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Sunday, January 3, 2016

REDnet 160103 updated.. calm down and identify the true cause!

CS< >>>
every time Lfc lose,pundits or fans pick out the "symptoms" of this player or that . but most ignore that the basics of the club are wrong.. no good F s g making 400 million or whatever,but dont know how manage football aspects, that was clear to some of us from day 1 ,,

Henry is a money maker ..we need more than that to make a top football team ..Lfc can be "there abouts" but TOP clubs need top players, cant let the quality of Stevie, Torres, Suarez, Agger, Reina, Masch, Arbeloa, Xabi , Sterling etc etc go without replacements.  

dont give a feck what they did with baseball its not the same . qualities of Shanks, Bob, Joe, Kenny & Rafa are ignored and replaced by "teams" of backroom staff, that have changed several times during the period of USA infestment *G & H / f s g.. 

a winning team needs a basis of core players,who know the club and what is expected,

...each summer almost half the squad is changed, players lent out who should be kept to learn the Liverpool way.. am not a "Kloppite"

, I love Rafa, even he couldnt do it season after season with the wrong backing, any decent manager will tell u, its no point blaming the employees when the management is wrong, it is wrong at Lfc!
idiots fs g clones> The only mistake FSG made was Rodgers. He's the one who's set us back with his shit signings. FSG have steadied the ship financially - remember the state we were in when they took over - brought in one of the most sought after managers and invested in the squad and the stadium, so criticism of them is unfair.

Harvey < >>>whats "steady" about Lfc? 5 changes of "coach" in less than 10 years! it should be a football club before its a business, thats the problem with people without experience they make money and lost the essence of OUR club... Darren! .. "only" Rodgers> f s g set up the transfer "committee" ,

the only sure player signed is Phil, 300 million quid spent, & top players gone.. thats all down to them , they are so ignorant they laughed at Rafa and took almosta season to fire Woy, sacked Kenny after winning our only trophy since 2006! ..yeah yeah ,,, the club is now a shopping mall.. thats their ONLY error.
.. if BR was such a mistake why take 3 years to realise it? ..,,,trouble is most fans are also to blame thinking that money can always solve playing problems.. it cant, and teams like Atletico and Leicester prove that clubs do not need to be bankers to compete!.

Harvey > btw , Lfc got "in the shit" because Moores sold out to 2 fraudsters... a decent business manager could make profit from Lfc with over 30 million loyal customers worldwide... give it to me and I will show u! tongue 

IMO we would have been better off in administration, started again clean with club sold to supporters! ..instead of US profiteers!
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