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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dortmund v Liverpool Europe today and then,,,,

Dortmund 1

Full time 1-1 ... early in the 2nd half, Lfc let in Hummels , but it was a deserved result.. still too many loose passing, origi kept the home defence worried before Firmino and Studge coming on, for me , far too late to do the damage that they might have caused as Dortmund ran short of ideas mid-way in the 2nd half.. Mign did ok, Moreno lucky not to get in trouble for another wild tackle,, Sakho made up for some lax moments in the first half, Lovren my m.o.m. Phil didnt show much , apart from when the Reds had a period of domination that resulted in a panic in the Dortmund defence with their goalie making a great save from Phil................. H-T;  

the teams play has been unsure and erratic, and more than a bit lucky not to have conceded, Origi scoring with the first (and only?) shot on goal by the Reds... Lala and Can booked by the ref who ignored Fellainis elbows, (how is it possible to give such a bad ref this game?) anyway Dortmund have been the sharper in build up, Lfc passing loose and given the ball away too many times in difficult position in their own half,, Klopp needs to kick a&ses , and IMO Lfc need to press forward not giving the game to the home side, mign p&ssing about in the area will give nightmares and MoreNO and Sakho playong Rodges football passing around in front of pen area was inviting Dortmund in...but luckily the Reds go in 1 up.
pre match fans in Dortmund,...etc 

May 2001  

I drove from my Bavarian Location sharing with  my fiances family,

(we didnt marry , but that is another loooong story) in the brothers BMW with Liam , and irish lad, following Lfc, who was living in Munich...

... The party started mid-day and more for the more than 25,000 who had come over from Lp...
ChriS> I went to the UEFA 2001 final in Dortmund Lfc v (spanish) Alaves , great day , party in the square. and great night, a tired Liverpool team scraping through 5-4 at the end of a long season, winning 3 cups and europe ... i lost my voice for almost 2 weeks after... nice stadium and .
.when we were standing around in the square having a bevvy by the bar, i felt a glove on my shoulder , someone wating to pass through the crowd? turned and there he was this huge police officer in black leather, ! , quick as flash a scouser standing by me quipped " for you Tommy, ze Var is over " we all laughed and so did the Bizzie, i speak german and saw one of his colleagues after , and asked him about the reaction to having 25000 Reds in his city, he replied ; "super, great guys, much fun and NO trouble" do it again lads!

The locals always sang YNWA, and at the match all but the 1000 spanish fans sang it loud!!

The promos have been big,.

a former drinking partner ; Graham Agg ...with whom is also shared a fans party at Moenchen gladbach has a say in the german media. too.: 

and some Lfc jounros also talk crap... 

Chris> ha ha , not sure if the funniest parts of this , is walshs article .... 
or the comments ! smile

anyway, the only part I would go along with would be to score an away goal, well 2 or more if possible, yes they are a good side, but their league isnt as strong as the english league, , I would say , go play your usual away game, attack them , press and not just depend on Phil , Dortmund are sure to mark him, so to give Phil the ball. excluding other options would be an errror, and GET BOOKED if you must,

,, if a player goes out thinking to avoid a booking , likely he will get one, or make a mistake thinking too much about it

... lots to learn kristian before anyone would let you near team managment, stick to videos! 
He was a good hard working lad, unlucky to be behind Robbie and Mowen// .. true and yet the distraction tales the "heat" off the team ..dont just depend on Phil. everyone has to go for it...  ..... I d play Milner LB ... MoreNO is too loose, and I dont like Sakho much.. so i'd go ;

Clyne, Lovren, Skrtel, Sakho, Milner (pushing Milner and Clyne up the wings when attacking ,
with Lala, Hendo and Phil in Middle (becoming 5 when Clyne and Milly attack)

and start with Origi and Firmino ..( Divock is able to press their defence from the start making it difficult for Dortmund to build from their back which they like to do, and Yes, bring Studge on at H - T... anyway good luck RedS, I think we should try to win it there, and go at them .....

and I believe Origi will help occupy the defenders the dortmund use to build up attacks.. I would tend to play Firmino behind him, and bring on a fresh Studge for either at H-T depending on the games progress.. and Milly at LB , Moreno   liable to get a red from this ref.

and (despite "popular opinion") ...could Start

Clyne Lovren Skrtel! Milly
Hendo Can Lala Phil


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