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Monday, December 7, 2015

REdNET Bootroom update ...its always about Mentality

REdNET Bootroom update 

(fotos blocked by the "nasties" so....u will just have to REad not look at "pictures" ha ha..)
...its always about Mentality

Rafa, IMO the best MANAGER (not "coach") that Lfc had since Lfc last won the League (with respect to Kenny during his difficult time before being betrayed by J. Henry) always mentioned "Mentality" in just about every press conference and interview

 ..and he was right,

Players are (usually) "human" ..and dont forget many come from ordinary families and communities are suddenly "rich kids" .. with the effect that changes not only them but people around them,  whats more, the modern "fan nies" and now at Lfc the "f s g clones" grew up in the "fast food generation"   eating CR&p in seconds, watching "one hit wonders" manufactured music factory and fed "instant media" by the scum journalists and lazy media people, all forms of entertainment inclusive of cinema and Tv without original ideas (unless its cynical, then they go deep into the sh*te) 

Its pressure,, Lfc have had some great results, at Chelski, Citeh and Soton, the most recent..
yesterday Lfc had about the same amount of shots on goal as they did when winning 1-6 at Soton, NONE went in the goal..

I repeat, I am not a "kloppite" I wasnt , and I wont ever be, but I congratulated him for the effect he has had, but.,

...the purple coloured glasses of the "kloppites" in the fans and in the media ( who just follow the herd anyway) start talking about the title.. I too , considering the POOR status of the rivals, (at the weekend Citeh and Chelski both lost away to "lower" teams  and Manure only drew at OT!) the league is there for the taking IF Lfc can MAINTAIN the level of pressing and movement, AND have the mentality WITH creativity at Anfield to open up teams that "park the bus"..

its always easier to play counter-attack (with the players Lfc have) than against sides that play that way ...and I warned colleagues at our local club.. that the Geordies may defend at home simply to get the point (or points) they need desperately, there are no "easy games" and when I see or hear Lfc players talkign about trophies then Klopp still has much to do.   We (our generation) of supporters knew we had champions, but preferred to talk in whispers until it was a "sure thing"..

Mentality ALSO means telling everyone, (especially the new, or mis-informed fans ) and pathetic media (so called "reporters" or "pundits) at the Echo, TIA o, sporting life r slytv that aiming for "qualification" is wrong for Lfc players. It breeds contentment at beign FOURTH BEST, and is against the idealism of the TRUE RED SPIRIT of Shanks "Liverpool way"

Hendo and Studge

Both players need to get their heads right... IF they and Flanno come back into regular contributions, indeed, Lfc would have a Title challenging squad.

CAN ?? cant yet .. I hope Klopp doesnt do what Brent did with the "hobbit" (Joe) and make him his "pet" .. 


Both goals from Newcastle came from their right,, Moreno is so good going forward (he scored a great GOAL sunday!) 

but ..........(and the rumours of Madrids interest, probably false,,,,) it would take someone like Rafa to cure his defensive weaknesses.

still Lfc only a few points off the top. can improve and compete in all FOUR competitions IF the mentality gets sorted.. on and off the field.  FssG OUT!

"RED Road" to Anfield ;
Timeline Photos
RED Road to Anfield has two primary objectives: a) To create an opportunity for LFC Fans to have a s...
Andy and Sean have made an effort to "get a fans voice" on the board of Lfc... REdNET started this several years ago, good luck to them, though , because they are "swimming with sharks"  J. Henry didnt "get" millions nor his buddies at f s g their "billions" by being NICE people.. you Lfc fans LET them in, when WE should have applied "capital of culture" or our own funds , when moores sold us out 8 years ago. 

Mentality?  Andy & Sean need vision too... and the ability to fight at all levels to get the WRONG (commercial) influences out of OUR CLUB, even Shanks grand-daughter dont "get it"

@InatteamRedawn: @misshanks @EuRED09 Karen, do u truly feel the "modern Lfc" reflects the ethics of your Granda?

@RedAlieNeT: @InatteamRedawn @misshanks @EuRED09 answer IS the answer!

we ARE the club

Made up that our local kids (juniors between 6 and 12 years) drew and WON a game yesterday against the nearest towns teams, (Dg) we have a dream, and despte the probably saboteurs and negatives that will attenmpt to stop us, the dream of a new "trinity" is on.. whatever happens WE HAVE the "mentality" 

 Shanks values are carried around the world by people who understand what true socialism means..a spirit that is no longer evident in the commercialism of Lfc... and that we do our utmost to reflect in our local club Trinity ...............
(Trinity Community Football and Social CLUB Association)

The mission in the Balkans Region for the last 5 years is to...........
create a social, community football club,
which shall harness the abilities and experience and MENTALITY
...of the best of the former Jugoslavija, the Netherlands ...and ; Liverpool

Children shall be invited to join YOUR community club, from age 6 upwards ... will not only prepare kids for league football, improve the technical aspects of football but;
will encourage the mentality of a team community, with local trainers to include the best ideas,
and use my own unique management methods whilst respecting the best style of " the former Yugo..."
expertise in Strategic management with positive benefits to the community & especially to give chances to young people ,
..without prejudice..

This trinity will associate
- "San Siro club" Spuz , to act as "nursery" to prepare the younger kids.
- a SENIOR football club in the region near Podgorica (formal announcement to follow)
- and the network I co-ordinate with connections throughout Europe.

& socialise,
with events and activities for everyone, to make this a family affair,
excellent individual mentality within a "Team community spirit"..
.....a society with positive relations. with HOPE and humanity , to be strong and fair, with empathy

our slogan is: "WE are the club"

to LAUNCH this trinity CLUB we shall organise a football tournament and other social activities and promotions
for the weekend 9/10 January. 2016

ChriS SMITH 151115
INaTEAM; Play Beautiful football in the Wild
INaTEAM; Play Beautiful football in the Wild

OPinion etc..

The yardbirds - Mr. You're A Better Man Than I
The yardbirds - Mr. You're A Better Man Than I................
Stevie ...interviewed by a neandathal man!
Steven Gerrard Interview (24 Mins) - Rio Ferdinand Interviews The Liverpool Legend Before LA Move
Rio Ferdinand meets former England team-mate and Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard, they discuss...

posted in E.L(s)S.U.N: "Balkan REDS" (Union of Reds Supporters) Global .       H-T>  December 1 at 6:05pm   unreal Kloppite "realists" ... I have always felt, whatever the standard of squad, its not Liverpool to "aim for qualification" it breeds the wrong mentality, I also think we shouldnt talk too much about titles or trophies untill we are there, much too much media BS and players sucked into that. Good that JK dont want to talk about other teams, theres not that much to talk about, I have said many times the EPL standard is declining in recent seasons... the champions and other 3 rarely make it to european finals (not since Rafa went!) one TRUE point is that the league is weak and the "realists" are wrong... since when has footy been "real" its charm is the unexpected, results and all is possible,,, should have put the bet on when Brent was still "coaching"  ... :p

Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris 12:23pm Dec 4
the basis of a progressive socialism that we called and life , thanks Shanks..for what U gave me! "its much more important than that" ....and i give to others
Original Post
Redawn Livebirds
Redawn Livebirds10:14pm Dec 3
Chris> (ref changes for europe) I feel it is unwise; , to change whole team, the monentum of winning is important, 5 or 6 changes in the 16 chosen, is ok... but keep the spirit strong..its a common mistake and one BR made too many times! 

Match Highlights 2-0 at Newcastle

how does a 13 year old become a "venture capitalist" (that usually means stealing without being imprisioned) ????
@LinkedInPulse @harveytuttle @EuRED09 via hell?? capitalist speculation causes inflation & much of the misery & segregation of society... :p

wake up!
John Farnham - You're the Voice
John Farnahm's official music video for 'You're The Voice'. Click to listen to John Farnham 

Emotional Sense
We are all just slaves to our emotions, aren't we?
Chris> NO,  contrary to the "propganda" its NOT COOL to be "cool" emotions are what make you HUMAN....are YOU.....a HUMAN BEing?? 

REdAWN LIveBIRDS   @InatteamRedawn
Dec 05
@lawwife2005 ok lets have a "test" ,,without asking "Hubbie" ...what the song traditionally most sung by Kopites , NOT YNWA! ...?
Dec 05
@InatteamRedawn I have no clue. He won't, either. We've never been to Anfield or England at all. 
answer> SCouser Tommy!

Pandy(& Shawn) >Chris please don't keep adverting mypod facebook on site, and you are right from now only admin can post on site
CS> what?what advertising? I dont DO advertising?keep? I have written one post in 2 weeks???u need to check yr facts!
Pandy> lease refrain from adding rednet to site, you are right in what you said, as of today only posts via me will go up, relating to matter in hand. I have many issues to deal with at prsent could do with a little inderstanding and co-operation from all concerned.CS> u are talking to the wrong person, I wrote a "good luck" from Rednet ONCE in the last month, FFS! go away!

@RedAlieNeT: @shibaprasad_b @InatteamRedawn @misshanks @benjwon Correction Shanks took the club from 2nd div. built the ethics, methods,& 2 winning teams 

Ivan Eastwood wrote: "The game has changed, the times have changed - but the spirit remains." -  

Chris>here it does , but there, not any more!

@RedAlieNeT: @TheFarm_Peter @UKLabour @EuRED09 @harveytuttle full of it when europeans die, dont care 100s of thousands /million africans killed? 

posted in Zeta Internationa1 Social & Cu1ture Club <org> .       Redawn Livebirds November 25 at 1:14pm   :) oh people ... what wonderous webs you weave in your effort to deceive! The Practice: The Final Season (1/4) James Spader's Big Speech Check out clip from The Practice: The Final Season

who are the "ter r or wrists" in your world?? 

It is now widely acknowledged that after the 9/11 attacks in the US, the Central (withOUT!) Intelligence Agency (CIA) began a global detention and interrogation program through which it tortured and abused prisoners.

Sufficient evidence exists for the attorney general to order criminal investigations of senior United States officials and others involved in the post-September 11 CIA program. Obama administration claims that legal obstacles prevent criminal investigations into torture by the CIA are unpersuasive, and risk leaving a legacy of torture as a policy option.
Yes, Chris stop insulting Platini , Blatter , and the "dictator" of FSE, who would rather exclude and deny your right of opinion than give the members a great time.. all things get sorted in time. and the members will be informed, whatever the propaganda and discrimination used against us!

Dg 27th Nov.

On 26/11/2015 10:31, FSE Info wrote:
Dear Christopher,

Thank you for your emails. This is to inform you that the FSE Committee has unanimously decided to reject your submission of interest for hosting the FSE Summer Meeting 2016. 

 it was "day of rememberance",,, when some remember the dead,,
well it seems most have trouble reembering the living..
too "busy" is the common excuse, but it just means their priorities
are wrong..

anyway, this is a dark time, a couple of weeks oe so..
28th of November is the birthday of my estranged daughter Noela, she will be 14,
i dont even know if she is alive, as her mother stole her.. when she was almost 3.
amd disappeared.. she lied to the german state to get custody...and denied my existence.
anyway, on 1st December would have been the birthday of the Jacqui , my lovely wife
who suffered from cancer befoe she left this earth 10 years ago.. and my son Adam,
who died in hospital after they mistreated him from a drugs problem..
as born on 16th december,,,, my blame as I was somewhere else..and didnt take enough care for them..

all those I loved have died, been stolen, or disappearde...
so, if you dis NOT communicate with me before , I wont want to communicate with "goodtime"
facebook friends during my "dark time" ...I will be very creative and poetic , with irony,
but none of you will see or feel that... and yet, i suppose i will "celebrate"
afterwards and join the hypocrisy of Xmas and your "new year" etc etc
..and become , again, a "happy Chri5mitH...." ??
 still True... "never surrender your dignity .. or alone but not lonely! never alone " The Cry Was No Surrender Clip from The Kop singing the classic "The Cry Was No Surrender"

posted in Campaign site for equality & anti DIS CRIMI NATIoN Plaints , ME and Global .       November 22 at 9:53pm TRinity; Please ESCAPE...from technology, from media...from corruption and rubbish...

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