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Monday, December 9, 2013

ScLog update; "REdNET bootroom", (Lennon & Madiba)

Liverpool boy;   
John Lennons ' day & on saturday before the 4-1 win
took Liverpool back to
 2nd position in the league, Anfield  made tribute to the life 
and achievements of "Madiba" (Nelson Mandela) with a minutes "applause" 
It worries me when I see "polite applause" when such signficant entities pass from y-our lives, 

why not sing a song (Kopites?) where is the creativty,?

and why not SALUTE Lennon, (link) a local boy who was, at one time "more famous than Jesus?" ...

(oh, that woke up the Yankers!)

for me he was "Shanks in music" as important as anyone in shaping my life and beliefs ; "Imagine" is better than a "holy book" its a way to live!


REdNET> " 
drinking too much coffee Paul,  J Henry must pay  pay u a lot to back F S G "boys" Allen has one game and u talk like LfcTv  ("midfield maestro") if u arent a knee-jerker who is?  and Sorry Sakho is not a 10th of the Player Agger is, and  Lucas is a permanent selection for any decent manager.. ..anyway if its not the coffee then maybe u were close to wetting yrself? shd really retitle Red-kids ,( 
 ) its not for adult viewing,.. :)"

Many happy returns to @IbeJordon  - he celebrated his 18th birthday  Pasted from <> and  

JoHnL @ 73

& had he lived past FORTY (40) years ; John (& Madiba) might have agreed with.....




  2. NM>"I am just a sinner trying to be like a saint"

    Sclog link

    J Lennon ; working class..