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Saturday, March 19, 2016

REdNET update ; After the mancs and pre soton...take it up a notch ..things NOT learnt..

The "Men in Black " have won in this strip at both Mancs; Stoke; Soton; 
The "trendy Lfc blogs"  recently adopted the "post match ,,things we learned"   the irony most of the Lfc "journos" and reporters are nothing much more than self promoting footy fans who say the "right things" ... very few have an original style..  even Brian Reade.. picks the "popular subjects" and I recall challenging him in the "Albert" one night after a game, because he had criticized Rafa..

I warned him that if he & supporters failed to back Rafa, who was in the middle of a "10 year plan" ..involving the Club, team and academy,,, what follows will be the decline of the FOOTBALL club,,

too many fans swallowed the media BS, claiming J w (henry, not bush, but not much difference in their anti-socialist aims) ... and his buddies were "saviours" .. they were not,,, the FALL of the footballign standards are not even correctly highlighted by NOW being FORTY - SIXTH  place down from TOP of UEFA rankings is not compensated by money in the bank..

Shanks " Lfc exists to win trophies" ... !!!

Rafa was the best Lfc manager of the last 25 years.. forced out by inFESTors...

so many changes in playing and non-playing staff delays success.. 

Just look at the problems now , with Lfc beating both Manchester clubs who will most likely change their managers by the end of this season,,, (neither of them, nor chelski or arsenal , justifying the money invested .... ON THE FIELD) 

Phil is a rare exception of a good Lfc "value "buy"

It doesnt matter how much money , Man U , or Citeh or Lfc spend .. of its spent badly... fans are mistaken if they think buying new players will transform Lfc into champions,. it wont.. Klopp MAY succeed by instilling a winning competitive attitude into the squad...  just Look at "little" Leicester this season... or Atletico previously in "La Liga" ...

IF Lfc cannot win the league (I dont give up until the season is over)  then I hope Ranieri does it, it would be good for football, because the footy "fan nies" have not learnt anything...


CS> This Europa league Tie  was obviously won at Anfield... 

(although both goals , a pen and a possible offside move and Carrick error, were not "cleanly executed") Lfc missed chances and again at OT...

The Team performance at Anfield was excellent, but not the finishing, in the 2nd leg Clyne panicked and the mancs could have got a 2nd pen with Sakho catching a utd leg in the area.  the first 30 minutes were frantic, and that is also (mainly because the US infestors employed him)  why I am not a "kloppite"

I like Jurgen, but has not the strategic genius of Rafa...but he will do better than BR...  I feel that Origi shiuld have started stretch the utd defence and hinder their build up from the back.. Skrtel should have come in alongside Lovren and pushed Sakho to the left.. apart from the "trip"  Mama also gave the ball away too easily near the Lfc goal .. hes not sound enough for my taste... 

Phil made good some of his loose control and passing (and one went astray which led to their pen>>?) with his brilliant equalizer... 

but Studge doesnt look match fit yet, and should have been kept on the bench to punish utd once legs were tired....

... most of the chances came late on..

Hendo was sick?... he missed a sitter in BOTH games... for me a "captain" can be either an organising leader or an outstanding example.. he isnt "big enough" for my Liverpool team..

post match analysis by sick mancs scholes & ince with Ste Macca;

Soton away...

If any soton player is worthy, they are going to make it difficult on sunday,,, after the 1-6 mauling at soton in the league cup... and Lfc were far from commanding at C. palace last time out..NEED to play better than they did at OT...

I understand that Klopp may decide to keep a settled defence selection,  but as above I feel safer with Skrtel there, and my eventual choice ; Lucas who can distribute from the back enabling a much more productive movement from the team, especially as the goalie is nowhere near as good as Pepe, in commanding his area or distributing accurately and quickly ,  Pepe actually made "virtual assists" and Klopp should enquire about having him back instead of the error prone Mignolet.

Sakho almost gifted mancs a goal in the first game, they could have got a 2nd pen with Sakho catching a utd leg in the area.  .. Skrtel should  come in alongside Lovren and push Sakho to the left.. apart from the "trip"  Mama also gave the ball away too easily near the Lfc goal .. hes not sound enough for my taste... I do not agree with....;  this...
....Firminho in form but Origi and Studge have the chance to prove their worth,,,with Phil behind them can hurt soton, but the whole team must show more than they did at C. Palace,

and ...

CS> wake up! it looks like another a media stunt! , thanks to the police exagerating ...etc ... FIVE people arrested??? of 75,000 at the game??? and a dubious photo that looks like a teenager has "foto-shopped" it... ?  
... if theres a ban on "bad behaviour" how about the police arresting Fellaini,, he should have got red - carded in both games... pathetic how easy the media manipulate the ppl now!

Fellaini’s actions came under TV scrutiny with former referee Howard Webb branding him “a thug” for a series of fouls.
“It’s one thing imposing yourself on the game, but another thing being a thug on the pitch,” said Webb. 
CS>  "psycho" Felaini should have been RED carded in both games,,, the refs yellow carded players for lesser offences and UEFA policy "we see nothing" policy when the mancs are dirty,,, stinks!


for TRUE RED Supporters ONLY;  MORE at;;



  2. "highlights" "fans" were blaming Skrtel, but their "hero" SakHO was the closest defender to the scorer of each goal, and faile to tackle or block any of them...

  3. had a an "almost perfect weekend"..Thursday was Paddys night,,, mucho fun, and guiness!..and Liverpool knocked out the mancs,,,.friday live music and dancing with Liz at "Obala" , yesterday training witht he boys,, and today played football, if Lfc had shut up shop at 0-2 ...but 5 great times overshpwed that one ...... so i came back from the river on this beautiful sunny spring start.. and was going to have a siesta, but after waking myself up in the bathroom, i was "zapping" TV to see if there was anything worthy ,,, and i just caught a scene from "Cleopatra" ..where she says "I am the daughter of IS IS ... and i almost choked with ironic laughter,,, HOW CAN IT BE THAT the US(eless) of A.. have forgotten to BAN this film encouraging insurgence???? :) or maybe Cleo was a founder of the subversive Al ("call me Sis")<???

  4. I remarked to someone who complained about "noisy kids playing ("soccer") in the neighbourhood /// " (my comment previously deleted? ) some of the "US diplomacy " needs more local knowledge and considering , as u are only visitors, the MNE govt cut spending on KIDS sports at school, and the game that is most popular in europe (football) ...our own FKMiR youth club that I support and sponsor was needed as the school and local community restricted faciilities (ask the politicians where the tourist money goes?)

    .. the "futbalski teren" costs money to play on, so kids play in the street, so what? as we did in Liverpool, etc but our society respected kids fun more than cars, and had more fun doing that and we were all kids once who played outside instead of being stuck inside on a video/tv/internet/smart phone screen

    ..please have more understanding of the culture where you live! a charm of this region is that some things have not YET been spoiled by "modern civilization". good luck with your new job!
    smile emoticon
    ." .... by the way this is a letter from THE greatest man of my youth, ("Shanks" who wrote letters to young people encourage , not reprimand them! (like this one in '76) ..our club Logo is out of respect for his "holy trinity". (Shankly letter to Chris B in 76 (on rednet FB)

  5. ..bad collapse,,BY THE TEAM!!! but dont lay the blame on Skrtel, Mognolet for the 3rd , caused the problem, and for all 3 goals Sakho was unable to block or tackle their forwards (he was the nearest defender in all 3 goals conceded) Klopp also , IMO its a "golden rule" ..dont change the defence during the game unless u absolutely must... and his selections were wrong .. Clyne was sh&te at OT, surely a chance for Smith ?.. Flanno also made an error for their first goal, Allen is not good enough to be a "starter" , ok for securing games late on but I would have played Bran. with the "bite" that is lacking in games like this.. Klopp has done well in the "big games" but not against lesser, .. its so wrong to lay the blame on Martin Skrtel , any one who has played at CB knows how difficult it is to come into that position in the middle of a game, and its a worrying "trend" how Lfc fans "pick their favs and then attack those who are "out of favour" ..even done to Carra , Lucas , and so on, IMO Sakho isnt so good as made otu to be, he was "forgiven" and Skrtel was sound previously when Sakho and Lovren were error -prone.. we always used to be fair and knowledgable supporters..but now its so much about "knee jerking reaction influenced by biased media reporting too...!!