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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Henry & F S G ..more disgrace!

Rodolfo BORRELL sacked! by F S G, Henry & his back-stabbing cheating cronies and clones , 

This was sure to happen! get F S G OUT of OUR CLUB too

....they hired Chang who threatened fans , ignored Hillsborough memorial last year, used Anfield as collateral, broke Kenny's contract (2 months after "confidence statement") pushed out Pepe...

the trouble with Y A N K E R s is that the usa=way  is the only one way of life, they know. modern fan nies are so shallow 

..and understand NOTHING of the culture or what Shanks meant when HE talked about socialism

.. they have no empathy..nor a collective spirit,no  loyalty ; F S G have so obvious "accountants" style 

..just like the USA ..only "large numbers" 

yes, I am upset by the USA, and the sh*te they have infested the world and OUR club with.. 

Lets DO IT again...
they even called rugby .."american football" yet you hardly kick the ball

..& they pervert almost everything..when  murdering their own president to keep a war going; the "dream" ended

 ..and electing bush TWICE says that modern y a n k e r s are even worse ; obama not much better. "biz" rules , and war is biz..for usa! 

we will get them out of our club

.. sacking Rudolfo & Mcparland;  its the "american business method" from day1, Henry wanted old loyalties destroyed, Ayre & the backstabbers damage our club! we have to get these infestors out!

We did it before lets do it permanently.. with so many millions registered worldwide ; WE have the power!!

Rebel Lions video ;

Rodolfo Borrell today thanked Reds fans for their support during his time at the club – and paid a heartfelt tribute to the people of Liverpool.
molde, rodolfo borrell
Rodolfo, who arrived on Merseyside in July 2009, had previously spent 13 years coaching youngsters at Barcelona's La Masia.
"I knew before I arrived that Liverpool FC was a very special club," said Rodolfo. "I have now seen that this is an understatement.

"I have enjoyed every moment in this wonderfully strong and independent city and my heartfelt gratitude goes to all of the players and staff that I've had the privilege of working with.

"I'd like to say a special thank-you to the club's supporters. Things change at football clubs all the time. This is part of the game.

"There are exciting times to come for Liverpool supporters and I'd like to wish Brendan, his staff, and the players, all the best for the future. YNWA."

(Rafa gave him his first chance at Inter) 

ChriS SmiTHi am always cautious about the derby games, because often form goes out the window, and players from both sides will have been "on call"... its ok, i am from the generation that still talk to blues,;) & i live abroad and organise footy weekends "just for fun" , in fact a team called "Roby" won 2 tounies I organised in Belgium and Holland..and they were mostly blues fans..(i still presented them with the trophy...) i am now in Montenegro an have several "vikends" organised for xmas the coming year.. fantastic place..,let me know if u want to put a team together

====== Mersey derby saturday




  2. TheFarm/PeterHooton ‏@TheFarm_Peter 55m
    This is action from one of the best derby matches in 1991 the 4-4 FA Cup match - Kenny Dalglish resigned the next day
    View photo
    ChriS-EuRED ‏@EuRED09 46m
    @TheFarm_Peter @RedAlieNeT i have never been able to watch any of that game again.. for me losing Kenny th next day marked the end of an era


  3. Mignolet, Johnson, Flanagan, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Gerrard, Allen, Henderson, Coutinho, Suarez

    Pasted from

    Subs: Jones, Toure, Alberto, Moses, Sturridge, Sakho, Sterling #LF

    Pasted from

    (still cant get over feckin eng-ur-lund playing Stevie whilst injured and Studge 90 mins could cost us vital points today!_)

    No kelly!
    2. EuRED0911s
    @LFCTS @RedAlieNeT NO kelly & Studge on bench...(he & SG played with injury4 eng-ur-lund!) Glen @ LB, Kelly shd be RB, BR playing "pet" Joe
    4. Anfield Online‏@anfieldonline36m
    Liverpool Subs: Jones, Toure, Alberto, Moses, Sturridge, Sakho, Sterling #LFC #EFC
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    5. ChriS-EuRED‏@EuRED0923m
    @anfieldonline @RedAlieNeT Kelly? not one of Br 's pets? SG & Studge (90mins) playing for eng-ur-lund could cost us vital points @ goodison?