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Thursday, August 11, 2011

11811almost/// LIVE-(R-POOL) start

11811 Todays SCLOG dedicated to my estranged son, Leon, 15 : 
may you get all you deserve and those wishes come true,
 Love Dad. x

as the new season approaches I have some links, some nostalgia but first a comment, whilst the "establishment" & celebreties come out against the rioting, in London & Liverpool, which I don't condone, per say, its easy for those rich people who can "buy" rights & justice through lawyers & liars and their political buddies to put down rioters etc.. I am heartened that now, some people are waking up the realisation that they have been conned by the "powers that be" since time began...

I dont want my son, to have to live in y-our society, of liars & cheats..where money buys everything & everyone..

  • ChriS SmiTH 
    ppl are criticising riots in GB , but this "opposition" is long overdue, whilst I prefer obstructive (non-violent) civil disobedience, a la Ghandi, such as absence from school/work, refusal to pay taxes , strikes etc...the continual removal of human rights by governments and such "idiocracy" as the USA "patriot act" has removed even the last hope of justice for those without lobby or finance on this planet.."are the peasants revolting" ;) ? well the New world order has ghiven them justification..

  • the ppl of this planet are scared of losing their 3rd class place on the titanic, its so stuipid that its become acceptable to vote in politicians that only protect their own jobs at the expense of the local & global community, around 25,000 kids die every day, not because we cant care for them , but because your governemts spend trillion & prioritise "military" weapons & policing over ensuring equal distribution of our planets resources...whilst you seem to accept that the fuel lobby will choke y-our children's generation with exhaust fumes, and fill the countryside with concrete and more cities where properties lie empty because inflation is also "accepted" in a capitalist-consumerist driven society - ppl YOU are the problem! so when a few people "rebel" dont put them down, join them...but in reasonable manner, but ensure that you improve your world instead of just moaning about it...

    Therefore then....lets be FAIR...



    RedAlieNeT @LFCBrasil @JimBoardman fan club in brazil ..where do u watch the games?? ;)

    Pasted from <>

    Local (Balkan ) interest;

    Liverpool legend and former Wales manager, John Toshack, named as new coach of Macedonia 

    ChriS> WHY I LOVE LIVERPOOL (the holy trinity, not the "office")

    @LFC Anfield, KOpites, Shanks, Crazy-horse, Kevin, Kenny, Bob, Joe, away days, invading europe, Stevie, Rafa, J4t96, You'll never walk alone

    I  yearn for the days of only football on the tv being MOTD,
    For discussing games in the boozer afterwards and not with heroes behind a keyboard talking utter bolloocks!
    For the days when watching your team on a saturday wasnt a luxury day out like going to a concert, but something you did every week.
    I miss Sportsreport in its old style listening to the results at 5-00
    I miss grandstand and sportsnight with Coleman
    I miss the fact that we all supported this team with good energy, intelligence and sportsmanship at times.
    I miss respect for and from players and the clubs officials.
    Like you say get my bus pass in October and totally pissed off with a lot of the Skywashed generation in here with their wall to wall information, youtube and videos,  but have learnt nothing about what we are really about!
    Guess I am turning into my Grandad I sincerely hope so!
    .....or the teleprinter getting stuck between the home teams score and Liverpool's score on the away games.
    arsenal..... 1.  Tick a ticka ticka (pause ) ticka tick a tick a Liverpool tick a ticka tick a....2

Hope that this is a good sign, and that we keep AA ...

Aquilani: "I'm calm. People talk a lot of rubbish about me. It's not true that LFC aren't giving me a chance.I feel like they appreciate me."
 "I'm at a big club, I'd love to stay and play. But the market closes Aug 31. We'll see." AA  must be first choice midfielder for us!!
DONT want to see him in BLUE!!!!

Liverpool Songs   Luis???????   ;)     

We are hoping to have a local (ex-Yugo) REdS meet in a town called H. Novi ("Monty") saturday , spontaneous if we can find a bar with "Sportklub+")  would be nice to "entertain" the local tourists with some songs especially with ItalREd Franco there on his hols visiting his lass; Zorana!   (right is a pic  of Luis impersonating the fanous Liverbird 

even Maradonna is a faN of LFC!!
Oh let's drink, a drink, a drink
To Billy the king, the king, the king,
The creator of the greatest team,
For he invented professional football,
And this year we'll win the league.
...See more
    • Alan McNiven Classic the Great Bill Shankly and the Great Gerry Byrne who played in that 65 Cup Final Extra time and all with a Broken Collarbone. They dont make them like they used to and they will "ETERNALLY NEVER WALK ALONE"

      Karen Elizabeth Gill commented on your photo. "Ah Thank you so much Chris. I'm touched x" 
      CS>he was the man every child should have as Dad!

      I would make everyone sit through 2 hours of "most wanted" of Shanks video clips, until they really understood HIS "Liverpool way" ...before the REd socialist SOUL & all that is unique about OUR club is sold by yankers, the "pundits", those current & ex-players, who just "dont get it"

      Hi ChriS, Louise Roberts asked you a question.
      Would you take Joey Barton on a free?
      Asked by LFC BIG REDS Family    

      ChriS SmiTH

          • I am not the manager, ask Kenny   

      Natha, (Palestine KOP) sent me a nice invitation - when she comes back from Lp I'll find out if its sure?? 
      Natha wrote "ignore others :) focus on those who deserve u :)" 

      The first says we will never forget the 96.. The second says youll never walk alone x

      CS>great banner 

      "FARE" ; "Football Against Racism in Europe"  will sponsor their 2011 action weeks , but they are not true... Our project "LetS BE FAIR"

       (under construction) 

      CS> The Mancs beat Citeh in the shield game, not bothered about either of them - we put three goals past both teams this year, and whilst fergie will be desperate because kenny is back, Citeh are just a bunch of players, no team feeling, sort of team the video kids put together on play station/xbox or whatever, footy is more than "stats"

      Good to see Rafa back at Anfield watching the game v Valencia (2-0 , Andy & Dirk?) he was & is "Liverpool 24/7"

      Adam also scored for the scots
      Павле Никић also commented on Liverpool Songs's photo. Павле wrote "rafa a livin LEGEND" Adam hopes to follow Scot greats - Liverpool FC Powerhouses of world football they may not be, but Scotland has always played a big part in Liverpool's storied history.
      Big Ron, St John, Kenny , Souness & Cormack and of course Shanks whose "braveheart" mad it ALL possible.. great Scots"
      (n.b. Glen, SG & Skrtel to miss openign game, giving chances to others)
      KENNY DALGLISH has backed Andy Carroll to be fit and ready to lead Liverpool FC’s attack this season. The club record signing has featured in every one of the Reds’ six pre-season fixtures, and on Saturday netted his third goal as La Liga outfit Valencia were beaten 2-0 at Anfield. It has been an important summer for the £35m man, who arrived from Newcastle in January nursing a thigh injury, and was hampered by a knee problem towards the back-end of last season. Dalglish, though, says the 22-year-old will benefit from a full pre-season schedule, and says he is getting better with every game.
      “Andy’s injury meant he was only able to train at 100 per cent on rare occasions last season,” said Dalglish. “He even played in some games when we knew he wasn’t going to be at his best. “Now he is fully over that knock and has been able to do a lot more on the training field in pre-season. That’s showed in the games he has played over the last few weeks. He’s fitter and scoring some goals.”
      (right ; Andy scores v Valencia at Anfield, in the pre-seaon friendly)

      so , Lets all get behind KENNY and the team, whoever he selects and be loud & loyal in support of each and every REd player and all the TRUE REd supporters of the Global RedS .." its not where you are from, its where you are At" 

      ChriS> may GOOD go with YOU

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