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Friday, November 29, 2013

the (DerbY) show is aim to WIN @ Hull ...FOllow OUR CLUB (& 15 years Stevie G)

the (DerbY) show is over aim to WIN 
@ Hull ..& FOllow
..... OUR CLUB

and celebrate 15 years of SG....

The "experts & pundits" remarked excitedly about last saturdays derby, I watched again a Tv recording without sound, and its easier to consider the game carefully..

There have been enough reorting & blogging by official & unofficial fans & fannies, the F S G clones wanted to congratulate BR..but 3 goals conceded and another "rescue" means we are 4 points rather than 2 behind the leaders..

Saturday we are away at hull, and lets just reflect on what we should be grateful for... Stevie today has achieved 15 years at our club ; a great statement to declare about arguably the best COMPLETE player that appeared in the Premiere league
I am pleased that BR has been shown that the players he "inherited" are better than those purchased since his arrival ; with exception of  Coutinho ("Philco" )and  Studge ..

The likes of Borini, Aspas, Sakho, Cissohko, Alberto, Toure, & even Allen... being eventually exposed as "squad players" ... IMO no better than young players discarded, just so that Henry/BR could state "this is not Kennys team" ??

Had F S G / BR  not WRONGLY  forced out Pepe, Mignolet , with his "shot stopping " but erratic distribution and reluctance at set pieces, would not be seen as "special"

 ..he isnt..! (2nd choice keeper @ Belgium is not better than Pepe, who, if Cassilas had not played for Madrid, would be spain's 1st choice and noted as a "world's best"..

During Jose's absence I opted for Kelly (perhaps @ RB and switching Glen to LB) but Flanogan showed @ goodison that he too can play a sound role (reminding me of a young Carra..)

the 3-3 again exposed defensive errors, IMO BR doesnt have anything close to the experience of Rafa, in strategic or tactical know-how, especially in defence.. we are "training " our own "manager"...

yes, an "exciting" game, but limited enjoyment for a true REd who wants our team to be at the TOP of a weak league...

@ Hull we can select our (hopefully fit & rested) strongest team ;outfield ; Flanno, (or Kelly) Skrtel / dAgger , Glen ; Lucas , SG , Hendo ; Coutinho , Studge, Luis.

we are scoring enough ; last saturday saw Studge (tired from playing for england , when he should have been rested as he was carrying a small injury

Supporters need to invest, its not enough to say....


See Tanjas thread below  (men v women) too 
 as I recently commented on a CS group..

"i dont agree to stop this discussion, people should feel free to discuss all matters, whether or not the source is true or not.. we are reading different opinions, and often some decide to form opinions for others, I have always travelled , and most of my life spent as "alien" .. i am convinced we are all the same but different, some are more influenced by past, and some by modern (media) some are limited by their upbringing- some are open, some are so casual that they lose respect.. IMO there is good and bad in all groups and inside us all.. focus on the good, and that what u become, focus on the bad.. and ...we need some pain to appreciate the good times, we need day & night... its all part of the journey, so enjoy it!

 (ben Harper)
Oh no, here comes that sun again
That means another day without you my friend
And it hurts me to look into the mirror at myself
And it hurts even more to have to be with somebody else
And it's so hard to do and so easy to say
But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away

With so may people to love in my life
Why do I worry about one
But you put the happy in my ness
You put the good times in my fun
And it's so hard to do and so easy to say
But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away and head for the door
We've tried the good byes so many days
We walk in the same direction so that we could never stray

They say if you love some body
then you have got to set them free
But I would rather be locked to you than live in this pain and misery
They say time will make all this go away
But it's time that has taken my tomorrows and turns them into yesterdays
And once again that rising sun is dropping on down

And once again you my friend are now here to be found
And it's so hard to do and so easy to say
But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away
Walk away, and head for the door
You just walk away, walk away, walk away..

Tanja Banfi
I never make the same mistake twice. I make it 5 or 6 times, just to be sure.
  • Tanja Banfi yeah i know morning zakir
  • Mick Cromwell me to all the time x
  • Tanja Banfi Im glad Im not the only one and isolated case x
  • Mick Cromwell no your not tanja i do it just for the sheer fun ha x
  • Tanja Banfi heheh and how much fun it is to see when I relive the same things all over again x
  • Mick Cromwell hahaha very true lifes boring if you dont make deliberate mistakes x
  • Ejaz Ali Changezi haha
  • Evita Torini I can't count the times i have made the same mistake...we are only ppl. love to u Tanja:*
  • Tanja Banfi and right back love to u Evita
  • ChriS SmiTH it could be worse........ 
  • ChriS SmiTH whatever doesn't kill you.....
  • Tanja Banfi makes u stonger...
  • Evita Torini not always.... why so many ppl want to die..cause it doesn't make tem stronger..maybe to some limit..but sky is the limit
  • ChriS SmiTH ..well Evita, I was talking to her....if it makes Tanja Stronger..... Evita, the problem is society has made most people like sheeple, every little problem is a crisis .. why do people want to die? usually the people who say that, dont mean, be careful of those who DONT say it..
  • Tanja Banfi It should make em stronger but they want to die coz sm ppl dont ave patience, coz they see no way out, coz of discouraged, coz they dont know to struggle with difficulties or they are ill in any way... I always say at the end of a storm there is a golden sky, ynwa song and my rule
  • ChriS SmiTH some people only see problems.. and there is ALWAYS someone in a worse situation.. society is teaching people to be sheeple and go to the slaughter like lambs, its been that way since thousands of years..time to wake up and fight for life///..
  • ChriS SmiTH this is for you, ("let them burn their eyes on you moving " <smile>)
    HYPERLINKHold Your Head Up-Argent-1972-(Long Version)
    Should Be Everyone's Theme Song.Don't Let No One Make You Feel Bad About Yourself...See more
  • Tanja Banfi oh thanks i ll watch tomorrow 
  • ChriS SmiTH ->
  • Evita Torini some ppl want to die cause they are just's easy to say stay strong and go ahead....there comes the time when legs don't work...
  • ChriS SmiTH mostly wrong, Evita, most ppl who TRULY give up because modern society teaches selfishness, and weakness... ppl give up because they think no one cares, and often it is true, the business/commercial/capitalist system that vilifies "socialism" is anti-social...See More
  • Tanja Banfi oh now it has become complicated
  • ChriS SmiTH no, Tanja, life is simple ppl complicate it..) me included!) 
  • Tanja Banfi heheh same be the good
  • ChriS SmiTH 
  • Evita Torini lots of ppl give all their best....and be given a kick in the ass/sorry for this word/...and as u say end with tell me where to look for good in this world...
  • ChriS SmiTH inside yourself Evita, there is good inside us all. most ppl are like seeds thrown on the ground, if they get buried under rubbish (which is what most people have been fed with since thoiusands of years..its no wonder that they turn out wrong..) but do YOU do all you can do? ..when u do then you can influence those around you, apply the good, BE the good..

131121.....are u so different? revolution just hands back power to a few (ego) EVOLUTION is required ...
The SHEEPLE get what they deserve..
people don’t need another "leader"
They need to take responsibility, for their lives, for the community
And for the planet they happen to occupy too.. NOW before they drown
Or die of thirst the titanic sunk years ago..stop playing on the deck!
Oni moraju da preuzmu odgovornost za svoj život, za zajednicu
I za planetu su se da zauzmu previše .. SADA prije nego što su se udavi
Ili umrijeti od žeđi Titanika potonuo godina .. zaustavljanje reprodukcije na palubi!

The term, `the best interests of the child’ was first brought into common usage by the Third Reich regime in Germany as an almost euphemistic distraction for the atrocities that regime committed on children.
It was then adopted by the United Nations in 1948 for more common usage in international convention on human rights, but because different nations had different ideas about what was in children’s `Best interests’, then it was left imprecise and to whatever the interpretation each country chose to make.
The term `Best interests of the child’ does not therefor any form of precise definition nor criteria by which such determinations can be made. When it is included in laws it is not given any legal definition and it is left to individual judges to determine at their absolute discretion what they consider appropriate in each set of circumstances.
The consequences are, and will continue to be, that such determinations will be highly subjective and reliant on the personal beliefs, values, and attitudes of each judge, who is not required to state how such decision was reached or how the child’s best interests will be served by the judge’s determinations. Everyone has personal biases, prejudices, and idiosyncracies and judges are no exception. However they lack the knowledge of children’s growth and development and the importance of how their needs are best met at different life stages.
This is the fundamental issue which is resulting in so many irrational and illogical decisions being made in Family Courts regarding the future care and welfare of children and the risks of harm which they may face.
I would suggest it is long overdue that the ``Best interests of the Child’’ be abandoned and be replaced with more precise criteria and definition and I would offer the following for discussion:-
“That decisions concerning the future care and welfare of children must demonstrably and measurably meet each child’s Emotional, Physical, Psychological, Intellectual, Social, and Spiritual Needs and the child’s emotional attachment to a parent must be the paramount consideration in determining where the child will live and whether, or not, the child continues to have a continuing relationship with a parent who has significantly failed to meet the child’s needs and to respect the child as a unique individual.” Charles Pragnell
  • Patch Self-help Judges make decisions based on speculation and what is most convenient for the proceedings to appear to have meaningful outcomes for their own sake
  • ChriS SmiTH no, the "terminology" is not the problem, the problem is the whole of society becoming sheep-like in allowing more and more rules to replace intelligence... people with authority are worse, more rules are made and idiots & morons employed with too much power, and the general public just give up rights too easily, few parents learn them, or stand up against the system and also employ lawyers & others whose job depends on continuation of the mess..educate yourself and fight your fight..
  • Charles Pragnell Is it reasonable to ask a Family Court judge just before s/he makes a decision regarding a child's future care and wellbeing, "Judge could you set out how you define `the best interests of children' and the objective criteria in clear and precise terms which you will be using in determining what you consider to be in the best interests of this child?".
  • Patch Self-help The question is clear but the answers never are.
  • ChriS SmiTH the answers are clear.. just takes courage ,, to stand up and state that all people have to be treated with equal rights and chances
  •  ChriS SmiTH Charles misses the point -the quality of the people involved and their ability is in question or even how we allowed this mess to develop is societys mistake when you place too much power in the hands of the system..wake up

  • Charles Pragnell The situation developed when a small but extremly devious group were able to persuade those in power to alter the law in favour of their `rights' (i.e. father's groups) above all other considerations. They had organised themselves well in the preceding 25 years and prepared their marketing strategies and the memes and myths they wanted to create. It was only after the changes which they demanded began to take effect (Family Law amendments 2006) that the results were felt on those who were most vulnerable and unprotected in the system i.e. the children. The ultimate consequence has been that children have been ordered into the custody of their abusers on a large scale, and have been denied all rights to protest or even to have their views, wishes, and feelings taken into account. Society is only now becoming aware of the enormous damage which has been caused and correcting the sitution through Parliamentary and democratic means takes more than a little time. Neither education nor common sense informed the 2006 changes, only individual and collective selfishness and self-interest.
  • ChriS SmiTH u are discussing holes in the roof, when in fact the foundation is ROTTEN


"no more birdies?"

Ah the "heroes" come and go
But what do they really know?
Revolution makes you dizzy
Try evolving or sing "thin lizzy"

50 years since JFK
Got to be a better way
Vote for "none of the above"
What in a politician is there to "love"

People wake up to your life
Farmer, office or a house-wife?
Taxi driver, trucker, doctor or nurse
They all want wants in your purse

Natasa said this & that
But she forgets whats under my hat
Danica says shes comign to stay
I am still waiting for that day
Tanja writes like it is
Too far away to make me fizz

In these years I wait for truth
And I don’t have that much youth
Honesty is a lonely word
I would fly from you all..  Like a bird

ChRiS 131122

Danica no Show…

  • Kristin Marie But what if that's what the world's greatest hope also looked like?
  • ChriS SmiTH Kristin ? "the world" ... u mean business ?? its conditioned , its not "good" ..its not "hope" its conditioning and the sheeple follow fashion..
  • Kristin Marie I thought it represented people in general. Perhaps I misinterpreted the meaning
  • ChriS SmiTH THe symbolism is reflecting that "men in suits" (or women in suits?) are ruining people , the planet, society and causing harm..politicians, lawyers, bankers, salesmen who drive all ove the place alone in their cars, business dumping rubbish on the land in sea & air..shall i go on? I wish they didnt..

Definition of time?
Slow..when u wait
fast...when u r late
Deadly...when u r sad
Short...when u r happy
Endless..when u r in pain
Long...when u feel born
Everytime is determined by ur feelings and ur psychological conditions and not by clocks..
So have a nice time always!
    That explains what is time
  • I think I could write
    That it would lead to a fight..
    What I know is its worth
    To our death from our birth
    PLease respect what you had
    When its gone you will be sad
    It’s a bank you cannot repair
    If u waste time it becomes very rare
    So use it carefully
    And especially if you meet me..
    That would be great!
    But ….DONt be feckin late!


  1. Roy Lindo loved Sir Bob more than Shanks
    Mano Trad Funny that Roy, me too

    Navdeep Rehill Great picture
    30 minutes ago · Like
    ChriS SmiTH lovely man, but if it hadnt been for Shanks u probably wouldnt have known he existed!
    2 minutes ago · Like
    Mano Trad Fair comment.

    ChriS SmiTH (and Shanks wouldnt have been impressed by "awards" from the royalty that stole land from people !! true REdS dont need their acknowledgements ") ..

  2. Mano Trad Fair comment.
    ChriS SmiTH (and Shanks wouldnt have been impressed by "awards" from the royalty that stole land from people !! true REdS dont need their acknowledgements ") ..
    55 minutes ago · Like
    Roy Lindo we knighted bob ourselves
    44 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Mano Trad Come on Chris, you've got to answer "fair comment" to that
    43 minutes ago · Like
    ChriS SmiTH Shanks, Bob, Joe & Kenny all knew how we loved them,,
    43 minutes ago · Like
    Roy Lindo Bobs best quote was when the reds were in Rome was last time I was here I was in a tank, now that was typical of him
    42 minutes ago · Like
    Linda Chivall-Robinson Thanks for the share.

    ChriS SmiTH Bill, Bob, Joe & Kenny men of the people ; Manager/Team/Supporters ; OUR holy trinity WAS much more important than their "royal gestures" ..

  3. hanks for the share.
    8 hours ago · Like · 2
    ChriS SmiTH Bill, Bob, Joe & Kenny men of the people ; Manager/Team/Supporters ; OUR holy trinity WAS much more important than their "royal gestures" ..
    8 hours ago · Like
    Mano Trad ok ok, we got the message
    8 hours ago · Like
    ChriS SmiTH
    8 hours ago · Like · 1
    Navdeep Rehill Bob should have been knighted when he won his thid European Cup.
    5 hours ago · Like
    ChriS SmiTH no one should have been "knigjted" son, thats just roya bullsh*te ...he was also socialist! (if u understand what that means in real life....! FFS! this is a Shanks page and so many dont even know who he was! or what he was!
    7 minutes ago · Like
    Nassos Siotropos ChriS SmiTH dont start with the members here please You have your oppinion we have ours You might think we dont have a clue It s your oppinion but saw respect to others please After all you have your own page and you can do what ever you think is the best for the man Thank you
    4 minutes ago · Edited · Like
    ChriS SmiTH Nassos Siotropos YOU should be defending Shanks , and if YOU dont I will ANYWHERE i see "fans" who dont understand who or what he stood for - its easy to just "post" stuff ...anyone can do that .. but the biggest problems @ Lfc are because ppl didnt and dont stand up for (whom you state) is THE GREATEST FOOTBALL MAN EVER, Nassos either you believe int hos words or not...dont just "copy & paste" history!

  4. commiserations to your family on your loss..! thoughts are with you..
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    p.s. Zoran had EIGHT new bookings this weekend!! (from my idea)
    CS Monty-Logic-CLUB
    -CLUB "House-Telling" ; friendly members @ several locations for economy travellers to Balkan regions base; Montenegro; enjoy Nature; trek; lake, or beac

  5. os wrote: "ChriS SmiTH dont start with the members here please You have your oppinion we have ours You might think we dont have a clue It s your oppinion but saw respect to others please After all you have your own page and you can do what ever you think is the best for the man Thank you"

  6. "award winning.... RUBBISH from RedMen, the occasional wise comments come from the older "guest"... too fulll of themselves and a basic ignorance of management wonder the fannies love em.

  7. greetings from ;