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Sunday, January 31, 2016

REdNet update, ; the ignorance of fan nies AGE ism and the weakness of the modern player

I repeat that I am not a "kloppite" .....

but I am enjoying a coach that takes a risk, 

and that includes playing a "reserve team" against wham in the FA Cup yesterday. including the likes of Smudge, Bran *(m.o.m?)  & "Tex" 

I mentioned that in 77 Liverpool captain Emlyn played 70 COMPETITIVE games for Lfc and england in one season ; 
Klopp fielded almost a completely changed team because of the number of games being played (twice a week) since early  December


Modern fans are comparing players.. from the 80s to players currently employed, its different and to a degree irrelevant.. 

LFcYNWA> If you had a choice too bring back any four of these players who would you pick ?
Luis Suarez
Kenny Dalglish
Robbie Fowler
Ian Rush


    Terry Chapman Dirk Kuyt....

    Nick Rice Suarez - the others are a bit old lol

    Neil Holmes Sami hyppia
    David France King Kenny
    Chris Smith-Mypod if .. ../ who never saw him cant compare Kenny with Luis or..... some of these "fans" havent even seen Robbie in his prime, let alone the goal machine that was Ian Rush,, i think these polls give a false impression because of the age of most of the "participants"..liks comparing their big mac with a Beef pasty

    Nick Rice I have seen them all . I agree it is pointless to try and compare. They are or were great players

    Chris Smith-Mypod different times different conditions different players
    Nick Rice The Anfield Iron - you wouldn't see him missing a game
    Chris Smith-Mypod modern fans talk always about forward players but we had huge players like Clem, and Yeats.. Alec Lyndsay ; Shanks said could open a can of beans with his left foot.. Gerry Byrne who played a final with a broken shoulder.. Peter Cormack pure class,
    Catherinelarson Pace gerrard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maggie Mellor King kenny, god, alonso and gerrard

    Magne Leonard Karlsen I loved watching the 1980s centre half pair: Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson.

    Chris Smith-Mypod Hunt , St John, Emlyn, Stevenson, Peter Thompson.. and the underrated Ray kennedy, or terry Mac, (player of the year) that kids now know nothing about..
    Bootroom opinions 
    and random comment.....
    REd AlieN

    Jan 26
    @SamWallaceTel @EuRED09 i WOULD have said PLEASE remove the USA infestors from Lfc but, the chinese are now addicted to capitalist poisons!! 

    CS>> "its a team ! when it works, and thankfully in a season and a league which is in decline can compete, Klopp and Buvac may be able to gel the players, I dont rate Sakho or Toure & would like to see Lucas alongside Lovren so that some decent distribution came from the back ,, surely someone should have warned JK about alberto More NO, ... cant be trusted in a defensive role, left sided midfield squad player, Allen despite his "golden january" still isnt going to boss many games, there are many past errors for JK to overcome, not least giving Milner a "captains armband" when he is still a newbie.. 

    Firmino...may yet do well, Lala at last? Ibe, .. Can still growing up., Hendo is capable, but for me not a "big enough" Liverpool capt, ... yet, Flanno back, for me comes in on the LB position , Clyne ,,,defensively sound (unless in the air) lacks a final ball.. how anyone can compare Minge with Pepe Reina, who at his worse is a better goalie and team player , (yet another f s g / BR error to force our Pepe out...) bring him back? he would command the defensive unit..and sort out lack of confidence in the dressing room ..
    apart from the obvious 3 or 4 top players ..i dont see signings that would transform this team especially as we cant trust the "committee" to do it well.. Ojo, Smith and Tex should be in or around the first team as much as possible..

    and Studge, as the ultimate "impact player" give him the last 30 mins of EVERY game, guarantee he would still be seasons top   scorer..."

    Lucas is the Man, so often under estimated , he took that vital pen, and I just LOVE the way he smashed the ball back into the net in defiance at the baying stoke fans in front of him! thats a RED! IMO believe he could be a great CB with Lovren , need the distribution from the back that the others do not provide!

    (article says Shanks was considering move to Efc)  @EuRED09 dont really highlight was after Shanks resigned (74) .. badly treated by Lfc, welcomed by Efc! mischief? 
    REd AlieN
    Jan 29
    @Sefendo @Liverpool_FC_ @EuRED09 decent comment in midst of january fan madness, the Tex we should bring on is in the squad..! 

    @dailyshankly @EuRED09 and now ...they ARE JUST "spectators" .... ("quiet anfield") ... 

    @thisisanfield @HenryJackson87 @EuRED09 @TonyEvans92a no, I have never rated Sakho. IMO hes behind Lucas, Lovren and Skrtel.. .. 

    @thisisanfield @HenryJackson87 @EuRED09 @TonyEvans92a funny 90 per cent of fans think THEY are knee jerkers ha ha.. irony!


    its the daily star! ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS! *headline infers that TEX has a problem and may quit Lfc !!

    Neil Holmes After last nights performance he's got no chance he was too slow ,sloppy in his passing and attempts at goal let him go if that's his attitude,Stewart and Brannigan where much better

    Natalie Atkinson This is a bit cheeky of him imo their's lots of players who aren't getting a game. He has to realise he's still young and Klopp will give him his chance. No One Is Bigger Than The Club remember that Teixeira

    Chris Smith-Mypod i repeat you dont know what he really said, its the daily star! ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS!

    May Irvine Chris can you please refer from FFS on your post please.. Only yesterday there was a post put up regarding this kind off language...Whether it's the daily star/rumours members are only giving their views...

    Chris Smith-Mypod May do u know what FFS! means? .. are u really goign to be so politically correct or is it that u dont like my opinions, because i CAB vent them elsewhere if it TRULY offends the sensitive,,little mites here or is it just you>>??! ha ha ha

    May Irvine Chris I don't have a problem with your opinions, only with the ffs words..

    Chris Smith-Mypod what words: ? May Irvine ? tongue emoticon

    May Irvine It's in the pinned post Chris...End off

     end of what? relax kid.. i have been around too long to get concerned by this, ha ha ha
    Terry Chapman Yes we do know what "ffs" means....I am not asking you ...I am telling you to refrain from its usage.......
    John Quinn That is a good point Chris. Daily star aren't the most informed in fairness. I just hope he hasn't said what they are claiming, it won't go down well with the club it klopp himself

    Chris Smith-Mypod i always look at the source John, before getting into knee jerking "chat" because most of it is "spun" simply to sell the media/journos space.. but most modern "fans" react to every single rumour they see

    John Quinn I don't make knee jerk comments in fairness Chris I am very calculated with what I post or comment on. I understand the kid is young what I was asking is that these youngsters need more guidance before they speak out.

    I have been a Liverpool fan for almost 40 years so I am not one of these "modern" fans you speak of mate. Just concerned like the rest of us.

    Unfortunately tho there is rarely smoke without fire in the press these days

    Chris Smith-Mypod I wasnt referring to YOU, JOHN< BUT, the modern media can make fire without any real smoke, how many times are Lfc linked to signing players which turns out to be fantasy .? I prefer fans to show loyalty than believe the "inventive" media but thats just MY opinion, of course! ha ha .. FFS!
    Chris Smith-Mypod
    Write a reply...
    John Kop Eaton dont blame him. he has been on loan forever. id say the same i think. u get nothing in life if ya dont speak your mind. play him !!

    Chris Smith-Mypod I think the lad is similar to Coutinho .. if hes hungry to play thats a good thing, theres many a millionaire sitting in the squad just happy to take the money...

    "I’ve played five times for the first team and I’ve scored my first goal at Anfield which is special.

    “It’s been good, but I need to play more. I’m here to work and show I can play more.

    “For now, my plans are to stay with Liverpool and play more here, but you never know what will happen in the future.”

    But despite a lack of playing time, Teixeira is a big Klopp fan.

    He said: “He’s as you see him on TV. He’s as irreverent among us as he is in public, and he is always joking.

    “He’s passionate and loves what he’s doing.

    “He’s very emotional and conveys that to us in training, in the way he speaks with us and the way he explains what he wants from us. He’s electric.
    " ////////////////////////////// 

    CS> so what are fans GETTING so excited about,, how many actually READ this??? grow up!

    Martin Horn He's 22 or 23 they normally first teamers at that age maybe he's not upto it

    Chris Smith-Mypod May, read the article TEX never uses the word "Quit" ... its the scum journos "spinning " it to sell newspapers and Lfc fans should know that because we suffered more than most after Hillsborough!

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