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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shepherd's Bush burnt by Luis = "buck NOT needed"

Shepherd's Bush ...
burnt by Luis = 
"buck not needed"

....Luis on fire, thers is NO way that Joe, (Allen) should be selected in front of Stevie, Lucas or Hendo.. ...  

..because, "bucks boy" is not as Good as Hendo. but of course as "teacher" brought him from swans.. he gets selected every time..  Hendo was a non-stop energy and much more productive must wonder what he has to do to get selected instead of the "swan"... 

F-way...dont like REd>??????????????
why FFS! dont we play in REd @ QPR?..they play in blue & white (@ spurs, @ Norwich = also in F-ways not-to-pay Kit) ... why/ ?? because F=way want to promote the change kit...(obviously over stocked, and as their "USA empire" is in financial melt-down...need cash!!)???

Buck was sick....(suffering from "Karma" ??) and the Team played the best footy of the season, without him... :) ha ha ha...

and Rafa's team wins (again) today@ the small club's "goodison".. Torres in his best form since he left Anfield

..since Rafa arrived in London, for his "interim" job...lets get F S G out and Rafa & Kenny Back...!!!

JOIN the "poster Campaign" @

We Come Not To Pay > Rodgers was never intended to do anything but what FSG ordered, the reason he currently holds the managers job. The D of F is of no consequence either another position controlled by FSG, therefore not really necessary. The club is stagnant and will remain so with Americn ownership. The shame is that some supporters are willing to accept average mid-table now as the norm.........(MB)

Adam Norman > Exactly, Kenny left because he knew half of his squad was leaving and he wasn't a 'yes' man, that's why they brought in Rodgers

We Come Not To Pay > Both Rafa & Kenny were too honest and knew too much about football and the club, thats why both were turfed. Rodgers is FSG's puppet, will do as he's told, be a mouth-piece for them doing damage limitation when necessary and won't rock the boat  

Paisley Shankly > Sometimes I think 'FANS' deserve what they get! We are simply a mechanism for FSG to exploit revenue streams. They will not care as long as we stay in the Premiership. They fully applauded Kenny weeks before they sacked him and brought us our first piece of silverware in 6 years (Henry then unfriended him on twitter) Classy!!

We Come Not To Pay > Classless, ignorant and cowardly man both in the way he treated Kenny after the FA cup and on Twitter.....likewise the Linda Pizutti tweets when the odd good result happens - just more PR crap, absolutely not else....mb
Paisley Shankly > Where are FSG? At recent Hillsborough service Kenny was there as he always has been, Henry and Werner were watching Red Sox! They spent 300MILLION Dollars on 2 rounders players and tell us we have the same spending budget of a Div1 side and 'FANS' are accepting it! So angry. YNWA JFT96

We Come Not To Pay > FSG have no interest in LFC apart from the marketing moneypot.......they are selling merchandise all over the world and making a killing on it, they couldn't care less about the club, Hillsborough or anything else as long as the dosh keeps rolling in, and it is!!! (mb)

Adam Norman >No point talking about it, it's time we do something about it !
We Come Not To Pay > Seems its going to come to that.........the black shirts will have to re-appear.mb

Paisley Shankly > Still have my scarf!

Adam Norman> We need to get a large following of regular match go-ers to make a difference

CS> I was the last to leave Anfield at the "sit -in" v G & H..... even a few TRUE REdS with banners are seen on TV...!!

(budjav lebac)

OUR CLUB ; reminding you all at this time of the year, to APPLY the "spirit" (and not eat, drink and talk about it.., ) how you should DO the right thing.."a Promise IS a PROMISE" and everywhere... otherwise "karma" will bite u in the a*se...


  1. have u been to Anfield lately , the tourists arent the only ones who dont support, its too quiet...the best support is at away games when true REdS , the core support, follow the team acrioss Uk and europe... too many home fans , local or not, are apathetic and dont sing or support as we used to....mond u the problems are off the well in the bored room!


  2. Fenway. We Come Not To Pay also commented on their status.
    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay wrote: "This bullsh0te of Wesley Sneijder joining is a load of my arse. He's not gonna take a wage cut is he. Seanoc"

    Reply to this email to comment on this status.

    "Club owners need to be football people who understand the game, love the game and want to invest in the game...........that's the only way LFC can ever come back to its rightful place in British and indeed European football.mb"

  3. Chris East-west Invest Ursun i dont want ppl like them, even if they had billons , involved in our club.. ! they are wrong, pure and simple..and thats what u all need to understand.. ! we are the club and we must take it back..
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    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay Club owners need to be football people who understand the game, love the game and want to invest in the game...........that's the only way LFC can ever come back to its rightful place in British and indeed European football.mb

    ChriS> THE ONLY way to be sure of ppl with the right mentality is to have NO "owners"...Supporters take over , in association with local community..and celeb fans..we can raise 300 M. ..and F S G will be liquidated in the new year, so dont waste THIS chance THIS time..

  4. Mia Hough Pre match press conference Brendan highlights the fact that the match is on the telly.Then for a potentially embarrassing fixture stays at home to watch it.Virus my arse!Allen may turn out to be boss one day,but right now I can't for the life of me see the point of him.Who is it at the club that's been determined to make the Sturridge signing happen for 2 years now and why? Kenny was brought back to facilitate the Torres sale and I think they deliberately overspent on players and hung him out to dry over Suarez in order to get rid again and replace him with a yes man.A few very suspect blogs in the summer seemed to convince a lot of people that Brendan is some sort of football genius,completely ignoring the fact that Swansea were a well run,decent team long before Brendan took all the credit for it,and also ignoring the fact that in spite of his supposedly brilliant input with the Chelsea youth,I doubt anyone could think of a decent player that they've produced in recent years.One blog I remember even praised him for spending so much time hanging around the Barca set up when he was supposed to be managing Reading.

    Chris nothing against him as such, he was given a job that in the last 50 years he would never have stood a chance of....not winning hodgson, but for different reasons is out of his depth..hes an F S G employee, shd be "PR" not "BR"... sayiong the "right sounbites" for the media..thats typical american style of managment , put a smart young man in charge..who syas all the right dropping the word "warrior" into every press interview lately.. trouble is most "fannies" dont have a clue..whetever yr opinion, 3 changes of management in 2 years of F S G in itself erodes the ethics of our club... IMO Henry is worse than G & least they were obvious John W..... is smart enough to con everyone ,, and fans wer too quick to jump from frying pan into the fire..

  5. ChriS> well done Frank, (Carlyle) with yr book/DvD, and of course congrats to "Justice Collective" , Anne, & J4t96! , a struiggle for awareness indeed! ..remember people, "WE are the CLUB" ..all the best..!
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    4:49 PM on 31/12/2012

    whatever it is..give it to John Henry & Tom Werner, because they have made me sick for the last 6 months! ..(at least..)

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