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Sunday, September 23, 2012

mancs steal Justice Game 1-2

mancs steal Justice Game 1-2 

as much as I want to get rid of the "infestors".. ( Henry-Werner & N E S  V / F S G) ...I would never want us to lose games to achieve that aim, especially not against the mancs..
ANFIELD displayed "Justice, TRUTH  & 96" on all sides of the Stadium In a tribute to 96 of our people "legally murdered" on 15th April 89,  as the Tory govt finally agree to release documents that show the police neglegence and cover up by the Thatcherites..

The lads deserved the 3 points, ...Ref Halsey, who I find is usually ok ...showed immense bias, in the Red card for Shelvey in what was obviously a 50/50 situation.. (despite the rants of fergie) 

Liverpool dominated the game, even with 10, but despite Stevies opening goal, (Gerrard, Man of the match ; )  the mancs scored from virtually their first shot, an excellent strike by Raphael, that he probably will never again repeat..  2 penalties claimed by the REdS, ignored by Halsey, and then , he gave the mancs a penalty, even though diver Valencia wasnt touched by Glen, and Pepe got a yellow, for what ?  being there?..

Van Persie scored, (he hadnt had a touch in the rest of the game) just, as Pepe almost tipped it over...& some idiot in the pub cheered, so I asked him, are U a manc? ..he said "evertonian, I come here to see Liverpool lose" ..a typical "bitter"...i aske why? he told me that he like the "goodison atmosphere"..."ever been there"..."NO!, he replied" ..I replied "you w*nker" go to a pub and spend 2 hours being negative about Liverpool at a time when REdS and Blues acknowledge LIVERPOOL solidarity over the eventual release of the HILLSBOROUGH sick! - i suspect he is really a manc!..and we are still awaiting the first league win of F S G 's man ; " Buck rodgers" 

Pre match pics... 

SeaN>Knighthood for Kenny Dalglish -
    I know there have been efforts prior to this but they failed for political or social reasons at the time. The old "number 10" web site used by the MP Steve R was closed down some time ago.There are...

Chris/Ursun> nice gesture, But I am sure Kenny, a Scot and a man of the people, would have rather NOT got stabbed in the Back by Henry & co (F S G) and at least be Director @LFC thats a BIGGER honour than some royal "compliment" ..


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