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Monday, November 11, 2013

updated 11thof11thof11th... exposing the fan nies.. when (TRUE) experience talks, LISTEN! (& remembering "Crazy Horse")

..... ..........updated 11 th of 11th of 11th... exposing the fan nies.. when (TRUE) experience talks, LISTEN!

This morning I rememberd thos "lost" and it is the day when memorials are decoarted with flowers ^ ceremonies of those in uniforms who lost their lives in "service" however there are more heroes who are unknown and without uniform who were killed maimed or "disappeared" when doing what they believe is right, not for reward or glory but simply because it WAS (IS) the RIGHT THING TO day... so lets be truthful ..

Lfc are top of the league but he INFESTORs are still in our club...

calendar since our team "surrendered @ arsenal" my previous reaction @ 

how many times have we got say? , to novice BR, Danny Agger ; he should play!
BR prefers ...Sahko, Cissohko & Toure; NO WAY!

  • the "worse manager" we had in 50 Years was Hodgson, BR looks to be his disciple!

  • REdNeTCissohko was too slow getting back and didnt do enough to stop the cross for their first goal, and Toure was too slow getting a block in on the 2nd , its a disgrace to have Danny Agger on the bench, when Toure, Sahko _ Cissohko arent in his league,,!! 
  • BR knows FA about shape and tactics,,, 
  • we set up too defensive and GAVE arsenal the game!

reality check? to think that we had a man like Rafa available & have to educate a novice instead, blame fannies as well as the Y A N K E R S ; use footy logic , BR plays 5 defenders gives them the midfield, leaves Agger on the bench and plays Cissohko! what a C*nt! think that Pepe is @ Napoli with Rafa when BIOTH shd be @ Anfield.. noen of our players worthy of the shirt tonight NOT ONE!... Pasted from <>

REdNe> in a bad mood, ... but... I just had to laugh at the ridiculous BR comments.. ""We kept going all night, the players have been brilliant in their application. They went right to the end. We created chances," ........ (CS>** apart from the , wrongly , disallowed goal, we didnt have a shot on target.. until 30 mins into the game).. ..............""after 10 games it's a good analysis, you can look at the league and see where you're at. I think what we can see is my players have been brilliant in this opening period, we're gonna be in with a shout. "We understand the competition is great, "" ............. (CS**&... the competition is AVERAGE .. !) wake up FFS!

Its you fan nies and F S G clones who are blindly swallowing the Y A N K E R s bullsh*te..
.... This is no knee jerk, its been said before G and H started the slide and before the stupid suicidal "sale" to J, Henry, ......Kenny,  like Rafa was forced out by the FAN-chising infestors & BR should not be "learning how to manage Lfc" at OUR expense… !
and as I was one of "Billy's  boys" please make sure when u "quote" Shanks that U spell his NAME correctly ; its BILL SHANKLY! (u are helping F S G destroy his legacy)>>

  1. Kop Magazine@TheKopMagazine1h
    Daniel Agger must've done one helluva warm up at The Emirates on Saturday... #lfc
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED091h
    @TheKopMagazine @RedAlieNeT ;) jeez, F S G "spin" so much that they try to convince the fan nies that ("blindman") BR played Danny? #FSGOUT
Pasted from <>

Mignolet looking for immediate response to Arsenal defeat against Fulham
 ... does that mean Rafa is lending back Pepe? ;)  to have a proper keeper again? no, "Shanks Spirit" on Naples holiday! Pasted from <>

  1. Liverpool FC@LFC2h
    For the first time, #LFC now has over 1m Facebook followers from Thailand - Thanks to all who’ve followed. @ThaiLFC
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED091m
    @LFC @ThaiLFC baaaaa ;) OUR CLUB's RED soul sold out by the y a n k e r s !
 Pasted from <>

@LFC @ThaiLFC baaaaaaaaaaa, F S G sheeple! they sold our clubs soul to the lowest bidder!
Pasted from <>

Brendan Rodgers: "The better team won, make no mistake about that"
better club has a novice "manager", they have a manager, ours needs education = 4 new defenders dont win!  Pasted from <>

#LFC  Pasted from <>

@liverpool @RedAlieNeT   because our "manager" needs a footy education..5 defenders gave midfield to arsenal, & Agger must play b4 BR "pets" !  Pasted from <>


CS> I watched a recording of the Game, the only defender worth his place was Skrtel, (who BR didnt want this season!') analysis of Toure , Sahko and Cissohko shows they gave the ball away far too often and failed to stop the 2 goals , but BR took off Flanno (the only other player his bosses didnt sign!).

.. Agger stayed on the bench instead of supporting midfield which HE is more capable of than any of the 5 defenders..

 -- I took 2 frames off the recording one shows EIGHT Lfc players defending against 4 and SIX defending against 3 )and still do not stop a shot on our goal' we shd have pressed them high up  but that dont work with so many wonder the home team were able to dominate midfield.. we were (again, like almost every game) FAR TOO deep.. 
we were Off course

 .........SG, Lucas  & Hendo got worn down by Arsenal having 5 or 6 midfielders against them.. Which then starved "Suarridge" of sufficient service, until EVENTUALLY BR put on Moses (for Flanno, which considering he was better than Cisssohko, Sahko & Toure was as wrong as leaving Agger on the bench) and with Coutinho , we closed the game with more chances, however we were 2 goals behind by then, and Luis & Daniel S burtnt out

..… go back to school, BR!



  • NS> There is no doubt about that.In my view his first great team was better we were robbed in Italy in 65 and we sould have been the first British club to bring the European Cup.
  • ChriS SmiTH > both teams were great, but UEFA as bent then as they are now.. the 2nd team were probably better "equiped" for european footy and the UEFA cup won then was as difficult as the Champions League now, because in them days only the top TEAM qualified for the champions cup and the 2nd team and often the current leaders contested the UEFA cup... people forget that then, we played against teams of the standard of Bayern, Barca, Gladbach , in both competitions during the 70's .. and our players , for example, Emplyn played about 70 HARD compettitive games inc international matches... shd tell todays "softies" .. Pasted from <>

ChriS SmiTH > at that time Yugo-footy was very similar to the style Rafa employed later @ Valencia & with us.. (eh Zoran?) Shanks 2nd great team were on the rise , and might have won the champions cup too..but the FA cup final performance @ wembley at the end of the 73-74 season (absolutely battered the geordies in a game I will remember all my life because I felt wembley shaking under our feet as the Kop ruled London) showed the world that Shanks had built a superior team ethic and style ..

@ in Bg ;
Full highlights from Anfield game ;
 This man was missing and made the massive difference to our team..

During the latter part that season Shanks was the first in the english league to play 2 centre backs  Putting Tommo together with Emlyn .. And shut out "supermac-mouth" the final,

Cormack, Cally & Hall, Stevie H on the wing , Tosh & Kevin with their "telepathy" ;)  

If u listen to the game, (and sometimes u learn more about our club by when we lose!)
You will hear Kopites chanting "sit down U bums" when the season ticket holders got up to leave early.. (mind u thanks to F S G & their clones there are also tourists & "business class fannies" even today on our ex-op who are still coming back from their H-T burger or whatever 5 mins into the game, and have no feel for the team  as we had/have… our footy has been sold off to the "middle class".. the end of the game we aplauded Red Star and sang YNWA as loud as ever!
Celts History; cant like a blues team we always had a special CElts relationship, we have Celts history and Lp is a Celts city!  and then theres Kenny!!

  1. Liverpool Echo@LivEchoLFC2h
    Suarez given permission to face Fulham before jetting off for Uruguay
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED0915s
    @LivEchoLFC @TheRedmenTV @RedAlieNeT we give permission for BR to go on HOLIDAY before Fulham game, we might win without "sticky-tacky" ;)
  3. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED094m
    @TheAnfieldWrap @TonyEvansTimes @TonyBarretTimes @RedAlieNeT no, we (supporters!) are the "enemy"...WITHOUT! & its mostly our fault! #FSGOUT
    View conversation
  4. The Redmen TV@TheRedmenTV49m
    How's everyone feeling about the Fulham game? Stick with 3 at the back? Change formation? Rotate first XI? Or stay as we've been? #LFC
  5. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED096m @TheRedmenTV @RedAlieNeT and ... #FSGOUT
  6. Che Guevara@_Che___Guevara_42m
  7. International laws are designed to protect the international upper class and to punish all other global citizens.
  8. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED099m
    @_Che___Guevara_ @RedAlieNeT the articles (e.g. UDHR/ECHR) are sound enough, but its the APPLICATION thats corrupted.. use them properly!


EMLYN HUGHES ; ("Crazy Horse") Capt. of the REdS


BR ' s starting Selection was almost right,….

CS> Apart from Pepe not being  at the club the only improvement I would have made would be to have kelly on the risht and Glen left, but with Jose on the left instead of Cissohko then we are nearly there…

4-0 against a side that look strong relegation candidates even this early season, is expected
But needed, after the  "surrender @ arsenal" ……  shame that the unwarranted "international break"…

Be careful because there is only 6 points between 1st and 7th place, nothing significant .. A  lot of work and a tough derby game next , a lot of games before january , when we will start to see the shape of the league…


    Add Enrique and it looks like a top 4 team
    View photo
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED091m
    @LFCTS @EuRED09 add Kelly & Pepe ..and it could win the league in a season when the standard is very low..and if BR follows our advice! :)
Pasted from <>

    BR on making Anfield the longest 90 minutes of a visiting team’s life: "I think slowly we are getting there." link
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED09now
    @LFCTS @EuRED09 i think we would get there sooner we play faster! :)

  1. Katie@KatieIsAnimDom7m
    heart breaks “@LFCTS Andy Hunter on Guardian-Steven Gerrard & Daniel Sturridge are injury doubts for England's friendly against Chile on Fri
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED09now
    @LFCTS @EuRED09 what is stupid is our valuable players being risked for pointless matches at a vital time .. Pasted from <>

  1. Liverpool Echo@LivEchoLFC5h
    Liverpool owner John Henry says Sturridge & Suarez can dominate Premier League: @empireofthekop @LiverpoolWays
  2. ChriS-EuRED@EuRED0936m
    @LivEchoLFC @empireofthekop @LiverpoolWays @EuRED09 who? oh, that y an ker that conned his way into our club, Prefer to listen to Myers ;)
Pasted from <>

...the Team are top of the league, (albeit a weaker league than before) you have Stevie, Suarez , Studge & Coutinho entertaining u, and the team scoring freely, and 90% of you sit there like u have gone to the theatre to watch "phantom" ..have some feckin' RESPECT ..this is ANFIELD! SING, you Bums SING! if u cant sing shout.. and if u cant do either give your ticket to a supporter who can! because u dont deserve it!
REdNeT > Shanks called us "professional supporters" most of the modernfan nies are bl**dy amateurs....
.....probably a lot of these modern, "middle class FSG clone-fan nies" told us that SG was finished, that Suarez should be sold, that Skrtel was no good, that Agger shouldnt play and that Lucas wasnt a Liverpool player and that Studge wasnt up to scratch ... feckin fan ies!! Pasted from < 

  • REdNeT Shanks called us "professional supporters" most of the modernfan nies are bl**dy amateurs!>
and they said nothing when good men like Rafa, kenny & Pepe were forced out and when Henry employed Chang to threaten fans.  

Stevie Gerrard v fulham

SG, still the most complete midfielder in the World..

Myers =more emotion & truth than Henry, F S G & Ayre

 ..ever! at least there is one worthy american                         Pasted from <>
its not "breaking" but "making news" CNN , BBC and most networks do the same.. its BS! ............................

continued....every picture.....

Rosanna; Lfc Presenter. not yet  F S G cloned? 


  1. its quite amazing in the "year 2013" that there is so much technology, but so little intelligent humanity, there isnt one nation or group that is perfect , whether its done in the name of religion, nationality, ethnic or even gender or bias against status or age..

    I have hosted 70/80 people in my home in the Balkans, I am considered "Alien" to the local society that went through terrible ethnic conflicts that was almost street v street and neighbouthood civil war..

    I am happy with 90% of my CS experiences and the trust is important, I find this also true of low costs travellers _ and `hostels if i use them.-...

    however the mainstream is bent on encouraging conflict ..
    you should be brave, and honest, if u are convinced someone is wrong state it, but be sure when u point the finger that 3 do not point back at you or the group u "defend"

    be honest and CSing can be a wonderful time..

    p.s. without attacking anyone one person, I do have a problem with , for example the trillions spent on military when an estimated 25000 kids die daily because this "modern civilization" cant or WONT distribute resoyces fairly!




  3. this is too close for your comfort!