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Saturday, December 21, 2013

REdS @ Anfield ...must fight on...update v cardiff

REdS fight on


...update v cardiff
@ home ... after an (easy) win @spurs, and with Luis signing a long term contract )
it would be dangerous to "ASS- U_ME"

MY m.o.m last some fans realise his value, in the "engine" 
Raheem did  well against a weak defence, though,.
..some Fan nies forget the game @ hull or @ home to soton and now already start to brag about what we will do to the cardiff team..

Sure we were strong @ white hart lane, as i hoped in  last week's ScLOG ..............
.. Mignolet seemed nervous, and had the londoner team taken advantage of early mistakes by him and Sakho, (who is not a 10th of the player Danny Agger is) it may not have been so easy...but spurs collapsed, 

I was SO happy to see local lad Flanno get the "killer" third goal.. & his "celebrations" with the travelling kop made me smile!

...however, my selection would be (still) Mignolet (sadly in place of Pepe) 

KELLY @ RB  centre backs ; Skrtel/dAgger & Glen over @ LB.. (Kelly was great over-lapping on the right before injury, sound in defence and adds height and muscle @ corners etc which we need as although we are top SCORERS in the league this calendar year, our defence is leaking, still, because BR doesn't understand defensive tactics.(yet!) 

because of injury to SG & Studge, we should continue starting with Lucas, Hendo & ("pet") Allen, Coutinho providing creativity behind Raheem & LUIS..of course.. Suarez the Goal Machine ( Suarez the Goal Machine.. Amazing Talent !! ) 
Well done to Luis Suarez who has won the football suppporters federation player of the year award. Over half a million votes were cast.                    ================.
and dont forget Ibe...

REdNET "Bootroom" Discussion ;-

Tanja BanfiIt's matchday, come on Liverpool today ynwa
  • Billy Comet >come on reds
  • ChriS SmiTH > need to have strong attitude from 1st moment.. dont underestimate any game, every point is important..  
Pasted from < team lived in digs and some went to Anfield  on the bus..:) .this team has to fight.. it will be down to the players, because BR is still learning..he hasnt got tactical nouse, (and F S G have no emotional stake in our club) Team  needs to have strong attitude from 1st moment today and in every game.. dont underestimate any game, every point is important..

(signing Luis) Broadway Liverpool > part 1 of 2 done! tying down BR to a long term deal should be next.
  • Del Kiernan >Real Madrid. Go and f--- off9 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • ChriS SmiTH BR? no..he hasnt earnt it, YET...hes still a novice learning the profession, and hasnt won anything yet....very naive on tactics and motivation, ... Pasted from <
  • and birthday greetings, sound Skrtel, proved the fan nies wrong again!


??? US&A version, very nice, sexy time..ha ha ha
  1. HYPERLINKKop 10 EPL Players (USA Version)
    Amanda Burden counts down LFC's best EPL players (according to US & A! Borat!)
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131221 soooooooooooooooooooo full of energy... went for a run, made a video , (save the world? no! i 'll do that tomorrow! LMAO!) happy SOLstice..the days now get longer and brighter  Pasted from <>

Propaganda, an alternative opinion... =======

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  • ChriS SmiTH> the idiots would launch more space rockets...not only do we need to feed those who need it, but to show people how to feed themselves and NOt be dependent on gov. the land belongs to the people , use it, take it back from property speculation which in turn inflates prices,etc.. no building should stand empty for more than a year.. if we bring property prices down, then the cost of evrything comes down, there is no logic in inflation because with modewrn technology everthing is easier & cheaper to make, so life shd be easier, but the power brokers and govt dont want u to know this,.. 

and every picture....

YOU know who YOU are!

 wonder if they will come ... to fill MY socks.....? ;)

and a "happy Chrismith" message for "DAX" to APPLY.....

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