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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Klopp v maureen , the dark side & thats it for now... honesty is so rare on this planet!

You wont read this , until... i get back on line...) 

Sunday, watching "Star Wars marathon" on Tv on my 4th day of being bugged,

my body, that is, not so muchpainful as uncomfortable, still makes a change

usually they dont poison me, they poison my relations, communications, post,disrupt or blo0ck my email, Logs, sms, social networking,..and both mobiles!

I must be "dangerous" .ha ha ( R E d ) ..ah , its just the "price" for telling the truth..whether YOU want it or not.. such is state of the world people dying and being killed or maimeddue to greed or fear, manufactured by the "dark side" of the (in)human race...

and you just keep on feedingit, sure I could and do, for a moment, feel sorry for myself..
and know that few of u would notice if I wasnt here, and none of you woudl find out if I stopped..

but somewhere there is empathy and humanity, and i will find it, and join it/her
in this or an alternative dimension.. "may the force be with....." who?

maybe Phil had it saturday, but the "DARK SIDE" has got Maureen...?

chelski 1 Lfc 3
although my support has changed because of the US(eless) INFESTORS.. It gave me a smile
as I "couched" on saturday, Maureen, again beaten at the bridge, Terry and co humbled
by an Lfc team far from special. Phil scored the eaqualiser at a vital moment just before H-T.
and Klopp is learning what we at RedNet knew before, that Moreno is poor defensively but can
play like a winger... he is inconsistent and a liability in defence (its basic not to let a forward
get "inside" him, which Ramires did for chelskis only goal, and ONLY SHOT of the first half..)
Lfc have been poor in finsihing but Chelski are VERY BAD, at home they didnt reallt put on any pressure until mid-way 2nd half, and may claim Luas shoudl have got a REd card,
BUT, Costa (again) shoudl have been SENT OFF BEFORE THAT FOR PUTTIGN HIS STUDS INTO MARTIN SKRTELs chest... thats the THIRD tiem Diego has avoided a RED CARD against Lfc..
Couthinho produced the 2 goals required to win it, and Benteke nust have thought it was hIS"Birthday" to get so much room, to turn and shoot the 3rd goal for Lfc.
I DO feel football needs "characters" like Jose, there are too few in anything these days, but it IS funny to hear the travelling KLOPPites singing "you're getting sacked in the morning"
to Maureen, but please dont believe it when u sing.. " By FAR the greatest team , the world has ever seen" isnt..all though if Klopp gets some things sorted and a fit Studge, and Hendo in form,this very very weak premiere league could be won...! even if i dont like "Jurgen ; Brent made in germoney"
p.s. and he agrees with our disgust at the f,s,g, loan / transfer "system"
"LFC currently have more than a dozen players out on temporary deals,
including most of their best under-21 starlets.
That list includes the likes of Harry Wilson, Kevin Stewart, Ryan Kent, Sheyi Ojo, Samed Yesil, Jordan Williams, Lloyd Jones, Danny Ward, Lawrence Vigouroux, Sergi Canos,
Taiwo Awoniyi and Ryan McLoughlin , First-team squad players Mario Balotelli, Andre Wisdom, Tiago Ilori, Luis Alberto and Lazar Markovic are also out on loan."
Lads cant learn the "Liverpool way" ..somewhere else..!
p.p.s "During his tenure Rodgers oversaw 14 league trips to Stamford Bridge, the Etihad, the Emirates and Old Trafford. The Reds' record was miserable with one win,
five draws and eight defeats. They scored 15 and conceded 27. "
"the Joker" has already equalled Brents ONE win at top teams stadiums...hmmm..are the rent boys" top??
AND A NOTE FOR THE YOUNG LADS WHO TRAIN WITH US..( and the fan nies who claim INFESTORSare vital for success)..the chelski team is packed with expensive players, in life/sport
team and community success is not built on "materials" ..BUT, on positive MENTALITY and understanding..
...of course the BUG Gers,,,, have no care about the positive things they disrupt when I am blocked..

but "the enemy" is easy to identify.. but it is selfish "friends" who allow the world to be messed up..
by doing...NOTHING!
and dont blame me for....
Honesty Billy Joel
___________________ more...maybe


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