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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Final Home Run" ..keep on DREAMing ..WE are the CLUB

SCLOG 14326 & "REdNET bootroom"

"Final Home Run" 

..keep on DREAMing 

..WE are the CLUB

I was in our "local" half -watching the mancs derby, I missed the start, and it was clear that Utd had surrendered as quickly as their perverted "fans" who were willing to lose, just to stop us having a chance of the league

well, friends & foes, it doesnt always work out like that, OFTEN at this stage an unexpected result can surprise , yes even "super-citeh" can slip up!! the COURAGE to believe to have FAITH and not to give up, supporting and "fighting" for the "LIVERBIRD on our chest" until its all over...and then still not give up 

I find its better NOT to look at the other teams ....and....just (as Shanky did) WILL our team to win ("sometimes I have scored a goal, or kicked one off line, from the dugout", to para=phrase Shanks) 

so many fan nies are video game players and they think like a computer, forgetting that players are HUman, they do incredible things, find skill they didnt know they had, make mistakes and sometimes get over-confident, and get caught by a "lucky or unlucky bounce" or a ref that is "blind" . 

IF WE WIN EVERY game until the end of this season (IF!) then a) we have done our BEST, and b) I believe "destiny" or "luck" will help us...

so PLEASE be SUPPORTERS, even if a result goes against us, our game or a rival.. WE ARE THE CLUB...believe it because WE are LIVERPOOL

Tonight v Sunderland, at the weekend v Spurs ...lets DO it, bring back the virtual trinity and not worry about BR's learning, because Stevie wants this as much as we do! he is our "MANager" on the field...

The Team must start strong, and not let the opponents settle, 100% commitment, and please, BR do not "tinker" especially with defence..

(as Sinatra often said "its lonely at the top, because so many give up!)
come ON you REDS! WE are the CLUB 

My Selection :-

               Goalie (!)

Flanno  dAGGer / Skrtel   Glen


Stevie        <->      Hendo


    Studge          Luis 

JOe ...with the scouse SPIRIT that Shanks IGNITED

having "managed expectations" down to aiming for 4th position, dont expect true REdS not to aim for number 0ne,WE never bought into F S G & Henry's BR policy of "qualification" is good enough, we are not arsene/arsenal WE are LIVERPOOL = winning is in OUR Spirit... the TeaM is worthy of the league, thanks to Stevie & co, not BR! REdNET!



CS> Allen gave Cardiff a head start with sloppy pass and lack of cover for bother goals BR's cavalier style will always offer opponents chances, dont Blame our current defence, Allen gave Cardiff the first goal, and failed to cover for their 2nd, Lucas is much better equipped to support an attacking line-up and also experienced enough to release Stevie, to use his EXISTING passing and LONG-RANGE shooting ability, wise up, REdS! - BR putting Cissohko on for Flanno = WRONG, Allen instead of LUcas = WRONG!  (Sahko on for 5 mins didnt "bolster the defence" U really talk CR*p Paul! 

Empire>Torres debunked. Even at his peak Torres 
didn't score as many goals as Sturridge has.  
@empofkop u are REALLY stupid, Studge is great, but dont do down Nando who won games at the highest level for us & OUR CLUB 

one game at a time, not boasting, the Liverpool way, full commitment and play strong from the start, and lets keep on with "the Dream"
(as we did in '05)

Twits & twatters;

Have you stopped laughing at David Moyes yet? No, us neither. Here's a collection of the web's best Moyes jokes:…
19 Mar
The Manc Fan nies are THE biggest shame of their club....
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Liverpool FC @LFC
Allen: "The fans were great again. We're happy we gave them three points and six more goals."… - 23 Mar
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@LFC @EuRED09 teachers pet lucky to play instead of Lucas! sloppy pass and poor cover gave cardiff chances, BR & fan nies blind about Allen!

Empire of the Kop@empireofthekop
Torres debunked. Even at his peak Torres didn't score as many goals as Sturridge has. - 22 Mar
REd AlieN@RedAlieNeT 
@empireofthekop @EuRED09 u are REALLY stupid, Studge is great, but dont do down Nando who won games at the highest level for us & OUR CLUB !
01:49 PM - 23 Mar 14

May the REd Force be with our Team...3 points please, start strong, press and dont let spurs settle.
- Stevie wants this as much as we do...keep us dreaming REdS
LIVERPOOL 4 spurs 0 
OG, Luis, Cout, Hendo 
happy SUNday, RedS go top and now back home eating icecrem and watching "Close Encounters" on Tv :)

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay >
Still in 2nd in the league with a point behind Chelsea after Sunderland 2-1 (2 days ago) & Cardiff 6-3 (last Saturday) but the main thing is that will finish in the top 3 at the end of the season & play in Europe's top elite when Champions League football returns to Anfield for the first time since 2009, Brendan Rodgers is doing a good job at the club putting the team to levels breaking records & being the top scorers in the Premier League & he wants to sign the new deal when the owners saying it will be at the end of the season is not right & we also fighting for the title this season too with 8 games left & were still unbeaten in the league in 2014 but will continue to do so until the end of the season being unbeaten & a winning streaks. Come 11th May at Anfield in the final game of the season if the Premier League trophy comes to & also top of the league will be buzzing & Brendan Rodgers dynasty era has begin.

Harvey >  Stevie is the driving force, more than BR
Mark Shaw > Strangely that's not what Steven Gerrard says...
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers should get a new contract for the work he is doing at Anfield, says Steven Gerrard.
Harvey >  Stevie is club captain, and has always promoted the managers,  he even said nice things about that fool "woy" .. Gerrard is never gonna say "its me" thats not his character ..but anyone who understands football knows who influences our team the most, and also that BR is still a novice, learning, and makes fundemental errors, without Stevie we would not be at or near the top, of course S & S get most of the goals, but its Stevie driving the team , not BR, too many "plaudits" going BR's way .. i suppose its just the modern era, ppl become "legendary" before they even win a trophy thanks to the                       "media" and kids .. ================ ======

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