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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wham 2 REdS 3

Wham 2 REdS 3 

Just before watching the Game, I arrived early @ "west" to compare the "top teams" in the manchester derby, it makes me more frustrated that we aren't competing at the top (thanks to yankers..see below  or go to ...I wasnt impressed with either side..I am convinced If Lucas hadnt been injured last Year, they wouldnt have been able to force Kenny out and we would have been top of the league,

WE did ok, considering Luis was absent (of course Refs keep booking him and NOT the thugs that kick, thump or stamp on him!) ..Allen gave away a stupid pen & SG an OG! ..
I dont ever think its about one player, a good team (we used to have in "my generation") scores from all positions... shelvey scored so thats ok..not overly impressed by him but todays result was a fair reflection although we were weak for a time with cole playing some sort of defensive left side instead of Jose. anyway good result, Glen was great..  REPORT (link) ==============


  Souness One of the most effective Captains we ever had, he dominated games, ...and ..@ West Ham v LFC 1983: Michael Robinson was the Reds' hat-trick hero as Joe Fagan's men continued their march to a third consecutive league title. The striker followed up his first league goal for the club with two more to take home the match ball as the REdS cantered to a1-3 win - watch highlights & follow today's game at Upton Park

 A "debate" with an F S G aplogist clone on mY Kop-Cop.. ;)

ChriS> Evans, u got me "banned" last year for telling the truth ( bTW = y a n k e r  is a combination of b a n k e r & y a n k ..both words used freely in society, with a subtle if honest connection in the combination!)

go away! , u are u repeat the stuff i confronted the very first time U decided to "appear" here, I am NOT on YOUR profile YOU ARE ON MINE, its not enough for U F S G aplologist clones to flag my blogs U have to come on my profile in a feeble attept to divert attention from THE TRUTH ..its the old story ..if U DONT LIKE what I write dont come here again!" bye bye, adios, auf weidersehen und Tchuss ;) arent important enough to "go after" (i merely react to yr F S G BS! ) go play with the traffic! ;) IF u dont want to be "identified" leave their camp..honestly! :) ....You are either part of the problem or part of the solution, (U are the former!)


Thank you for clarifying.  I have made it clear to you that I am not some blind ill-guided FSG/Henry fan/follower/worshipper yet you still lump me in as such and attack me even though I have questioned them on many occasions for many things they have done.

You clearly go after me because I am an American, or a Yanker as you like to call us.

With such clarification, now I don't have to worry about trying to communicate with you about certain issues concerning ANY matters, whether we have similar or opposing views.  Because even on the occasion that we have similar views, such as King Kenny should NOT have been sacked, it doesn't matter because I am a 'Yanker'.

Such obvious and overt xenophobia, bigotry and discrimination cannot be successfully communicated with with any attempt of logic or reasoning.

What I do appreciate is the fact that you willing expose yourself as such and therefore lessen any credibility you have on all matters.

I will forever discontinue communications on your profile.
 Have a nice day.  Good luck with your January fans takeover coup.  I will gladly buy shares that are available (of course, I'm an evil investing Yanker).  And best of luck to you in the future overcoming the previous hardships you have commented about before in your life.  You will think that is sarcasm but it is truly sincere.  Take care. 
CS>;) (its funny "Evans" keeps coming on to "my KOP" profile ("REdAlieN") and attempting to divert attention away from all the "flak" aimed at F S G , which I have constantly publicised since they made it clear they would not react to VALID complaints about their "actions" or offer shares in the company to Supporters..



  1. Paisley wrote: "Micky Robinson on Rushie.."Ian Rush made me look brilliant in the air. When I jumped up and headed, the ball would always go to Rushie. He could read my body; the way I jumped up Ian would deduce where the ball would go. He worked it out before I had. Rush never knew which bloody knife or fork to use, but on the pitch he was a genius.’ Robbo is now a footie reporter in Spain. LFC> APP= 52 GOALS= 13. YNWA"