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Friday, July 1, 2011

11701 "Close Encounters with Intelligent life" ..? NO WAY! ;)

  11701 "Close Encounters with Intelligent life"..? 
 NO WAY! ;)  
"it's LIFE, Jim, but not as WE know it" ;)

01/07/2011, 09:15

<SMILE> believe it or not, there are people out there who think I am "cranky" ..and I have found over the years, especially since I "resigned", "dropped out" and woke up to reality (whatever THAT is) of 99,99% of the earths population being sucked into sheep-like "robotic " existence

....... not actually LIFE (as my generation once defined it ) with a slave/lemming detination as the "goal" given to them by their parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues fenced in by the "rules" and "regulations" that once were for the benefit of the community are now simple "laws" that destroy humanity, creativity, social justice & individual identity..

I am copying this on both my "ScLOG" & on "UnSuB-B" and on MonTV 

..if the "ban" is lifted because my comms are being constantly disrupted, ever since I started 16 years ago, to dare to challenge the waste, stupidity and corruption of the "system" establishment, powers that be, or whatever you like to call "them"  .....(.i often call them "C*nts, A**holes & Idiots; C-I-A,..)

They punished me, as the old Bob Marley song goes "every time I plant a seed, they kill it before it grows"  so I lost my own "family", I am on my own BUT I am also part of a massive global family of several Million "REdS" and maybe that’s disturbing them too

..My love for the people of Liverpool and those who are "related" through the same love as my own, have an unstoppable passion .... I literally "grew" through football & music.

...THE  phenomenon has little to do with sport, it was was a constellation that brought together a great Scot, Bill Shankly, the essence of Liverpool wit & humour & a Celts love of music & party ; and the Beatles global explosion and expansion of the "mersey sound" …

We even got a taste of that "wall" when John made the controversial remark and the USA "god - fearers" burnt the albums…that mentality people is still strong, hell, how can you take a population of some 300 million seriously that voted TWICE for George (W*****) Bush!! ???
(well, I suppose them having nuclear & other weapons capability of wiping us ALL out several times over, sharpens the instincts, a bit...) ;)

from angl0-Celt I became a REd "scouser" by choice, and identified as a young lad with the "rebellious scalley" ; often the loner, or from a community scorned by the rich of the London toffs & their "money & power" brigades that I worked for/with during the next decades in their city "paved with gold"..and yes I "made" it, as a wizz kid millionaire before I was 30 years..

But back to now…

Explain to me, and more importantly,  Y-OURselves…HOW DID YOU EVER LET them take you this far?

Do you teach your kids the (simple to understand) articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? (you know , that we sent into space decades ago to prove to another species    that we are "civilized" ) ??? ( or do you teach them "play station" or to dislike anyone "different" ?)

Do you care about around 25,000 kids who die daily through mis-management of logistics, deliberate capitalist "policy" waste and the oil/military lobby, or do you simply pay taxes to governments that waste Y-OUR money and spend "trillions" on NEW military & weapons ..that  kill ..who???

Is it RIGHT to pressure young people for the first part of their lives , when they have energy & creativity into getting "graduate" or other, papers, spend their youth passing exams, (and really that’s the only "abilty" they need, the ability to "study" and memorise! to "qualify" for jobs that don’t or wont exist soon?? (OR should they be studying less, channelling their time MORE into CREATIVITY, sports or community projects, "learning by doing " , informal education, and exchanging ideas with the entrepreneurial world, local & global, to initiate start-ups & "grass roots "(routes) projects?

How much technology do you control? Or does it control you? you a) "lose yourself" in rubbish/soaps on TV b) play video games instead of going outside and playing with a ball?  Use the computer as a communication TOOL or a "entertainment addiction" ? How much do you use your OWN mind for imagination, to write your story, create ideas, communicate your feelings?

Do you ever challenge the CNN, BBC, Sky or local media / newspapers bias? Or do you just accept whatever you are told, ....have you ever stood up in a crowd and challenged the opinion of the "herd"  have you ever lived or worked outside your "comfort zone"?

Do Government, business and religion dictate to you how to live?

Are you one of those being told you no longer have the right to "Strike" (withdrawal of labour is a basic human right) ? Are you told to "shut up" if your opinion doesn’t match the "establishment" at work, or at home or on the street?

Everywhere people are starting to "wake up" this isn't about "politics" ..for me the most INTELLIGENT community is like a GOOD football team, when  individuals give to the collective force BUT also know instinctively when to take the personal initiative.. ..we have, with modern technology, the chance to locally & globally "NETWORK" ..and save the environment too

So what will you do??

Nothing?, and let the world go down into the abyss? Or something positive to improve the world for y-our kids?

Its in y-our hands, so don’t wait for your neighbour, because he/she is WAITING for You!


Additional (ScloG)

not directly, but it IS indirectly related to the madness in a world full of waste & poverty, and kids dying because of capitalist greed & deiberate "mis-managment" , fools & idiots are getting angry because LFC are not spending millions quick enough for them and their "sky - washed buddies" .. ;) how i feel right now , lol ( galaxy song.).

Slideshow accompannied by "The Galaxy Song" from Monty Python's Meaning of Life.

The fight for "MY CLUB"

Aquiliani v portsmouth..

Italy midfielder Alberto Aquilani insists he is looking forward to returning to Liverpool following his season-long loan at Juventus.

    • ChriS SmiTH yES! ... now stop the Hodgson-idiots who said he was "rubbish"
    • Frank Carlyle
      Alberto's a great box-to-box player! He'll be a class acquistion to our midfield... And I'm not too sure about Henderson (He hasn't stood out for me), Adam, he was a decent player (And Only decent not world class) in a very bad side, Downing, Nah, there's far better players out there...In other words, we're signing players who won't move us forward I'm afraid... Whether they'll be good enough in the future, remains to be seen, and that includes Carroll. But are LFC looking down the line of 5 years time, another transition period that won't work? Mr Henry must realise, LFC desperately need quality proven players to fit into the team NOW to make a challenge this year. If not, we'll remain 'Static' and won't do anything except fight for a Europa Leage spot. Is that good enough for our club, Nah, don't think so.... Anyway, we need a new ground and wanting one for the past 10 years or so, what's happening on that important issue?
    • ChriS SmiTH I feel that FSG have the money, the Club has a massive global income (even in bad years we are in the top 3/4 clubs sellign kit globally, they ddint spend anything in january, and then theres Tv revenue etc, but..I dont see that many players out there that are "exceptional" Frank, and I feel Kenny will do the best he can for us,..more important , for this club, is to to push for equal share ownership, because no matter what the P.R image says, theres no emotional attachment by Henry - Werner..and too many "signs" worry me ..thing is Frank, how many local or global supporters & "fans" will be prepared to put their hand in their pocket , and pay ONLY the price of a match ticket to secure the club, with SEVERAL million REGISTERED fans worldwide thata ALL it wil take, we need guys like you, to push it into the open, theres a dangerous apathy, after G & H ..I trust Kenny, but ..we can talk about players all summer, and I'll react to that when the "window", karen Gill and others who are physicaly closer to the club (and who dont get blocked from direct comment as I do, lol ) need to get a grip of this, SoS are waking up again after their failed "co-op" lets take this chance to "mobile the ReDs army" ;) ..because in a month everyone will just be talking about the game...?

Aquilani: "I have no problems with it. It is not true that I didn't want to go back to England.I'm returning to Liverpool with enthusiasm. Juventus? There were restrictions."

Boris>Dobra odluka uprave Juventusa.Akvilani ne vredi toliko koliko je Liverpul za njega trazio.Za te pare se moze uzeti bolji igrac.
Лука ГрчићАквилани је одличан играч кад је здрав. Кад се не би стално повређивао, вредео би. Овако си у праву.
Boris D>Proslu sezonu nije imao problema sa povredama,manje/vise je celu sezonu odigrao,pa i dalje svojim igrama nije pokazao da vredi te pare.
Лука ГрчићКад је код нас више времена провео у болници него на терену. То остави трага.
ChriS SmiTHignore the media, and all the gossip, the only person I believe about anything is Kenny,


  • ChriS SmiTH I agree, some "fans" gave Sammy a hard time when that fool hodgson was at the club, but as player or otherwise he is LFC 24/7 , thanks Sammy LEE & Y N W A !


almost all the former players were bigging hodgson up whilst 95% of supporters knew he was wrong for Lfc, the explayer lobby had no problem with the removal of Rafa, or when Kenny was over-looked, our supporters know much more about what our club means and needs than most of the ex-players, Kenny is great and we dont need anyone to tell us that, apart from about 5 minute in the summer of 77 I have never doubted him as player , manager , or , as man!
you, KENNY, will never walk alone!

as usual S.O.S do what i proposed...3 years later, but although its never too late, Global REdS will continue to fight for EQUAL share ownership in Lfc by supporters worldwide whilst agreeing with S.o.S wil NOT be bound by restricted and lethargic movement of their "committees" (SoS->SoS/SL -> SoS) - TRUE to the "Spirit of ShankS" .(

but the biggest obstacle is still the SoS themselves, Graham Smith insisted on my exclusion, yet i KNOW i could achieve 50% share ownership by networking ALL official & unofficial supporters & fan clubs limit ourselves to 10% is ridiculous, WE HAVE the power to mobilise or freeze OUR club, but I am also convinced that IF Henry - WErner want to be seen as true "custodians" they could themselves initiate the scheme in co-op with us all.. and cement the "one" feeling that Kenny has achieved between the "holy trinity" ..however, i "smell a rat, or 2" ;)

Twits @ Lp Echo @ John Henry
Why are "fans" impatient ???
Answer ; because of sky-washing, the "instant-(fast food)-media-society",thanks to the "american dream"-bull sh*te!

Most wanted 80's ("retro") for the nostalgic! ;)

UnSuB link..

 SUPPORT this...("under construction") for the KIDS!!

with  credit to RAWK (p)artists! ;)


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