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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

11824 league CUP (away) MINI-pre-view (plus ......)

11824 league CUP (away) MINI-pre-view (plus ......)

 Still whilst Kenny is selecting a "Strong 2nd team" to play @ Exter, the RIDiculous RUMOUR mill * gossipping goes on like an internet version of an old womens gathering to gossip about the "naughty neighbours" some ppl just cant "get enough" even digging up last years rumours that Dirk could goto Inter, today Its (Seb Coates?) Joe(king?)Cole to Spurs (which may be ok) but the media has got almost everyone hyped on (non-news) I couldnt care less, I trust Kenny even despite the pressure by idiots to move Aquilani on...

10 years ago, I was very happy, not because I was living in Bavaria ("Bayern") but because Lfc won the Super CUP in Monaco against Bayern Muenchen !!! (a week before 3 Liverpool players scored in Munich against the German national Team ; Gerrard (!) Owen & Heskey ) a great week and a great night tellign all the locals how much I love MY Liverpool team!! ;)

we have a game tonight..

Venue: St James Park Date: Wednesday, 24 August Kick-off: 19:45PM

 Midfielder Liam Sercombe and striker Richard Logan are Exeter's main injury worries and will be assessed before the home side name their line-up. Forward John O'Flynn remains sidelined, while they will also have to do without suspended defender Steve Tully.
 Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is tipped to rest a number of players for the game.
 The Reds are without skipper Steven Gerrard and Glen Johnson, who are both out injured.
previous MATCH FACTS Head-to-head
 •All four previous meetings were cup ties, three of which were in the League Cup.
 •Liverpool won all three; 2-0 in the fourth round at Anfield in October 1979, and 11-0 on aggregate in the second round in October 1981.

Item ; LuCAS (worth a read)   

CS>some one on FB asks to predict the result tonight, without any clue of who Kenny will select!! ;) amazing and also wants to say how many goals Suarez will score, well for me as long as the team scores it dont matter who actually is "awarded" (remember Luis probably made all of Dirks 3 against the Mancs, THAT is what "counts"..

PLus ("EXtras")

TalkSport> By totalling up the points every team has won during their time in England's top division, going right back to the founding of the Football League in 1888, we've worked out which club is top of the all-time pile. A total of 1,756 points separate first and 10th place, with all of last season's top seven...

23/08/2011, 11:57


Aldo,  (ref Aquilani) 

I would LOVE to "take you on" (with EQUAL air time) on Lfc tv or any public place because U call ppl cowards that attack yr opinion, but YOu are PREJUDICED against certain players and attack them via yr privaledged positions @ Lfctv or local (biased) media..?
you are SO wrong about AA (and so many other things) no wonder u didnt make it as a top manager... U are a great LFC fan, but like too many of the "ex Lfc players clique" know FAR less than "full time TRUE Liverpool RED supporters" - WE disagreed with YOU about that fool hodgson (u prefered over Rafa or Kenny last year) and we dis agree about Aquilani, HE has played in the EPL several times without getting "clattered" (watch him v portsmouth etc)
you are narrow minded and blinkered and this "pro-english lobby" is gettign ridiculous, coem off it! please because ist ruining an almost ideal set up at Lfc with Kenny (mind u didn t HE let YOu go??) anyway IF AA goes its you& the xenophobic media's fault !! not his! come On I challenge YOU! ;) i'll be over in LP next month!! lol,

 Happy birthday REd! (Glen was yesterday!)

A special poem for Maja

Hiya Maja, a little lady in Red
With provocation, it can be said,
In your eyes & smile
You challenge us all

Wonder how u are with the ball?

Met u in Bar, the BREdS first
Had a beer but u didn’t have big thirst
Hoped U would be a Bg guide for me
Maybe one day, we shall see

I sense u have a lot to say
And on your very special day
Be you, and from this moment on
Do your BEST, I'll support U too the "LIVERPOOL way"

..may U get all you deserve, and your wishes too!
(be careful what u wish for, in case U get it!) ;)

ChriS X

Hope we have a few bevvies together soon (maybe when I come via Bg next month,
A "celebration" is long overdue! ;) You'll Never Walk Alone, with Hope in yr heart

and the "so-called " Lfc fans committee (I just replied to Karen)

Dear Karen,
as I suspected, its no different than dealing with Lfc, computerised
answering, that never answers, impersonal and robotic..same as in "the
office" (still no minutes? why should they be secret? are they representing the fans
concerns or the board?)

no minutes=no transparency = tamed committee!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Supporters Committee15" <>
To: <chrismith@ursun.
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 12:39 PM
Subject: Re: My11823 ChriS Nasser Aboobakar/Damien Moore Re:
UrSuN11817->International fan representation @ Lfc (committee)

> Hi,
> Thank you for your email.
> I will not be able to respond to every email however I will look to
> raise your point and if necessary will contact you in due course. For
> day to day contact with the Club please use the contact form with link
> below:
> Regards and thank for your support
> Nasser Aboobakar
> LFC Supporters Committee Member
> Representing International Fans - East

> This email and any files transmitted may contain privileged and confidential information. and
Liverpool Football Club will not be responsible for any content and Liverpool Football Club does not endorse, support or make any representations or warranties of any kind about any opinions expressed by  users. Opinions expressed are those of the creator and not of Liverpool Football Club.

go to: 

UNsUB; mass-debating?

You've probably done it already! Carol Johnson, Jan Holland, Beverley Chamberlain, Pierre G. Mehanna, ChriS SmiTH, Daniel James

ON FEBRUARY 26 this year, a 50-year-old Liverpool FC fan stepped in front of a speeding train.
    • Jan Holland have done sis xxx

    • Sally Still Jan Holland, I knew you would have done, but the more publicity the better. It's up to 113,495 signatures now! David Cameron will try to find some way to ignore it, but let's hope the families and country finally get to see the documents....

    • Sally Still
      Twenty-two years earlier this fan had sold his FA Cup semi-final ticket to a friend, a pal who died the next day in the Hillsborough tragedy. We can only guess at the levels of guilt and torment which must have wracked poor Stephen in the y...See more

    • Sally Still You have to be a UK resident or passport holder to sign :-( Lulú Skrtel, Lusayo Mwamlima, Bilja Lfc Miljanović, Kevin Cassar, BoRam Jeon, Ira Mazul

    • Sally Still
      ‎"Jon-Paul Gilhooley, cousin of current Liverpool F.C. captain Steven Gerrard, was the youngest person to die at Hillsborough, aged 10. Gerrard has stated that it was this tragedy that has inspired him and led him to lead his boyhood team a...See more
      The Hillsborough disaster was a human crush that occurred on 15 

    • Sally Still Petition started: 9 August 2011
      18 August 2011- 28,000 signed
      23 August 2011, 100,000
      23 August 2011, 2:40pm: Number of signatures: 114,206
      Earl Mulligan, Neil Earl, Lee Ashford, Les Lawson, Ian Brodie, Paul Tomkins

    • Sally Still
      Long long overdue! Let the families have closure, and stop bringing the government into disrepute with this disgraceful, cruel cover-up. Let the TRUTH be known! JFT 96. Not knowing how/why someone died makes it a wound that heals much more ..

    • Sue McBride Armstrong already done chick.......back crack we gotta do this to make them listen tho. YNWA JFT96

    • ChriS SmiTH govt is in disrepute, what govt hasnt covered up the truth? Justice delayed is justice denied, JFK, Bloody Sunday 9/11 Hillsborough..why do ppl ever trust or vote for politicians??

    • Rahul Basu I'd love to be able to show my support, but I can't in this case, as I'm not based in the UK..

    • Sally Still ChriS SmiTH, yet if we don't vote for the least bad option, we get the worst option of all. What's the solution?

    • Sally Still since it's not that easy to find online. The articles on it don't give links...
      Full government disclosure and publication of all documents, discussions and rep...See more

    • Sally Still I forgot to say: Remember to click the link that you receive in your e-mail or your name will not be added. (it's to check things aren't mass-generated)

    • ChriS SmiTH
      Sally, the problem is that a) the mass expect "leaders" to solve all problems , instead U have to solve your own and take responsibility for yourself and yr community, local & global b) U still continue to buy "tickets for the titanic" even after U know it sunk!! U really expect an answer in a FB reply? yr lives and stop complaining and improve it..all the answers are within us..u are all "too busy" to know it! (but SALLY, PLEASE. please dont insult my intelligence(or yr own) by justification of voting for polticians who are only causing problems not providing solutions and protectingt their own incomes , whilst pretending that the ship didnt hit an iceberg ha ha) ;) wake up!

      Daniel Macarthur 22 August 22:45

more "lively discussions , no news but controversial RE-views?"

LINK: 22/08/2011, 09:44

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