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Sunday, November 17, 2013

UNbreaking news- (& REdNET "bootroom" Update)

UNbreaking news- (& REdNET "bootroom" Update)

17th November, Pg, and its still shorts & t-shirt weather in the garden (20+C) and whilst in the shade updating.... hating the "international break" which i would like to break into pieces, not only because I believe nationality stirs up the wrong "loyalties" but because it also disturbs progress & rythum of our teams.. and a sort of void which I filled yseterday by being a "virtual MonTv dj" posting favourite you tube musiuc links on my timeline..
a few comments Links &  from REdNET (fb group link)
======= ...the Team are top of the league, (albeit a weaker league than before) you have Stevie, Suarez , Studge & Coutinho entertaining u, and the team scoring freely, and 90% of you sit there like u have gone to the theatre to watch "phantom" ..have some feckin' RESPECT ..this is ANFIELD! SING, you Bums SING! if u cant sing shout.. and if u cant do either give your ticket to a supporter who can! because u dont deserve it!

REdNeT > Shanks called us "professional supporters" most of the modernfan nies are bl**dy amateurs....
But F S G still try to "BUY more fan nies"
.....probably a lot of these modern, "middle class FSG clone-fan nies" told us that SG was finished, that Suarez should be sold, that Skrtel was no good, that Agger shouldnt play and that Lucas wasnt a Liverpool player and that Studge wasnt up to scratch ... feckin fan ies!!  

REdNeT Shanks called us "professional supporters" most of the modern fan nies are bl**dy amateurs!   Pasted from <>

and they said nothing when good men like Rafa, kenny & Pepe were forced out and when Henry employed Chang to threaten fans.

Myers =more emotion & truth than Henry, F S G & Ayre ..ever! at least there is one worthy american Pasted from <>

its not "breaking" but "making news" CNN , BBC and most networks do the same.. its BS! UNLIMITED sponsored & bogus mis-information !!  

Shanks part 1

  • Steven Gerrard may have played alongside some of the finest forwards to have graced the game during his career, but he's not short of words when it comes to describing what it’s like to supply the "SAS"  Pasted from <>

  • ChriS SmiTHStevie dont need to care about Fergie,(we dont!) or about any of the "managers" mentioned in this blog , and Kenny dont need a "knighthood" all that is just class-ridden BS and mere fannie-fodder ... all either need is SUPPORT which they both get plenty of from TRUE REDS, worldwide

    Gerrard v fulham  ; SG, still the most complete midfielder in the World..

    the REdS can do well in a below average league this season because , so far, no other team (not even arsenal) look particularly strong..

     the team he has (eventually ) selected is the one we want, give or take one player and confirms that only Studge & Coutinho are worthy of first choice, with Agger & Skrtel , Glen, Lucas, Hendo, and of course our Stevie and Luis.. (8 goals in 6 games?) we have a team close to champions class, I would add Kelly , and hope that Mignolet can learn Peps's distribution ...barring injuries we can be there or thereabouts, but we have to get the right results against all teams because there is not many points between teams near the bottom and top..

    it was great with interviews with players , supporters and sounds from the Kop in between, (especially Em talking about his goal v spurs..) :)

    (Lp of Lp we love you - album circa '69)

    73-74  memories ' 

    4-2 v ipswich  Keegan!
    ("This was Kevin Keegan's first and (perhaps surprisingly) only hat-trick while playing for Liverpool. Bobby Robson meanwhile was starting to turn Ipswich into a force in English football. But their record against Liverpool was poor - the Tractor Boys had won just one of their last 15 meetings with the Reds and had never triumphed at Anfield. Gerald Sinstadt watched the action.)

    Pasted from <>

    Note Davey (Doc) Johnson gets a goaL for Ipswicjh he was to become part of another GREAT RedS team later that decade,
    .. Also Cormack , one of the most under-rated Lfc players ever, ruled the midfield with classy passing and vital goals…
    Ipswich were a top team challenging for trophies! This was before Shanks switched Tommo to centre - back alongside Emlyn and  transformed a very good team into his 2nd GREAT team (watch the FA cup final '74!)

    and "UN-Subbing" ; etc.... 

    See Tanjas thread  (men v women) too.. as I recently commented on a CS group..

    "i dont agree to stop this discussion, people should feel free to discuss all matters, whether or not the source is true or not.. we are reading different opinions, and often some decide to form opinions for others, I have always travelled , and most of my life spent as "alien" .. i am convinced we are all the same but different, some are more influenced by past, and some by modern (media) some are limited by their upbringing- some are open, some are so casual that they lose respect.. IMO there is good and bad in all groups and inside us all.. focus on the good, and that what u become, focus on the bad.. and ...we need some pain to appreciate the good times, we need day & night... its all part of the journey, so enjoy it!


    Oh no, here comes that sun again
    That means another day without you my friend
    And it hurts me to look into the mirror at myself
    And it hurts even more to have to be with somebody else
    And it's so hard to do and so easy to say
    But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away
    Walk away

    With so may people to love in my life
    Why do I worry about one
    But you put the happy in my ness
    You put the good times in my fun
    And it's so hard to do and so easy to say
    But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away
    Walk away and head for the door
    We've tried the good byes so many days
    We walk in the same direction so that we could never stray

    They say if you love some body
    then you have got to set them free
    But I would rather be locked to you than live in this pain and misery
    They say time will make all this go away
    But it's time that has taken my tomorrows and turns them into yesterdays
    And once again that rising sun is dropping on down

    And once again you my friend are now here to be found
    And it's so hard to do and so easy to say
    But sometimes, sometimes you just have to walk away
    Walk away, and head for the door
    You just walk away, walk away, walk away..

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