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Sunday, December 13, 2015

I am still not a Kloppite , BUT Lfc Anfield fans are NOT Kopites

I didnt want Klopp, but I didnt want Brent either.. Kenny or Rafa, but thats irrelevant whilst Henry and  f s g remain the INFESTORS... 

A few comments after the game , about Klopp taking the players to applaud the crowd,, like an infant school team , I found it embarassing,, but its not his fault its the fecking FAN NIes,,,in the Anfield  crowd.....

its tragic , but its got steadily worse ...they are mostly "spectators" a symptom of modern "fans" .. middle-to-business and tourist "class" fill the stadium, never thought i would see a german coach "encouraging" the Anfield crowd to do better, and the "appreciation" 

... at the end, bit embarassing

..mind u i had an ironic smile looking at someones video of them joining hands in front of the crowd..... Minge was late to the "ball" ..again..

2-2 v wba

Lfc ; 28 shots on goal = 2 goals..
wba ; 4 attempts = 2 goals
Lovren crocked by a red card offence , but no red card!

team played well apart from (obviously vital) finishing and conceding

Lallana did well from Phils lofted pass, contradicts what I say later in the game..about pumping lots of balls into a wba pen area that looks like "land of the giants",, la la jumped high and headed down perfectly for Hendo to sweep the ball in, Hendo brings some energy to midfield, but i still feel that Lucas should be in front of the defence, maybe Can shd drop back behind Lovren is out and Sakho still unavailable..

..IMO minge responsible for both goals.. he must command the 6 yard box, Bogdan the alternative? and time after time Phil, Hendo, Milner and co shot at their goalie,. or wild.. really miss the clinical Studge... but Origi did well ... Can dropped into CB when Lovren was crocked..

70 per cent of the ball but that dont win points.. shame as Lfc are still only 9 points off the top ( **arsenal) lots of comments on Fb about the mancs losing at Bmouth...i think we should focus on our own.. especially despite their poor form they are still only 4 points behind the gooners?

team played well apart from the 2 goals conceded!
I dont care that the f s g guy was in the crowd...!! do they sponsor the echo too? the profits they make keep the tickets in the wrong hands too..


  1. for "trainer dejo" and Hugo Stamen (NL Zwolle)


  3. Tim Howard will no doubt spark a spirited response.

    The self-styled Secretary for Defense has worked out that Everton need to improve their defending from corner-kicks

    It’s something that needs to be sorted out. We’ve conceded too many set pieces and too many set piece goals. Team have worked to that we are maybe not very good at defending set pieces so we have to start doing a much better job. We are trying not to panic about it, but it is a concern. There’s no magic spell that will put it right, we just need to show a bit more gumption.

  4. can they?? unlikely, but this season is unpredictable...just think about this.... IF... leicester "could" why shouldnt Lfc?

  5. he point the "fans" dont get that this (WAS) "the Kop"....(not Klopp) .I blame the modern crowd as much, Anfield is full of middle to business class "spectators" and tourists, .. our generation of Kopites never needed it, we WERE the best supporters in the World... and anyone who grew up RED resents that a german coach feels he needs to do this.. but i blame the fans for this "stunt"...

  6. I was so lucky and enjoyed the gretest Liverpool dynasty of 64-89 ..25 years of glory (and pain) ...then The high from '90 and Kenny ...the lost 90s .watching the mancs win our trophies ...the return to greatness with Rafa... the lowest with Woy, the "trinity" feeling with Kenny again..the terrible treatment of our King by j. henry..the commercialism of Lfc by f s g .. Brent not quite a manager...the leaving of Stevie (me too) ... and now Kloppites fill the stadium.. 25 more years of emotion... only half of my time..but there is no club, good or bad like it in the world...Jurgen has a job to build good things , in spite of f s g....he must be his own man! even if we dont like some "stunts"
    Chris Smith-Mypod Owen being Local hero is a reflection of him and his ambitions and money lust,... Torres was always going to leave after they (G & H) forced out his Manager Rafa, (the club was in a mess , Purslow etc lying to everyone) ... Stirling wasnt in the team long enough to be a "traitor" ,,..the modern Lfc has no loyalty to players (Pepe, Agger, Stevie...) and f s g only care about money how can u blame a boy for leaving? even if we dont like it...