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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REdS v Citeh ; Team must have at least 100 % commitment & 200 % Support ; REdNET bootroom Update KEEP us DREAMING

REdNET "Bootroom"  

(via REdSForce)

REdS v citeh

The "dirty tricks brigade" caused decisions that have so often suffocated our progress since the early 90's were perpetuated by Fergie and on sunday by wham's Allardyce, but the REdS have a "force" that is threatening the "status quo" of the money-rich premiere league,

...led byStevie G... his hunger matching our own, a big chance to lift the league trophy for Liverpool for the first time since the football league sold its soul to the media devils @ murderoch's SKy TV.

..  Rafa, the best manager we have had since 1991 , might have done it, as close as he came, had he not had to cope with fraudulent yankers AND a freaky Ashavin 4 goal - scorer that cost us 2 vital points at a time in 2009 that would have maybe pushed us past the mancs. It was not to be.

Last Sunday I was in Essex... and despite Luis & Studge not being at their sharpest at Upton Park, The energy that is Gerrard drove the team to 3 points and his nerve 

held to sink  2 contested penalties, even after the referee allowed our ex-Andy to punch Mignolet for the hammers only goal. I argued with locals in an essex pub after the game.  some jealousy - that we (& everton!) are looking so good...
Lucas cane on in the 2nd half and shared the load with Stevie, a combination I favour, as Lucas is mature enough to release Stevie to make ocassional forays forward. Our captain has not only developed his defensive skills, his famous pass, but he still has one of the most accurate & powerful shots in the World, &  can win games too!  BR must not bring on  Kolo near the end of a game, three CBs get in each others way, and give initiative to opponents to attck us, he must not do this v citeh, sunday, WE must take the initiative... 

I wondered about the reasons for Sahko, Danny Agger unfit, a late decision, forced or unforced?  may have proven acceptable in the battle against Andys revenge for BR only giving Carroll 18 minutes test before offloading to London. Karma can be terrible, and with Downings & Joke-Cole @ wham it could have proven worse for us. An akward game,  and worrying that
Studge had three "wild shots" off target & Luis hitting the bar twice, were not good omens.  I hope dAgger is back v Citeh and my selection would include him and Lucas with perhaps Raheem on the bench, as the creativity of our players and releasing S & S with passes early, with 200 % Support from the stands, we could shock the sky-blue mancs.

Lets SEE this on sunday!!!

and Goals from  Studge too!
IT IS VITAL that we start strong, press and dont let the citeh players control the ball, we must fight for every first & 2nd ball, and then take the game to them. WE were better than them in December (another game of bad decisions by the ref, cost us dearly or we would now be well clear of rivals) 

A victory sunday for the REdS v citeh could not only keep the DREAM alive but would give us a strong lead & an equal chance to believe the crown will be ours come May 11,  We must focus as if this and the other games are finals...

SUPPORTERS ; PLEASE get into the ground early , stoke the fire, we must make an atmosphere like that in the semis of the champions league, 2005 when we scared chelski and went on to compete in the "miracle final of Istanbul" Every player must give his all on sunday & every fan must be a SUPPORTER, as we were before.....

"REd professionals"


My Best Selection; 

               Goalie :)

Flanno  dAGGer / Skrtel   Glen


Stevie        <->      Hendo


    Studge        Luis  

Raheem to come on for Phil. ..2nd half and keep pressure on away's defence this is a fluid "5-2-1-2" ... that moves into 442 and 433 easily, with Lucas making a central defence "triangle"  Glen left (so he can cut in and Shoot) .. and Flanno Right, getting down the flanks...

... connects an inverted "diamond"  with Lucas releasing Stevie to cause damage with SG's forward passing abilty and long -range shooting; 

 Coutinho behind the front 2 making another triangle that connects with Stevie Lucas & Hendo, and supplies Luis & Studge with enough chances to cause citeh problems.

one game at a time, each one is like a final, 100% commitment needed in every match and 200% Support, - hope Anfield fills up early before the game and give our Team the support we need and intimidate citeh. 3 points please, start strong, dont let citeh settle and Stevie and the lads can win this game too, may the REd Force be with our Team, keep the DREAM

Anfield is expected to generate an electric atmosphere against City - and Henderson reiterated the belief that fans have a role to play over the final five games.

Hendo added: "The crowd have been fantastic throughout.

"They've been really, really good, supporting us the whole way. We've got to put on a good performance for them.

"We've got to work really hard like we have been and hopefully get the three points."


Skrtel ""We will look forward to that challenge. We know the atmosphere created by our fans will be amazing."

REdNet on FB... (link)

wham 1 (andy Foul) LIVERPOOL (Stevie) 2

15th April 1989 , 25 Years, Never forget the 96 and all those Brothers & Sisters, sons & Daughters, Mothers & fathers, we have loved and lost

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