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Saturday, December 8, 2012

U(efa)'D IN E(a)SE & "WHam tomorrow" (updated)

  •   U(efa)'D IN E(a)SE  
    & "WHam tomorrow"

    CS> A guy I drink with occasionally here was writing on the Net that his Ar*enal "Must win today"....hmmm..
     I commented > "u are only a couple of points above us!! W.brom away aren't as strong as their home form..but, Steve Clarke showed his value @ Lfc (unfortunately the yankers forced him out too!) ...ironic considering OUR disasterous form so far shows how tight the league is, still dont see ANY "outstanding" team (inc both mancs) 
    and I have to smile about all the fools that creamed themselves &  that jumped to the early conclusion that "European chumps" Chelski would "walk it" this season....
    its like "deja vu" every f***ing season the knee-jerking "fannies" latch on to something early on...its a Looooonnng season! 

    so, whats new?
    Celebrating Jordan (man) starting his season?

    Local fans not pleased with their "Europa league@?
    Nice lay off by "Suso" & Henderson slots the winner @ Udinese
    ONE goal @ Udinese 
    (& a last minute "skyer" by Di Natale" 
    seperated us from being bottom of the Europa League group 
    Enrique (Iglasias?) is "star of the show" AGAIN!?
    and instead "buck" can boast a "Libpool, Libpool top of the league" ...ha ha ha 
    ...footy is so ironic sometimes...those of us who have "been around a while" WONT follow the knee-jerkers ; CLASS is permanent and that goes for SUPPORTers too..
    and the "transfer window" (looks severely broken, even shattered)   ;)  
    "official News"

     "he aint heavy " (the song currently used in the hillsborough video/song";
    (ironic i recall that title ("he aint heavy") was used on a newpaper photo showing Emlyn climbing all over Hurst of everton to head/scramble the ball over the line for the Reds first goal @ goodison in our 0-3 win (1969, i was a mere babe..)

    F-WAY- DISCUSSION ETC....(& "MY KOP -Cops....)

    Sean> Some "fans" are saying January is fenways last chance... They have had two years to make a difference and they have made a bollox of it. -seanoc

    F-way. We Come Not To Pay > Latest news, though I have no definate proof yet, is that FSG have quietly been trying to sell LFC !! mb (Wednesday at 19:27)

    Ian Pendleton > i hope they do sell us no point having us dont wanna spend money on us using us for the stupid fkin rounders team they paid 24mill for a player the other day would they spend that much on a player in jan bet they would the tossers hate yanks rich arabs buy us nxt liverpool should tell all yanks to f*ck right off (Thursday at 02:23)

    CS> come on! Ian, the only chance we have of ever getting our club sorted (PROPERLY) is by supporters ownership, all corporates are in debt..if u dont care who own us.lets be sold again liek some market toy, for .or stay with Henry, i mean after all, Henry helped fund Bush's campaign (the lying cheating b'stard, and the Bush family business funded Adolf, its on the record, U just have to research it..its all there if u look at F S G deep enough, they lost 1,5 billion dollars in the N E S V "emoire" in recent years, anbd ppl keep calling Henry a "succesful businessman" ha ha ..wake UP!"! (CS)
    (Henry Funded Bush??, whose family funded...?)

    anyone who did NOT get sucked intot he hype of being "saved" during the Broughton/Purslow/Henry "spectacle" for the media outside the law courts 2 years ago,  would know that a) there was NO "cash injection" or even "cash sale" its was all "paper" and a large piece of paper put c. 100 million of debt against Anfield & Melwood, as Wall street journal reports that the Henry (& buddies) empire has lost value of over 1,5 BILLION dollars in recent years is it any wonedr that some of us were not "convinced" by the hype ...whilst Tomkins, RAWK & SoS committee mebers were "lunched" ??
    join the poster campaign

    instead of worrying about transfers, "Lfc fans" should care about the CASH money WE pay for advance ticket sales, 3 new lit sales and now a pre-xmas CASH bonanza, sucking cah into F S G t/a Lfc ... and into a bottomless pit of the soon demise of Henry & co..

    whats that expression  "wake up and smell..the coff....BS!"   ..


    make your own "we are the club " t-shirts for the january rebellion..

    "The american dream" = a nightmare Infesting the WORLD?

    p.s. why does ANYONE think that Henry - WErner are equipped to make decision about appointments of Lfc managers or about a sport & culture they have absolutely NO understanding of,

    and to claim they are "succesful businessmen" (the "media arguement") is being blown away by daily exposure of their failures..

    p,s Tax avoidance scheme = open a delaware holdings company!! :)

    pps (and that s apart from the insults against Hillsborough, Kenny & Rafa or the apparent support of the Bush campaign etc..) ???

    Can anyone shed some light on some of the information in the following report from Forbes:

    "The sale of a majority of its holdings in Fenway Sports Group by the New York Times values the sports holding company controlled by billionaire John Henry at only $1.5 billion, consisting of $1.2 billion of equity and $300 million of debt.......,<snip>

    The valuation for the N.Y. Times sale is a steep discount to the sum of FSG’s parts: In February we valued Roush at $224 million, in March we gave the Red Sox an enterprise value of $912 million, and in April we said Liverpool was worth $552 million, giving just the three sports teams a combined enterprise value of almost $1.7 billion. NESN is worth over $1 billion."

    OF course we trust "the media"


    just replied to evans ( do i recall warnign YOU about him last year??) anyway..


    so comes full circle, U clones of the Henry camp rise to the "bait" every time.. I KNEW once i started posting here (I dont bother with blogs as u & yr buddies only flag them, to get them blockewd by the "kop-COPs" ;) !!!!

    WE (well most of "us") are not using american credit card, even though there has been a surge of your invasion into our culture since G & H infested OUR club...but sont ASSume that we use their credit cards

    so U ignore all the attack on all the stuff to pick out a) the delaware situ and b) that Henry isnt such a bad guy because he funded Bush (the bush that with B-liar conned the public into invading Iraq, causing not only 100s of thousands of civilian deaths in the mess that followed as u are "NO GOOD" at police actions ("Vietnam anyone"? ) but still U obviously dont mind being "owned" by that sort of person...its all part of the amercan "dream" ....nightmare!
    business is business, huh?

    WE dont want anything to do with your "big business" and your unholy alliances with corrupt bankers & politicians..strange huh?

    do me one favour STAY on "MY COP" (oops Kop) until Henrys' titanic has disappeared below the surface of the monetary swamp and then lets see u defend the undefendable ??

    " have a nice day"


     EvansPlungePOOL> Maybe they start a company in Delaware so they can loan money there?  For all those who don't know or aren't familiar, check your (Americans) next credit card offering/soliciation you receive in the mail.  They come from either South Dakota or Delaware and I believe that is because those states don't have Usury Laws (laws preventing excessive interest rates on loans).  So maybe the are looking to raise capital through debt?  Don't know if that has anything to do with the 300 mil debt listed as an asset that was previously referred to.

    As for the supporting of the Bush campaign mentioned below, what does that have to do with anything?  Most big businesses contribute to both parties candidates, to "hedge" their bets. (I know some on here really like the word "hedge" with regards to FSG).

    jari_litmanen37 wrote:> Keep up the good work!

    I have stopped blogging (for now) due to shills on the site repeatingthe same accusations of conspiracy theories - FSG shills and apologists include zen1da; henryviii; redder; koote; houstonater; icky; and many others.

    Evansplungepool seems to pretend not to be an FSG apologist but I have received messages from others "pretending" to be his friend who state that in private he is still a neo-con pro-Republican pro-Wall Street pro-hedgefund advocate so therefore can only be pro-FSG as opposed to pro-LFC/Shanks socialist/bootroom ethos....

    Such people hate being called FSG apologists

    As you say - FSG are Wall Street parasites who supported Dubya Bush in 2000 and they should be aware of the Bush families links to Nazism (Wall Street and City of London funded both "sides" in WW1 and WW2 as it was more profitable than funding one side:

    and -

    and -

    All the best, Jari Litmanen 37
    Son Leon,16, IN shirt BEFORE BOYCOTT!
    REdAlieN wrote:

    replied via blog response on Red aliegance..

    anyone who did NOT get sucked intot he hype of being "saved" during the Broughton/Purslow/Henry "spectacle" for the media outside the law courts 2 years ago,  would know that a) there was NO "cash injection" or even "cash sale" its was all "paper" and a large piece of paper put c. 100 million of debt against Anfield & Melwood, as Wall street journal reports that the Henry (& buddies) empire has lost value of over 1,5 BILLION dollars in recent years is it any wonedr that some of us were not "convinced" by the hype ...whilst Tomkins, RAWK & SoS committee members were "lunched" ??

    instead of worrying about transfers, "Lfc fans" should care about the CASH money WE pay for advance ticket sales, 3 new lit sales and now a pre-xmas CASH bonanza, sucking cah into F S G t/a Lfc ... and into a bottomless pit of the soon demise of Henry & co..<snip>
    FSG’s expansive portfolio has also given it an opportunity to expand into the athlete-rep business. In April, NBA superstar LeBron James made a big marketing push into Asia (where both soccer and basketball are very popular) when he got a sliver of Liverpool in a deal with FSG.
    [26/11/2012 17:41:04] Chris Smith: a local REd here has got a manufacturer contact ...
    [26/11/2012 18:52:20] Chris Smith: estimated selling @ e5 for basic t,  e10 with collar (polo style) and e25 for (retro) replica (no sponsors) ..excluding P & P
    [23:05:13] sean.ocleirigh: cool... u have an email to this fella.
    [23:05:39] sean.ocleirigh: i was looking at but they are expensive
    [23:06:11] Chris Smith: waiting fr him to set up a web link..with pics etc..
    [23:06:20] Chris Smith: shd be ready this month..
    [23:07:01] sean.ocleirigh: cool. well let me know... i am still up to my tits in stuff but working on a proper design. dont wanna copy urs too much
    [23:07:16] Chris Smith: why :)
    [23:07:33] sean.ocleirigh: ah i wanna add my artist touch to it chris lol
    [23:07:49] Chris Smith: ha ha..ok
    [23:08:14] sean.ocleirigh: don't want u doing me for copyrights mate lol
    [23:09:28] Chris Smith: i could nt give a F*** as long as we get this global we are doing ok in the "wild east" and it seems the irish gathering & Marie is ok, but some "fannies" still think the FSG titanic can be saved..
    [23:10:26] sean.ocleirigh: fuck that. they are getting their PR in place already for the bullshit excuses they are gonna give us for the up and coming january transfer window cock up
    [23:10:50] sean.ocleirigh: and even then i dont want them at the club
    [23:11:52] Chris Smith: er they wont have any more excuses from January as per wall st journal, Henry is about to liquidate his empire ..having lost more than 1m5 billion dollars in recent years he & his buddies are only interested in trying to save the sox..
    [23:12:31] sean.ocleirigh: have u thought of doing youtube videos on this chris
    [23:12:38] sean.ocleirigh: like dunc knows best
    [23:12:44] sean.ocleirigh: koptalk
    [23:13:12] Chris Smith: dont rate him either , too much self-promotion..
    [23:13:23] Chris Smith: no its not my style..
    [23:13:25] sean.ocleirigh: i like him to be honest
    [23:13:58] Chris Smith: i told redmen about it , and had a meeting with Paul in Lp early doors, but his buddy stopped the planned show..
    [23:13:59] sean.ocleirigh: i think it would be very successful chris
    [23:14:31] Chris Smith: YOU would have more success, I have got the perfect image..for radio ;)
    [23:14:38] sean.ocleirigh: lmao
    [23:14:54] sean.ocleirigh: here, if fooking duncan can do it.. u can
    [23:14:56] sean.ocleirigh: seriously
    [23:15:05] sean.ocleirigh: i really think u would be perfect for it
    [23:15:10] sean.ocleirigh: i really do
    [23:15:31] Chris Smith:  we shall see , maybe i will write the script and get some one good looking to front it///...
    [23:15:40] Chris Smith: so that lets u off the hook! :)
    [23:15:45] sean.ocleirigh: lol
    [23:15:52] sean.ocleirigh: does not get me off the hook at all
    [23:16:01] sean.ocleirigh: i am gonna play a part
    [23:16:14] sean.ocleirigh: but ur the more knowledgeable one here on this
    [23:17:18] Chris Smith: possibly, but it can be a "curse" when I am talking way over the head of ppl who just focus on transfers & team selection and the F S G propaganda machine churns it out daily..
    [23:17:33] sean.ocleirigh: if we were to set up a Fenway We come not to pay youtube account and u did the videos and i got the t-shirts off the ground, it would be a complete success
    [23:18:08] sean.ocleirigh: but the problem is that most of these people see FSG as the saviours of LFC
    [23:18:36] sean.ocleirigh: and then put down the transfer fiasco to the FIFA FAIR PLAY crap
    [23:19:13] Chris Smith: well that was what was  rammed down the throat of fans, Tomkins was lunched by henry & the sos committee & RAWK lads were taken out for a few bevvies etc and told wonderful things its tough for ppl to admit they were foooled TWICE>>
    [23:19:59] sean.ocleirigh: exactly
    [23:20:10] sean.ocleirigh: chris have a think about it mate.
    [23:20:21] sean.ocleirigh: i think the youtube thing would be excellent
    [23:21:37] Chris Smith: anyway, when they sink will be too late, because exactly what Sos/Share LFC did wrong was to wait until the last minute before making a move, we are already late int he game, if it all goes public, panic will set in and ppl wont think straight..
    [23:22:50] Chris Smith: if we had combiuned So S and sharelfc (as I suggested almost 5 years ago) we could have taken over from G & H and put a high court injunction in place to prevent sale to another (NESV)
    [23:22:56] Chris Smith: combined
    [23:22:59] sean.ocleirigh: we get the message across via youtube videos and it might spark something off
    [23:24:08] Chris Smith: u know anyone? I might try to get Tony Evans involved (he introduced the start of the "Potemkin league" video then..but..hes now on the times and may be too busy..
    [23:24:54] sean.ocleirigh: i dont know anyone but man if u could get tony evans involved that would be excellent
    [23:26:30] Chris Smith: lets see, keep in touch (problem is that i am dur to travelling this month, may have to stay put..;) in the meantime, take care "cuvaj se" as they say here, YNWA!
    [23:26:34] Chris Smith:
    [23:26:57] sean.ocleirigh: take care mate
    [23:27:15] Chris Smith: goodnight! btw.
    [23:27:49] Chris Smith: how come chelski are out when they have a superior goal difference? (the moderator on tv here didnt explain that..)
    [23:28:32] sean.ocleirigh: u know what i dont know... i havent been watching the footie over the past week or two i am ashamed to say
    [23:29:03] Chris Smith: no shame in that! not much on.. only crap teams like chelski & citeh etc.. ;)
    [23:29:30] sean.ocleirigh: true. its a disgrace how they are treating rafa
    [23:31:05] Chris Smith: not a new problems there are enough of our "fannies" that gave him sh*te when he was ours...i said at the time, who will replace him? (got no answer then and a lot of problems since) //  ...anyway all the best, Sean
    [23:31:56] sean.ocleirigh: take care chris. and if i dont speak to u before then, happy CHRIS SMITH LOL
    [23:32:19] Chris Smith: :) hope so! 

    OTHER STUFF.. (footy is part of the global society..) more links:-

    FROM Avaaze>

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    Vanja Felske heeft de video video "About Mr.Right & my next video...<3" gedeeld    
    About Mr.Right & my next video...<3  

    Olivera Indjic will...
    Periskop 4:25pm Dec 7
    Olivera Indjic will show her diverse tastes in music with her presentation-'Jukebox'
    UPDATE: The Frank Carlyle essential collection box set six dvd's of great Liverpool history just £25 free p+p. "New delivery just arrived, I only have 20, I think this is the last delivery before Christmas.." (FC)

    ChriS SmiTH heeft een groep gedeeld: ""
    CS & LIVE r BIRD footy CLUB

    Thank U, Tina, although that connection is only a part of the obvous "wrongs" of henry's titanic PLUNGING (with Evans !!  ) into the monetary depths and taking Lfc with it..=
    - not least the take of any investment
    - the associations with corrupt corps
    - the snub to Hillsborough memorial
    - not even considering Rafa! (WE LOVE & RESPECT RAFA)
    - only removing Hodgson after 10,000 didnt Turn up at Anfield January 2011..
    - causing the 4th managerial change (and all that disturbance that goes with it in backroom staff, squad, playing style etc...note Mancs & Arsenal!) They could have placed kenny "upstairs" and given Steve Clarke team coach's job..(hes not done bad so far with an inferior W.Brom?)
    - that the "succesful businessman" image of John Dubya is a MYTH!!
    BUT of course the F S G aplogist Clones like Evans come out in a pathetic attemopt to divert attention away from all of the above
    ..yes Evans ..I agree with you ; ALL American pressie are CORRUPT, no "ordinary" person can be voted in without a billion dollars business behind him /(her) your "democracy" .. in some ways I prefer to oppose the "Bush (his grandady was a buddy of adolf too) /Nixon/ Reagan versions at least we SEE that they are what they are..!) Obama ? who? hes done nothing GOOD either!
    so GO away Evans like last time , with your tail (tale) between your legs..Jaded? yes having to deal with all U "y a n k e r - f a n n i e s" infesting OUR CLUB!

    Izabela Darabanj
    Izabela Darabanj shared Udruženje za zaštitu životinja Novi Sad-SPANS's event
    Pomozite napustenim psima slanjem jednog SMS-a SPANS

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