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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buck-Henry's boys 0 ar*enal 2

Buck-Henry's boys 0 ar*enal 2

ONE OF the most worrying things about our current situation is that this Y*nker INFESTor-caused decline over recent years (totally denied by John W's open letter "denial" yesterday on the official website) is that it was all SO PREDICTABLE..yet so many fan(ies)s just bought so quickly into it and surrenderely the "people power" achieved during the conflict with G & H..

The moronic & scum media , with so few journos being brave enough to stand up and tell the truth just fed the bullsh*te through their banal articles.. hating the independence & loyalty (to true REd supporters) of Rafa & Kenny..

They just praised the N E S V / F S G  "business plan"  which they falsely claimed "saved" Lfc from a disaster MADE BY Previous Y*nkers...

The almost ridiculous and even insulting sight of the chelski fan Broughton being "chairman" of Lfc by fraudulent bankers (RBS etc) ..(banker + w*nker = y*nker!) ...& a fist - pumping conman (Purslow) hailed as "heroes" was a complete farcethat sickened the stomachs of Supporters of any intelligence..fanning the ILLUSION that the club was in real debt other than what was "conjured up" between Yankers to pay moores and to produce a paper claim by the banks that just wasnt true,.,and which was in reality PAID OFF by our (supporters) income to the club (we buy the tickets,
 the shirts and enable the value of Tv rights, worldwide) ..

some of the naive still question can 7 MILLION supporters & fans worldwide support an EPL standard club, yet deny that we generate ALL its income..and ignore that Barca & Bayern have been "reasonably succesful" over the years and yet they are owned by the supporters!!!!!

Its pathetic how "fan(ie)s "  cant wait to be screwed by Henry & co's sponsors and the Warrior's moronic slogan which produced an away kit that is simply terrible.. OUR Campaign slogan "WE COME here NOT to PAY!" ..does NOT refer to the F S G lacks of transfer purchases, because I certainly believe our accademy produces quality players...

WE refer to OUR supporters and members BOYCOTT of official shops and instead supporting, promoting and marketing (on a not-for-profit basis) OUR own True REdS / LiverBird products & services in COMPETITION with N E S v /F S G ..and WE will make profit for a renewed LIVERPOOL club in asscoaiation with ex-players & the celebrities that claim to love Lfc.  

IF EVER there were SUPPORTERS that deserved to own their club it is LIVERPOOL Supporters, this is a cnflict which shall not end until "they" are gone..

WE are the CLUB, WE are Liverpool and we shall WIN !

 p.s. As for sunday's "performance" without invention (apart from Luis & Raheem, again) and worse, without PASSION to storm their goal until the end..certainly NO (promised) improvement on what (IMO) Kenny & Steve could have achieved with theie squad had Henry not broken promises and contracts..thats the sort of coward John W is!

p.p.s a youth policy is FINE, but we dont have to buy youth as Rafa, Kenny & Rudolfo have brought enough young talent through,,we are letting some of our best go, and buying nothing special...why did he play sahin?..the man did nothing of note!... and surely Henderson is better than Allen? why buy another "worker"?  Borini, over-rated shd have played central with Suarez going "free" on the wings..Stevie shd NOT be playing for england when his club performancesare still not at the level we(and he?) expects..otherwise he will NOT be lifting that league title...for us!


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