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Thursday, August 25, 2011

11825 league Cup extra...exeter 1 LIVERPOOL 3 + xtras

CS> Hiya MP! Hope we have a few bevvies together soon (maybe when I come via Bg next month,

A "celebration" is long overdue! ;) You'll Never Walk Alone, with Hope in yr heart

24/08/2011, 12:04

Exeter 1 LIVERPOOL 3 
Suarez , Maxi, Andy...

on Liverpool Songs's link.
Monika wrote "du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du LUIS SUAREZ !!!"

unlikely to see AA again at Anfield, what a waste, thanks to Hicks, Purslow & Hodgson, another mistake of that "era" to let him go on loan last seasons was one of the biggest errors concerning transfers (probably the worst since we let Anelka go in 2002, and bought Diouf!?) - had AA been in our midfield last season we could be playing Champions league footy this season..quality player, much WRONGLY maligned by english media, "pundits" and no-nothing "fans"wish U all the best Alberto Bona Fortuna! YNWA! ..its not yr fault..ok lets get on with supporting Kenny and the current squad 100%!   
Liverpool have five representatives in the England U21 squad  


ChriS X

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