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Saturday, December 26, 2015

REdNET bootroom Update per Lfc v Leicester ...


Boxing day footy..and Chrissie time.. :)

potential Match of the day?

  Lfc v "top of the table" Leicester

For all the good work of "tinkerman Ranieri"

  ..the "table"  has not got all its legs, its a weak league. based on the performance of teams in Europe and the absence of ONE true leading contender for the title, except arse nal?

they both could blow up .. but in a weird season when almost every game is unpredictable ..even Lfc could win it IF they sort it out today! 

ok u want tough?, here we go, f s g are sh&te, and so is most of the article, and most of TAW , btw, (too full of its own “importance” ) …,,except agree that top defenders are becoming mire difficult to find..

CB s are best older,,,mature as are goalies, thats why Pepe should never been forced out, (so what if he was interested in Barca, at a time when a mere kid without a trophy to this name, became “coach” of Lfc!) ,,,

Kelly , Agger… bad releases,,,

how fickle modern lfc “fans” are ..Skrtel has been the most consistent player.. he didnt “bottle it” ..the dirty Git that Deeney is crocked him, cowardly too, jumped across his legs and could have done Martins career that way, how about having a go at that piece of sh*te,,instead of jumping on the “Skrtel fall guy” bandwagon..

talking of Carra , I recall the time when he too had been on the end of fans BS too..

I was pleased that Jk put Lucas back in CB at the latter part of the game at Watford, because,,., being that older player he could do the job, like Masch has done for Barca,,, Lucas , Like Tommo, in the 70s , or Emlyn, or Carra , could be a surprise solution , because, Skrtel is a stopper, Sakho isnt as good as Martin, in fact he would be my 4th choice of CB (if at all) .. ..

If fit Lucas and Lovren (who WAS in form before Gardner crocked him)

Yes we need to get tough… but its also a general problem, I am involved in a youth footy team, and most kids now are not “hungry” .. they are spoilt, ..if they play they want to Ronaldo or Messi..

Liverpool isnt a slum, if you want “tough” go to the poorest countries, ghettos, find REAL street kids,, but you see most clubs scouting systems dont work like that.. and now most “soccer schools” charge money for attendance.. so “little johhny” or Otto, or Manuel gets a chance because mum or dad pays for it,..

WE encourage street kids, I might have a “Carra” for u in 10 years time..

but for now, Klopp will have to make do…so get used to it..

Lfc s “management” ( Henry/f s g ) have made so many mistakes that its a surprise that any top players agent would let him come…

if this is the best “footy blog” then the rest must really be cr&p!

walking on, with hope in our hearts,….
After Watford's Troy Deeney claimed he "bullied" Liverpool's defenders,

REDNet Opinion & messages
(much more important than "the royals" :)

@JimBoardman @RedAlieNeT @TheRedmenTV Srećan Božić from MonteREds to TRUE reds anywhere, also the lot at anfield! :p

...if the team does,(go behind)  they must quickly get back on terms,,.

 IMO , the key is not simply to "battle" leicester,, yes, press hard, fight for ist and 2nd ball, sure, then create, use the creative players

I dont rate Sakho so if Lovren is ft I would play him and Lucas at the back with Can in fron of them : with the choices of Bodgan or Minge, I would choose,,, Reina! it is a mistake to go for young keepers or CBs that is why I think Lucas could do a good job, Masch dropped easily back into defence for barca

and Lucas can do it. could be a solution during this "injury crisis" that becomes permanent.. then team goalie, Clyne, Lucas, Lovren Moreno, (or Smith) : Can , Hendo, Lallana : Phil, Origi , Firmino...
Klopp: Liverpool FC can't afford to keep giving away the first goal

hmmm .. the selection was right in the circumstances.. I chose the same, including Bogdan based on Minges latest, ...the usual attack on the "coach" .. but we have seen at Chelski ,,,its the players,, who dont read the script, and no, whilst you can point at the results, watford are NOt a "good good team" , effective yes, like a modern version of the "route one wombles" of 3 decades ago, to paraphrase "its footy Jim, but not as we know it" ... alehouse footy,, Woy can go there when eng ur lund finally kick him out.. did someone spike their cocoa last night in the hotel> ?? Bromide?? impotent..

I dont laud Leicester, or watford or stoke, or wba.. i just believe the league is getting poorer and seems thus more competitive and unpredictable...yet stll fans expected Lfc to win easily at Vicarage road, get a grip, and if the players do, anything is possible,, this season maybe any team current in the top 10 could win the title... smile

Pepe Reinas departure is one of the most important errors of the f s g regime
Neil Atkinson on Liverpool's Premier League match with Watford at Vicarage Road

December 23 at 4:01pm
When I read such articles, its efforts acknowledged , just reminds me how people, journalists, inside or outside of football so often look at symptoms rather than causes, which you touch on briefly, why discuss one player

..when over recent years so many changes have been made, coaches and backroom staff, the wrong signings, the wrong releases, the wrong decisions, that so many fail to see if "core managment" is wrong it takes a lot on the field to overcome it.. so "when Lfc wins.. the club doesnt
always; win," ...

the fans , the modern fans and too many of the older ones "sold out" to Henry & f s g ..for having a "rich club" doesnt mean a healthy one, Lfc is sick, because they may have made 200 million profit on their "non investment" with USA backing, sponsors Tv and all the new kits for little johnny,, etc.. means its a "commercial success"

but wasting 200-300 million on players and staff, imo , means the club has gone backwards,,, but no accountant or auditor has enough vision or ability to see through the BS, and neither do the "pundits" who write so much on blogs and mainstream media..
and that is just as tragic!
MARKO GRUJIC | Red Star | Goals, Skills, Assists | 2015/2016 (HD)
Marko Grujic (Marko Grujić) is a Serbian football player who plays as midfielder for Red Star

@Andrew_Heaton @EuRED09 because modern "fans" only see one side -but he coulld have admitted that on another day Gardner would have been off 

@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 wasnt it you lot who said "we always beat the geordies" , "we have excellent record against wba" & watford? shut up! IN PICTURES: Liverpool train with Sturridge, Lovren and Mignolet Reds put through their paces at Melwood ahead of Boxing Day clash with Leicester City


  1. H-T v leicester . the team are doing well, as a unit , strong in defence (although i dont rate Sakho, as he was close to giving them a pen, pity that Origi went off as he was causing their defence a lot of problems on the shoulder of Morgan & Huth..Benteke looks like hes already to be transferred.. a big guy like him should be all over their CBs .. not impressed with him, Klopp needs to kick his backside at the break..

  2. full time , 1-0 and almost the only contribution benteke made was to score, the whole team worked hard and leicester really didnt get into the game, Lfc controlled most of it.. Sakho stil shaky, and Minge still troubled by corners, HE must learnt to "command" the 6 yard box...