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Monday, January 25, 2016

REdNET bootroom update post no rich and pre Stoke semi final

Pre Stoke, semi on tuesday   


 > " not the biggest problem for the semi final.

It’s not the players thinking ‘it’s only Norwich’
You see something, try to understand it, then think about solutions. That’s where we are now.

We have to push ourselves, but tomorrow it is a semi final so it’s “go!” and fight for every ball, every yard. That’s easy.

I have to find the solution."

Chris > I remember whan I was kid .,,,me Dad doing the footy pools and stopping when the bbc tv result was announced "Forfar 5 east Fife 4...." anyway..... :)

No Rich 4 Lfc 5...

extracts from the scumedia > "

"Marvellous attacking and slapdash defending," writes Paul Doyle in The Guardian . "Analysts will spend the next few days trying to make sense of it. Others will need time to get their breath back. No one can deny it was entertaining.
For much of the match it looked like Liverpool were intent on giving things away. Luckily for them, Norwich outdid them in that regard.""

Sam Dymond in The Independent , as his player ratings pour scorn on Simon Mignolet (4), Mamadou Sakho (5) and Alberto Moreno (5).

Roberto Firmino, though, scores highly (9), with Adam Lallana given an 8 for his match-winning cameo.

In The Times , meanwhile, James Masters comments on a game that will take some time to forget. "Some games stay in the memory for their sheer brilliance, some for the dreadful errors and some because they combine bothThis contest, which bordered on the ridiculous at times, was right up there. Liverpool prevailed in a match punctuated by nine goals, countless defensive mistakes and no doubt thousands of soaring heart rates..
This was a contest between two sides who simply decided that defence was not for them. Attack would be the only answer." and Clavane says Klopp "wants to donate his glasses to Liverpool's museum," describing the scenes which followed Lallana's goal was "one of the craziest goal ­celebrations the Premier League has ever seen."
Lucas >

Of course, we are happy to get the result,, Especially the way it was at half-time.The manager just said we had to find a way to win. We did it. Of course, it’s not the best way to win a game but maybe it was what we needed.”

Klopp told his Liverpool FC players at half-time during their epic win over Norwich - “find a way to win!”

“Of course, we are happy to get the result,” said Lucas. “Especially the way it was at half-time.

“The manager just said we had to find a way to win. We did it. Of course, it’s not the best way to win a game but maybe it was what we needed.”

ON Tuesday Lfc play Capital One Cup semi-final second leg with Anfield

Lucas said: “We need to improve a lot but the passion, determination and belief is there. Hopefully, we’ll improve in things we’re not doing so well now and then move on.

“If we can score five goals and defend set-pieces especially a little bit better, we would be winning games more comfortably. It’s better to win the game but we know we have to improve.

“But it will give us a lot of belief. On Tuesday we have a very big game, a semi-final and a chance to go to Wembley. We will do everything we can to get there.

“It’s one of the biggest games of the season until now and a good chance for us to go to Wembley. We don’t need any more motivation.”

Hendo >

“At half-time we came out and we knew we still had to win the game, there was still a long way to go
In the second half, I thought we were brilliant – hunting the ball back, getting it back quickly and creating chances. For me, we thoroughly deserved to win.”


“I think Steven Gerrard went a year too early. He could still change games with one pass, with one goal, take penalties at important times. I’m a great believer that you will never have a successful football club unless you have good senior pros, down to simple things like timekeeping. I would have fought tooth and nail, fallen out with the board, to keep him.”

Souness is well aware of the boost a trophy can bring to a club, having won the League Cup four years on the trot with the Reds from 1981-84.

“It can give you that special momentum and I think the big clubs are taking it far more seriously than four or five years ago. Liverpool are hot and cold. For them it could be the confidence boost they need.

“If they could get into the Capital One Cup final, that will go a long way. If they win, it would go even further. Then he will be thinking, ‘Kick on from that and maybe make a run to get into the top four’.

Graeme Souness was speaking on behalf of The Football League cup organisers promotion.

ChriS> Graeme , was as great players captain for Lfc &  talks SOME sense, BUT he contradicts himself making "top 4" a goal in a league without ONE overall favourite, use Studge as "impact player" stick Flanno in defence, Lovren and Skrtel instead of Toire and Sack ho .. add a couple of the kids and theres a team... I do NOT see players elsewhere that impress me much (sure, Stevies gone, and theres Messi and Suarez, and that ex manc c&nt at Madrid... but few others,,,) Lfc are forced to play team footy in the absence of stars...

Krazy KLOPP on the net...again! 

our local team, youth, with the "Trinity badge" on their shirts (seen here at training last weekend) in Honour of Shanks "holy trinity"

if you are on Fb and have a team , we invite you to contact add yourself to the group us , in the hope we can include you in international friendly & fun tournaments which u and your team or mates can enjoy as well as a VERY low cost holiday in this beautiful regions of mountains, lakes, beaches , good food and drink...


of course, "something completely different"?

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