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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1-1 @ sund..overshadowed by the TRUTH?

1-1 @ sund..
overshadowed by the TRUTH?

The notice at the game last weekend posted by Sunderland underlines the mentality of society too , a great gesture by many, but 23 years too late,,.,

The game ( was overshadowed by the govt. announcing ONLY 23 YEARS too late that they would release documents about the @legalised murder@ of 96 of OUR people...
too few People question the media, the government, the popular opinion, they dont take the time, and this happened at Lfc not only because of the lies told about Hillsborough, but how easily ppl chose to believe that Henry-Werner & their smooth NESV/F SG bull made them "saviours" ...  

have YOU every considered that here was no "sale" from G & H to N E S V?  ..that "brokers" suddenly appeared when global REdS started to force G & H , backstabbers Purslow & Broughton, and their then puppet Hodgson out of the door, questioning the action of RBS and the high rates of interest that were costing more than players????

Those brokers were know by both G & H and NESV... !!

The "scenario" was created... get rid of the bad guys, reeling after the local & global REdS hounded the above via "Tom & George not welcome...anywhere" posters...and the Internet blockade..!

 So, did anyone notice that the Y*nkers simply play a media-exploited "script"  and project G & H as the bad guys, and even try to pretend that cunning stunt Purslow & Broughton were "heroes" ..despite that they had ignored supporters wishes and other "buyers".....John Henry ..doing a john Wayne impression,  brings in his media side-kick Tom Werner, (he of the snidey laugh!) soft-soaps Supporters union committee members and Tomkins who has the ear & eye (via his popular blog) of a certain type of "thinking fan"...

They stick Shanks grandkid as chairman of a "Lfcl supporters committee" that has done little except agree with H - W since its inception..they sack Hodgson after 10,000 fans dont turn up, ignore Rafa who was the credentials and respect and LOVE of our global supporters..and bring back Kenny, yet break HIS contract and  insult DALGLISH, who is more than legend, one & off the field, more than a saint to LIverpool people, after just one full season..despite Kenny getting our first trophy in 6 seasons..and nearly getting 2!..and ignored the HILLSBOROUGH memorial..
and now they employ another (Younger ..but who like Hodgson has won NOTHING..) because , like Hodgson, the media like him, and he wont confront them...a la Rafa or Kenny, because we all know... Y*nkers & media have one thing in common ..they HATE being told the truth! (especially if it exposes their failures!)

 "buck" Rodgers ; nice lad, as such, but just a pawn in the yankers business franchise plan... he dont get it either! OUR CLUB!

! joined by yet another CSer....WE ARE.... still, and forever..THE CLUB, support the team, but NOT the Y*nkers!



REdNET September 18, 2012 8:09 AM

CS> Those who are attending 23 sept Meeting and need collecting from the Airport, pse contact via CSers / or via u.r.s.u.n. on FB etc.. the y*nkers are doing their utmost to block our meetings & communications..what are they worried about if we are only "a few rebels" ;) ?????????????


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