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Friday, January 15, 2016

REdnet bootroom update and re VIEW ; and here come the Mancs

no time for a "break"; )

MENTALITY is more important now than ever;

mind you , with so many players in and out of "injury hospital" .. they should be "fresh" and "rested" ha ah ha,, poor little darlings,.. must be hard, all that money in the bank and having to PLAY too..

i really wish players would do their "talking" on the field! (especially as he didnt play that well! ...) i would play Lucas at CB!
Toure: Reds have the mental strength

Defender believes draw with Arsenal shows Jurgen Klopp's men have the toughness for big games

even i could have scored at Anfield wednesday night! for me, Lucas must be selected in or in front of the "defence"

@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 If Lfc had a defence it would have been easy, my local lads team could have scored against Kolo-Toure&minge, play Lucas 

  drunk? a "bit of cover" is right, I'd play Lucas at CB or in front of CBs, dont want to see that "defence" (f s g?

whatever the problem physical/and/or psychological with Studge,,henry/ f s g arent gonna solve it, passing him around like a parcel , how many different back room "experts" has Studge been handled by at Lfc ? were chelski aware , because at first Lfc fans thought we had a steal? .. i dont agree that f s g have done their best and especially as their "policy" leaves the team in games struggling to find a match winner, they chose BR over Rafa because Rafa wouldnt put up with it, they chose Klopp because he makes "teams" not players..

Lfc s current problems are even worse - champions are built on solid defence... dont even want to think about last wednesdays "back line" ...and Klopp doesnt use Lucas? enough!

..anyway its that frustrating in recent seasons when the standard at the top of the english league has declined, that f s g have only PROFIT (and not the team or supporters) in their sights!... or have they signed you on now? ;)       as for Studge, dont sell. play him 30 minutes 2nd half each game, he would still be season top scorer!!

Hamstrings: why injured Liverpool FC players are now at even greater risk and the possible...

Leading expert says Tranmere's warm-up impressed him more than Liverpool's, reports Matt Crosby

Revealed: Liverpool's punishing winter schedule

An average of 2.9 days separates Reds fixtures between December 2 and January 26
....if the fan nies think that Barca or Bayern would "walk the EPL"  lets see ..them deal with the physical pressure of so many winter games? 


Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess 4:08pm Jan 12
Comment History
Christopher Richard Smith
Chris>4:06pm Jan 12
you wont do this without global support ,, and without being able to beat Henry when it comes down to the fight, who is ready to boycott games? who is ready to boycott the shops, the message is fine ..but ...

 Sos need turning back into a PROTEST unit, we got the last lot out, I was one of the last to laeve the stadium when we took "standard corrupted" shirts and anti G & H banners in the stadium, the stweards didnt liek it, but they knew we were going to do it.. no one believes.. but u better find a better way to turn people on than to keep talking about scousers and the city

...too many people in Lp left the city, when the biz exploited 08.. i fought many nd supported Rafa against G & H in the KOp newspaper, but at the sos meeting I was only one of 2 voices who supported the aims we now discuss.. people are too apathetic it needs radical action no more talk.,.
Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess4:03pm Jan 12
I have done everything but beg the SOS to stand up and be counted, have been rejected by Rogan to assist me conduct a feasabilty study via Liverpool University to call my efforts limited is a little unkind
Christopher Richard Smith
Chris> 4:01pm Jan 12
u are too limited in that Andy, i know what u mean but your vision isn't wide enough, Rogan also fouled up because he didnt want to agree an  association with Sos until it was too late, & Ayre says hes a scouse Lfc fan, so what? ,, hes betrayed everything..!
Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess3:59pm Jan 12
you have taken my comments the wrong way, I agree with you completely, without full fan support we could never own our club, as a Scouse we would you think have more of an afinity towards seeing our team in better hands for the benefit to the City, not just the club.
Christopher Richard Smith
Chris>>3:58pm Jan 12
you forget that some of the people that made Liverpool great were Scots and irish and ... Shanks, Bob, Kenny, Emlyn, Kevin , Barnes ..thats where u are going wrong,, the spirit isnt based on birth, ,,evertonians are not REd! its based on love of the club and the sell out to commercialist interests which is aplague of modern life, Moores betrayed us ,,where was HE born?? Rafa was more like one of us than many who SAT on the Kop recently! wake up!

Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess1:36pm Jan 12
Liverpool FC Where will it end ?

In 2008 a group of proud Liverpool supporters, Scousers said no, no to a future of uncertainty, we have arrived in 2016 and our club is no further forward, our future no clearer. Liverpool we need our pride back, we need the Spirit back, the spirit to say no, to demand more, more for our City more for our people and more for our Football Team.

Our dreams, our hopes, our very aspirations as proud northern people have been defined on the pitch for more than a Century. LFC is not just a football team, it’s a part of our fabric, our very own heritage. Like the two proud birds that have greeted visitors from afar that sit at the very gateway to our City, where would we be without our identity.

Yet we the people of Liverpool stand by and watch one our most iconic treasures Liverpool Football Club being used as a rich mans tool to further their lust for greed.

We are a people in denial, grasping at straws, waiting for crumbs to fall from FSG’s table, hoping, dreaming that one day they will do what’s right, and give us our pride back on the pitch. We want it so bad we ignore the facts, the fact that in over 5 years our City our desires on the pitch mean nothing to some, the balance sheet and only the balance sheet has meaning.

The value of our club has more than doubled in that time, yet that success has not been replicated on the pitch, why because we are a balance sheet and nothing more. Fancy Yanks in pin stripe suites, who know nothing of our sport or our great City, nor care, other than how to exploit and rape it of its assets, and we stand by and watch. Hoping one day some oil rich billionaire or Russian crook will swoop in and buy back our success, buy back our pride.

Is it time for us to take a good look at ourselves, unite as a people and say no! no to being raped of our heritage, no to being a balance sheet.

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REdNet bootroom 

post xmas review, and moans too
Tony Evans
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SCLOG: when its THIS sick. its far from "the beautiful game" REdNet Bootroom pre-semi update

- "Vision without Action ........
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ChriS-EuRED @EuRED09
@TeleFootball thug !   (about the Watford "striker) 

3-3 v arse nal, and the "hobbit" strikes , ha ha even more ridiculous than the lfc "defence"
exeter 2 Lfc youth (+3) 2..
h-t 2-1 and the lads have played very well, however IMO, Benteke is static, hasnt put himself about at all, should be bossing the front line, but the lads around him have looked sharp, on t the ball and off it, passing well on a difficult pitch, Jose Let in the first cross for the home side before Sinclair pounced on an error to levil it! then just before H - T exeter get a corner against run of play and it goes straight in, Bogdan hasnt had much to do other than pick the ball out , twice, it will be tragic if the lads lose because more "senior players" let them down.,.keep your head up lads..
the Lfc team relaxing after the game at exeter?? :)    question is whether Klopp or the fecking committee made this decision??
Liverpool confirm defender signing

Defender will go straight into Jurgen Klopp's squad for game with Arsenal$4
Revealed: Liverpool young guns who impressed Lucas

“All of them have been training here and getting their chances and the future is very bright for them...

 Luis Suarez gets two-match ban for Espanyol tunnel row: case you were "TOO BUSY" (BS!)

January 11 at 9:19pm
as usual most people do not grasp the "moment" its a special day, compared with "the day the music died" and almost as important a s Lennon leaving this planet
David Bowie - Starman (Top Of The Pops, 1972) HQ

No peace for Ziggy! smile emoticon i feel all the people on this group should post Bowie songs! ??? David would like it!
Ziggy Stardust | David Bowie

Ricky Gervais ..
11:51am Jan 12

i woke up with headlines "TURKEY EXPLOSION" ignoring for once my opinion of the media, I thought maybe the BBC were talking about my kitchen, our trainer kindly gave me enough turkey to feed an army, and i have been over-eating (compared with my usual "sports diet") ... dark humour aside...

.......i wonder if anyone reacts any more to "wake up calls" ? the mainstream has filled u up with so much propaganda, and when Trump can be taken as "serious" then you really are now media ZOMBIES are u never "outraged" numb from constant "info" on phones that are SMARTER than you ..yes i coudl WAKE you up, but as the nasty little sh&te in the film said, if this isnt real , i dont care... because if u dont come alive , u dont deserve any better do u???

in this film "Neo" leaves ther choice to u??? i dont feel that u are intelligent enough to make any choices , from the moment u are born you are conditioned to accept the rules, if i said,,.,."here is world of FREEDOM" you will hide from it...

and that "truth " Keanu, this madness, a heaven spoilt by sheeple allowing it to be hell.. you are all responsible, WAKE UP? it would take a trillion volts of electricity for most of U!

in the meantime, "have a nice day" tongue emoticon ,,,i am in "dream land" 

Harvey Tuttle
Harvey  3:55pm Jan 13
MY friend has a "Telenor internet Stick" (USB) and has been wanting to re-charge at the 30 day option (16e) since last week, sunday at Delta, the Telenor booth computers were not working, this morning there was only ONE saleman working, then this afternoon , after waiting almost 30 minutes (because only one lady was working as the other went on "pause"_ the salesman stated the computers STILL could not re-charge,since 5 days??? ..but told us that we could re-charge "at any market" after we went to "maxi" and the first shop-assistant said "not possible" , we complained to another and she said "yes" but I dont know how to do the "maximum re-charge (16 euros) ...what is wrong, are you a professsional communications service company , or NOT>>>>?????
Wake up! The end scene of The Matrix.
I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're affraid. You're afraid of us.

.......................MORE LINKS:..and stuff;

ChriS-EuRED @EuRED09
thats the average age of our local youth football team! (a 15 year old kid killed in Ypres (WW1) 100 years ago
. .............(Life of  Brian) best scene "you are all individuals" for irony or "biggus dickus " always makes me not the messiah , i am a very naughty boy! smile
Harvey Tuttle
Chris> 9:53am Jan 11
I like stories like and themes of overcoming odds, or especially when "popular opinion" is against the key role, being accused of "over the hill" or "unrealistic " is a common negative aspect of the herd, the sheeple who never DO anything worthy themsleves , will obstruct, or put down those who do something "crazy" heres to us "crazy ones" win or lose we go for it, the impossible, WE dare to dream and i feel sorry for the rest who just read about it..

.....I dont care if its a sport i dont follow, Baseball (rounders) american rugby (its NOT football) or any other backround to the main message..... "Field of dreams" ... "for love of the game" " Any Given Sunday" *(the coach's Speech is "claSSic.. ) ..." tin cup" the last hole scene is worth waiting for....just a pity that football hasnt made anything of that standard... still theres time
smile emoticon
? eh Mary?

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (HQ)
the "Liverpool boys" ,,...
The Beatles- She Loves You (1963 Live)
a song that YOU all could live BY!
John Lennon - Imagine HD
Imagine - John Lennon Fuente 480p escalado a 720p

for locals...
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