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Monday, July 4, 2011

ScLOG 11704 BREdS....not without me in Monty? latest news..& VIEWS!

ScLOG 11704 BREdS

....not without me in Monty? latest news..& VIEWS!

NO , as Kenny, I refuse to discuss repeat or explain about transfer movements or lack of it, whilst i still challenge the new yankers I trust Kenny to do what he must, I believ there are few exceptional players and too many average on the market,

When Kenny signed , it was so different..

  Quarry wrote "I remember being beside myself when Liverpool signed Kenny because even then, he had a bigger reputation than Keegan." 

CS>I loved KK, but when I saw Kenny in a REd shirt all doubts disappeared..great player, manager and a great man..(another Celt!)

(Kenny signing for 440K! )

 Alberto Aquilani in Training..

 Paul Joshua M. commented  "Glad he is back!"

CS> I really don't like the media/ex player lobby who seem surprised that AA is back, he should never have been loaned out, by the Purslow-Hodgson "comedy show"  ...chosing Poulsen instead?

AA is a quality player, perfect for Kenny's swift Liverpool style of pass & move ..& score!

Training pics & dAggers hair!

"Don’t let me come down there" ? He was! *90 mins of Robbie!

 another potential "ace" ....

Young Sterling …scoring , again!

Most wanted 80's  (video clip) Funny seeing Litmannen scoring against 2 man U goalies schmeichel & van der sahr (both getting caught out by Jari's sharp brain..)


Paul Joshua M>

Paul Joshua M04 July 15:46
i apologize for that. my fault. 

Comment history
4 July 15:46
and...23 June

 ChriS SmiTH>

to all U.R.S.U.N members (copy to all FB groups)
LFC "lost" the complaint of CS, and after SoS faile to follow it up, the Lfc "office" played ping-pong , when ChriS was there following the minday after the last home match v spurs
International media release;
Significantly on this 95th Anniversary of the "KOP" the home of our REd spirit..seemingly being drained away, by apathy & corporate policy?
"The decline of S.O.S impact and the "evo-lotion" of a "fans committee" that contains token SoS members and no one capable of challenging the Henry_Werner policy, the apathy of fans is potentially dangerous as it was with the Moores-Parry-Hicks-Purslow-Broughton-Hodgson "chain of disaster"..we trust Kenny, but the smooth "P.R." of NESV/FSG has so far succesfully smoothed over..

- loading of bank facilities on Anfield stadium & Melwood
- broken promises & mismanagement that lost us key players even until January
- introduction by NESV by the same broker as G & H
- "casual" remarks by Henry & Werner about Rafa & the squad weakneses which seem to have been a repeat of the xenophobic "lobby" in Lp
- refusal by this board as under G & H to entertain a share of shares in Lfc with global supporters - WHILST SELLING shares to an "unconnected" US sports star..
- this and the recent DIGUSTING nose-thumbing to our culture by ignoring supporters and going ahead with the BLUE 3rd away - and its obvious homage to "marketing" & sponsors show a worrying trend..
its all very well, but LFC WAS/IS a bargain , theres NOTHINg to stop FSG cashing in , and passing us to a.n.other..but the "ITK" wont have it!
fool me once, fool me twice,etc..but fool LFC fans THREE times..??? now that is a tragic yet feasible possibility!! that could be avoided by each of us paying the price of a match ticket!!


ChriS SmiTH04 July 15:44
you havent read what I have written at all! paul, if u want respect for your opinion, and u like to read books..then take a few mORE minutes to read all this thread, then say what you just said!, because its an insult to say that we are "just blaming" , nor is it ONLY about the stadium you have MISSED the point, dear...completely!!!

Paul Joshua M 04 July 15:24
I know they got ownership at a canter and it may seem that things are not in place as in with the stadium. but whats the point just blaming and lets give a little more time and see where it takes us. Anyone who would come in would come in the same way.

4 July 15:21
or did u just "scan
01 July 14:49
I suggest we email Fenway and address several issues...
1. the stadium... talks were meant to come to a conclusion by march and work was meant to go ahead during the summer... still no idea of whether we are re-developing anfield or building a new stadium
2. transfer/money.. all talk and no action. talk of money being there... it looks like the policy gillett and hicks used... sell to buy. loaning out 2 or 3 players and offering a sum of money to get adam... limits the club further more.
are fenway the new gillett and hicks???

Liverpool are preparing a bid for Chelsea's Daniel Sturridge.
Live Copa America 2011 Streaming
The England Under 21 international was in devastating form in the second half of last season after going out on loan to Bolton Wanderers. The former Manchester City youngster scored eight goals in 12 matches for the Trotters to confirm his talent to his employers who invested £50m in signing Fernando Torres at the same time as they let him over to the Reebok Stadium.

....blah blah, blah..........................

  • Stephen R> likes this....sounds good terry mate,bit worried about our activity at the minute but if it materilizes,then it would be great.what is the souce again,by the way u ok ynwa

  • Terry W> im good ta hope kool aswel, scorce is
  • ChriS SmiTHha ha ..I just commented on twitter.."glad that "transfer disease" has been "vacinated" for a while on twitter/FB , between media & agent s INVENTED transfers there really is no news"...but i suppose some people are really addicted to BS!

ChriS-EuRED@liverpool its not "lazy" so much as "anything for a headline" journalism, they do it also to stir up the weakest of "fans" & idiots follow!

So the transfer window is well and truly open now and despite Liverpool being one of the quickest teams off the mark in capturing Jordan Henderson prior to the U-21 European Championships things have gone very quiet on the transfer front.

Last year, returning from a football match, student Tommy Meyers was savaged by a police dog while being arrested for assault. Now, following his acquittal, he and his family talk about the incident

·Paul Joshua M>absolutely hopeless. what do these c**** think of themselves!
  • ChriS SmiTHits the Hillsborough syndrome, they consider themselves above us, we are not the "public to be protected and served" we are there to be mis-treated, by thoughtless thugs in uniform..arent they the hooligans now!????
  • Paul Joshua Myeah exactly. such mindless inhumane acts. exactly why hillsborough happened. from what i have read in nuemrous accounts and books.
  • handcuffing and taking the guy wud have done if it was thought that he is indeed a hooligan but making a dog bite his face and then not give antibiotics is an embarassment to mankind and their ways, horrendous

  • ChriS SmiTHHillsborough was about Police neglect, bad planning by the stadium, insufficient safety regs and inhumane reaction by authoritions, dont need to read a book, its obvious to anyone of our generation..
  • Paul Joshua M> sorry, I do need to "read a book" dear, as I was not there in England at the time or never have been so I have had to read through literature and read between the lines and come to the best possible conclusion.

  • ChriS SmiTHbest to ask supporters of that time, about everything, PAID publishers & writers have their own perspective, theres been a lot written by Liverpool supporters, eye witnesses and u should , as a RED ,contact the Hillsborough campaign organisation, and LFC supporter & fans should learn about this, from the people affected..and dont call me "dear" sweetie ;)
  • haha. that "sweetie" was far gross then than ""dear". Regardless I have read the hillsborough tale from a trustworthy book and which does give the actual account of how the police wrongkly accused the supporters of pickpocketting and  more
  • ChriS SmiTH>your comments about the owners worry me Paul, much more than being called "dear" ..!e
  • Paul Joshua M>I guess my comments are always wrong :) Shall refrain from doing so. AS I dont want to bother a person who has dedicated this much time to LFC. I totally appreciate that. So march on Chris... Please do let me know if i can be of help..
  • ChriS SmiTHno Paul you often make decent comments, BUt when you discuss the basis of our club, WHO owns it, and thus that influences EVERYTHING off and on the field,..then make sure you back up your opinion..I gave you a list of reasons i am "concerned" and the point being we cant afford to again rely on "wishful thinking" didnt give any specific reasons for believing that another pair of american businessmen , with no emotional connections to our club, would NOT sell us out to anyone that suited dont "give up" ..make your point..if u have valid points to make I will respect that! ..and I call u by your name, please do so with me tx ;)    

Apologizes for this post but after the 48 hours I have had of being publically slated and having very serious accusations made about me... i would like to make one comment please.
Eddie Sweeney from Cobh, co. cork,(A fellow liverpool fan) has had a personal vendetta against me for having a difference of opinion in a group and for not allowing this bully walk over me. Unfortunately he has blocked me and it has come to my attention of the insulting and slanderous posts him and his "mates" have made about me. He has asked people to make sure i do not join their groups and add them and to delete me and block me. I also hear hes accusing me of some outlandish thing that i am violent to women. 

Again, facebook allow these bullies behind computers have their say and insult people like myself, a true liverpool fan and a supporter of getting justice for the 96. I am not going to tell people to delete and block eddie sweeney, but if you find the remarks and posts hes put up about me and/or others, then please do not come back to me with it, just report it. Anyone who truly know me, know i am nothing that he makes me out to be. I boycott groups that air grievances and vendettas on a public forum, and unfortunately i have to do this on a public forum as a reply back to this "fella".
don't be fooled into everything you read of the net.
respect and justice for the 96.
sean ynwa
sorry for having to put this post up but enough is enough.
  • ChriS SmiTH fair enough Sean!
  • Sean O'C>
    eddie sweeney has had a major chip on his shoulder ever since we were in a group against internet bullies and pages slagging of the 96. the guy seemed only interested in his popularity. but we parted ways and left the group
  • ChriS SmiTH >I think that FB is erratic, and theres far too much knee jerking and nasty comments generally...ppl dont take time to work out the thruth, have their opinions and form their own,,they jump on "bandwagons" far too easily... have u reported them to FB?..
     btw a lot of stuff gets "deleted" either by intention or by accident. a lot of my messages get "lost" and posts are that also "muddies the waters" about what ppl are doing and can incite more aggro!

  • Seán Ó Cl> i have reported everything but like everything else, it has to be done in numbers. others are reporting it as they found what was said bout me offensive.

  • ChriS SmiTH my personal opinion is that (for example when some Lfc "fans" spouted virtual racial prejudice ona group) was to write to the group via email (they have an email for the group) and state clearly, and preceisely thr facts, in order, and without explanding on the insults, stating the truth..i didnt try to get that group shut down, why? ..because
  •  a) if there are fascists or nasty ppl, its best to know where they are
  •  b) its easier to expose them over time, because bullies always catch themselves out..I dont know any group that constantly spouts BS or lies last very long.. ;)

  • Seán Ó C> unfortunately they have blocked me so although i cannot see whats written, i have heard what has been said, i also have had to make another profile as a result of these comments so i can report them

  • ChriS SmiTH be also careful of "sh*t-stirrers" who love to stoke the fire..!

  • Seán Ó Cléirigh i know mate /  eddie has since been deleted. so the truth prevails (upload) 

 CS> The basic…
  1. Learn each others name and trust
  2. When yr team is in posession , find space to receive the ball
  3.  when U lose the ball make sure you pick up one of their palyers and tell yr team mates to do the same (priority the most forward attacker and so on)

CS>planning a 5-a-side team, tourny @ LetS B FAIR & a REdS meet…

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