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Monday, January 18, 2016

REdNet update, (John Lennon complaints dept...) and KLOPP on TV again>?>?????? Media BS

I am not a "Kloppite" i stated it before, during and unless he mutates into Kenny or Rafa i will probably never will be, 

sadly. just as  he was doing well in my book, despite the mistakes in selection (that means he didnt follow my advice) ha ha,,, 

what he says to medium is usually sound,  (because they are NOT, the scum ...) 

but he got "negative Karma" pre mancs defeat for the "comparison" of the manc devil with OUR hero John LENNON,, 

He Needs "luck" too...with Studge "impacting"

 if ever there was a "PR" disaster in one sentence that was it, !!  he lost many "brownie points" IMO for that, and if YOU need explanation then you are on the wrong "blog" ..

The fickle media have given Klopp an "easy ride" so far,, that worries me, they hated RAFA because (IMO) he made us great! fergie likes Klopp... another bad sign,. he would NEVER admit that RAFA got him rattled, Rafa gave us the FIVE and fergie is a bully, he didnt become a good manager by talent , but by brute force and intimidation, of players, refs and the corrupt FA ... the media laugh with KLOPP , great entertainment, but will he win trophies>>?? , his employment by Henry means that he wont really "manage", all , f s g wont let him.. so good luck!  

the BIG shame is that, at this time , the league is so weak, that had we overcome the difficulties and NOT "soUled out" to the yan kers, 

......Rafa, IMO, would have won  the league 2 or 3 times in the last 5 years! for sure! :)


some idiot fa nies and pundits have "reacted" against Klopp because he played Lucas and the same praise Sakho and Toure, who TOGETHER arent as good a defender as LUCAS is.. 

Sakho and Toure looked better because Lucas filters a lot of the attacks and covers them . we saw v arse nal what happens when these 2 are exposed .. thats why I would always play Lucas in front or between them.. at least against the "bigger clubs" ,,,,,,and the mancs :)


more at :

as for the rest of the word news Jonathan done it for me..update ...
open day,,,

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