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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

when its THIS sick. its far from "the beautiful game" REdNet Bootroom pre-semi update

I put aside the game tonight at Stoke, when I saw that the President of UNreal MADrid had forced out Rafa, as a lad from Madrid perhaps thats even worse than Lfc failing to offer Stevie a contract extension ...
David Michael Melwood Dyson
David Michael Melwood Dyson How can you sack a manager when you are third in the league just because the players don't like him. Madrid are £ Millions in debt most years but because they are run by the banks are always ok. Its the same over here Billionaires knowing nothing....
Dave Farrell
Dave Farrell great respect for him, remember his tears at the hillsborough service?
Ray Lee-adams
Ray Lee-adams Chelsea, Real Madrid, common link, spoilt players chucking toys because they dont like the boss aww diddums, get a grip

Chris Smith-Mypod
Chris Smith-Mypod true but their President (Perez) was bigging up Rafa "one of us" only 6 months ago,, bit like when Jhenry gave Kenny a vote of confidence 2 months before the sack! all the wrong people in power, through FIFA, UEFA, FA and most pro clubs (Madness that MADrid is "sponsored" by the spanish govt with billions whuilst the people go through crisis modern, footy is sick..
 Rafa the best Manager Lfc had in the last 25 years.. it stinks how MADrid and Lfc forced him out .. we were top of UEFA Ratings between 05-09 and Klopp needs a miracle to get even close to that whilst f s g are fecking up transfers etc..

Fiona-Anne Caruana
Fiona-Anne Caruana Still do. He deserves better but that is footie nowadays.... money & stink.

oh Yes, when Scots gave the edge to our Liverpool , now they are all pampered "celebrities"
When OUR supporters didnt need the coach to be a "cheer leader"
 MADrid s Pres, fans and players stink!

 how mad are u?? u said similar about watford, geordies, palace, wham (52 years since the last double over Lfc) etc etc shut it!?

 there goes the Lecho curse.. how many times have we heard in recent weeks how we have a "good record" etc against this or that club,  ..shut it please!!  .. I suggest that do a "stoke" ( *Old version") on them,,  play deep and counter.. first sign Rafa & Reina on  for the rest of this season !  ,,,

slot Lucas in between Lovren and Sakho for a back 5 ,  push Clyne and Moreno up a s wing backs as Alberto will be "targeted"  Can , Lallana, Phil, Ibe  ..and Firmino, in "midfield"  no one will notice that we havent got any forwards! :p

 CS> correction to yr version of "history" Colin? ..Xabi went because he wanted to return to spain and Madrid, (G* H foced Rafa to make diffcuclt decisions in the season nefore when Alonso wasnt fit) and Lfc cant blame Pepe for listening to Barca, modern Lfc is not loyal to players (e,g, Stevie, Agger Kelly etc) and to transfer Reina after 8 years without even discussing it was yet another Ayres "policy" gone wrong..add to that Torres who was always going to go after his manager Rafa was forced out by G & H.. all 3 could have been better managed had we a board who respected "the Liverpool way" #



  2. i like Juergen, as a decent coach , seems a decent guy, but he is not yet a strong enough MANAGER who could stand up against his employers (Henry & co) ,,,F S G and the billionaire backers who see players and fans as numbers on a balance sheet dont care to understand what thts club means to TRUE RED supporters ,, its just LIVE(rpool)stock, , no more than the buying and selling of animals.for THEM
    . lacking emotion or empathy! they freeze ticket prices in PRopaganda acts to soften the blow of Phil going, .. Naby & VVD however good they look are not seasoned top flight players, Phil is and if Lfc show weakness v barca , by being forced by the lad or barca to sell now on the terms of a european rival.. then that will be ANOTHER blatant example of the policy of "USA corp" infesting in Lfc since 10 years !!