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Monday, October 1, 2012

"when is a REdS player..not.....

"when is a REdS player............

.....When the "N E S V /

 F S G franchise" 
wants more cash!!!  ....?"

Norwich 2 LIVERPOOL 5 (and it could ave been 10.. .goals )...& with a proper REf
....we would have been playing against 10 from the first of 3 blatant "assaults" on Luis Suarez

it seems that only Liverpool players gets Red-caRded for aggresive tacking, whilst players of Man U, W brom and now Norwich can
brutally batter our players and get away with, and also for the 3rd match we are denied penalties that everyone in the stadium can see..

FA = biased..well, what a surprise!

That disgust is matched by the other blatant violation ... we play in RED..
 the idea of a changed strip Is when colours CLASH, but since the y*nkers now "sell" Lfc at every opportunity, and despite (they claim) having massive cash injections, (pre-season & season ticket sales excluded) from the 2 major "warrior" kits ..(another Y8nker outfit, btw!) 

...we wear the "3rd kit" @ Norwich???? (and of course the official website follows this up with a "dress like Luis" promo...! ..)

WHY?// since when did Yellow and green clash with all-REd?.......or are Henry-Werner as blind to colours as they are to our history, ethics & core values??? ..its FSG & their typical y*nker "business comes first" methods! (free clip)

 and...2 great clips from a great Film...Good will hunting..

one of the best films..and i love this bit.. in my life..LIVERPOOL ; music, being crazy, dancing & footy ...provides more loyalty & good feelings than any modern fee-male! ;)  ....I must mention the y*nkers who abused the memory of Seve..and Norwich's morons ("cant read but can drive a tractor"?) with their banal & boring "sign on" and "U know what U are" chants.. well WE know what Luis is, boyos, he is someone who scores a LOT of goals against Norwich football club! <SMILE>

so, congrats to European Ryder cup Golf team that Beats the y*nkers in a dramatic end..again :D 

....get used to it, because we are taking back OUR CLUB.. ;)
============ dont forget ..WE are the CLUB..

CSers Elsa & Sandrine WE are T-shiirt in Pg

Tomek & Jacub and new Supporters ownership "WE ARE THE CLUB" t-shirt
on "Shanks" anniversary, its not just a disgrace, or tragic, but a CRIME how LFC then treated the greatest man to touch our lives, and a CRIME what G & H , and Henry & co have done to OUR CLUB in recent seasons, every "Lfc fan" should be FORCED to read his autobiography to understand what OUR CLUB, WAS, and SHOULD BE!!! love the man!
to all REdS with birthdays ..enjoy yr day x & Birthday greetings from ...


  1. .....when Suarez...Get a pen! ;)

  2. btw..noticed that "Buck" (as proposed by Henry?) has dispatched Adam & Carroll , and "benched" Henderson, Downing & Enrique,,,,,perhaps some justification...BUT all of them were "Kenny's buys" ....