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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxed @ stoke..Karma biting...still

Boxed @ stoke  
..Karma biting

Boxing day? no , but i came hitting someone...

returning "home" from watching the "match" ( )  reflecting..on the on-going "problem"..

there will be ppl, fannies, yankers, and all.. making
banal, and sometimes elegant intellectual comment..

but in this "year 2012/2013" ...miss the spiritual..TRUTH

Our "J4t96" campaign had more courage and commitment
than all of our players in every game of this season


its called "karma" ..the Justice collective" has positive spirit.... ;

F S G and their employee doesn' t....they are soul-less, and that is bad luck for OUR TEAM...

it is simple yet beyoond the soul-less menatlity of the
pundits, experts & fannies who convince themselves they
have "knowledge"... facts are just whaT you MAKE UP..

why DID LFC BECOME A Global "icon"..ANSWER:
BECAUSE we (True SUPPORters) had SPIRIT..a red FORCE..

a belief , and a feeling ...that Henry's" FANchise" will NEVER understand...

when YOU, any & every one of you, starts to connect with our core ; our RED, socialist, core we shall win every game.....

this I promise ...because WE are THE CLUB..WE are LIVERPOOL!

Guillem Balague ?@GuillemBalague
Wow. Well done Chelsea...again

ChriS-EuRED ?@EuRED09 @GuillemBalague @RedAlieNeT well done Rafa, the best manager we had in 20 years... made up for him!


  1. for members;!facilities/c66t

  2. More "FANchise" ..."BR (should be "PR" ? ..constantly saing "warrior" (script written by F S G?

    and Allen selling his soul too ? Chevvie (chavie, not xavi?)

  3. Klub Lepota invited you to Johnny B. Good's event:

    Jam Session u Podmornici

    Thursday at 10:00pm - Friday at 2:00am at "Podmornica - Beogradski Rnr Podrum"

    ChriS SmiTH, Harvey Tuttle and 3 others are guests.