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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Live r POOL updated... but NOIT yet LIBERATED

Kelly V Mancs
Live r POOL updated...       
  The INFESTORS's "fannies" bang on about "buck" ...but the early success of the Younger REdS in the Europa League & League Cup...its the result of RAFA and  KENNY, the lads are playing the footy that caught the eye 2/3 seasons ago as a result of Rafa bringing TWENTY-FIVE international youth  standard players to the Club's academy....and Rafa invited Kenny back to look after them too, and Rafa brought Rudolfo Borrell into nurture their progress... someone suggested some "comendation" for Kenny to recognise his contribution, thats a disgrace! "token gesture" wiill solve what  Henry & co did, to betray a trust and break his contract! no! ..either give him back his job, OR , at least make him Director of footy @ Lfc...


H-T @Wbrom.. another bent Ref... sponsored by the "FA" ...Shanks Used to say "Refs know the rules, but dont know the game" ...but since a few Years the Refs know "sweet FA" but our REdS cant argue u with them..because U shouldnt argue with idiots..


The "team" postponed the friendly match this wednesday - we look for loyal and enthusiastic players ...for OUR CLUB..

"The '96' Angles were watching over yesterday. (v mancs)
Shelvey sent off at 38:58, 38 + 58 = 96
Gerrard scores at 45:51, 45 + 51 = 96
Rafael scores at 51:45, 51 + 51 = 96
Robin Van Persie scores at 80:16, 80 + 16 = 96
#Respect to the '96' , it was their day ."



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