natural abilities and a careless society who have massive communication resources but actually dont have social awarenes..or "feelings"

...its more important to be "cool" than to CARE... result ; Idiocracy

...and a mass of fools with high tech! :)

r.i.p. Jacqui, (may 2006) i will always love u, miss u//..(birthday 1 december)

how easy it was to fall for you
every time i came back , it was new

Jacqui, lovely inside & out..
everyone loved you, no doubt

I am so sorry I couldnt save you
from the poison inside

my guilt I didnt do enough,
that i wont hide

broken Promise, I let u go
how much i love you, you will never know,   I grieve   P Gabriel.

DiD YOU ????????????????????????

"message for Ms Harvey-Nica" ("nicker" as in slang for robber)

so you carefully avoided MY pain
listened to those negative voices
so what have u got?,
peace ? maybe that is one of your worst choices

I am not Karma's weapon
I have a journey of my own
we could be alone - together
and sail through this stormy weather

you say "be happy today"
and thats "ok"
but not at the expense of another
I am not your friend, lover or brother

I am just a "mate"
who saw into your soul
& I know U dont accept this "fate"
you dont want to play your role//...

on e day you will
of that I am certain
but I will go on, until..
nature pulls together the global curtain..

2 december 2012 Pg/Zab-yellow


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