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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Steven Gerrard.. ONLY!

Stevie G    

600 games 
for the REdS

& 100 "caps"

Just for a change, lets talk "footy"... no controversy, or mention of my anti-FSG campaigns, or moans against Yankers or anti-politics, etc..

 lets talk about a GREAT player..

IMO, (albeit "biased") THE great player of the last 10 years, you can talk about the skils of Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo etc..


for ALL-round skills, ability to beat players (when he wants to "dribble" and he will so rarely for the sake of the team) ; to pass short or long, first time or calculated, to shoot from almost any distance with misile like accuracy...

(I was @ st. james park, Newcastle a couple of seasons ago when he launched an "exocet" from a standing kick, and who can forget THAT equaliser in the FA Cup final '06?) ...

 To tackle, mostly in his earlier days, when he was at full back (and in the last minutes of the "miracle final of Istanbul") and shared the defensive duties at Liverpool 

(and he may yet end his career, as a Libero or "sweeper")

His header in "that final" to start the comeback

..and over a 100 goals scored from midfield, and hardly a "simple" goal amongst almost every spectacular shot..

THERE is NOT a player of the last decade who can compare with his ALL-Round game, STEVEN Gerrard (although not my favourite player) WAS & arguably still is the BEST player in the WORLD...
 as so many ppl like to say ;   "end of"


p.s. even 100 caps for england (who I am also not a fan of, because I am convinced we would have won the league had Stevie not been injured in 2008/9 whilst playing for country!

 let the pictures tell the story..

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