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Saturday, March 1, 2014

revenge @ soton? & Look up not behind you...! (Shanks "aim for the stars") REdnet bootroom opinion

Look UP not behind ...

Stevie G needs to be a positive influence & manager on the field , 'cause we dont have one off it..
BR is still a novice, hasnt yet won a trophy so it is down to senior players; Stevie ; dAgger, Glen, and Luis to "make it happen" - every gane is a cup final for 3 points and to win a "dream title"..
Shanks always wanted his teams & Bob, Joe & Kenny followed this ideal afterwards to "aim for the Stars"  

BR changes his mind according to popular opinion..

Chelski ; Maureen wants to win 1-0 every game but can come unstuck as they are stretched by Chamions league (CL) games etc
Citeh may be ejected from CL but they need aguero for the title..and can get "done" away from home idf their players dont fight for it.
Arsenal... who knows what they will do ? but probably they will go for the FA cup...and ...

LIVERPOOL, can focus on the League take advantage of the rest - and I feel Stevie knows this MAY be his best and last chance of lifting the title..that energy could make the difference, players like Coutinho, Hendo, Skrtel, Raheem, Flanno and goal-machine Studge can raise their game accordingly - the biggest loss is Pepe, his "sweeping" at the back 
- his speed off the line, makes him another "Centre back" interception of passes & crosses and his exceptional distribution vital, but Mignolet will have to "come of age" because BR/F S G f**KED THAT UP!

oh, I do truly hope BR takes note of Kennys experience, because if we had Rafa still we would have won the league by now...........

...for sure! :)

REdNET  bootroom 

redmenTV  is just a drunken rant, and yr sh*te as a "pundit" Pejak, too, go and have another pint @ the sandon, son, their 3 goals were a) terrific strike, b) lucky deflection c) pen, and  forget to mention BR has changed the defence more than 20 times in 27 games, ( and why give Toure 20 mins ?) ANYone with intelligence knows changing defence constantly  will not produce a solid unit, starting 11 was looking good and should remain so, oh, did BR ask u to prop up "teachers pet" Allen? Yeah he was decent, but u exagerate, Stevie G was always the main man right until the end, watch the game again, about time more praise for Hendo, .. 3 points , now go back to yr fan nies TV show, or write more sh*te at the echo (desperate arent they?) :)  we could win this league,  if BR learnt anything from Kenny or Rafa! 

Shankly's Red CrusadeLiverpool 'to loan Jordon Ibe to Birmingham City'

Liverpool are reportedly close to sending highly-rated youngster Jordon Ibe out on loan to Birmingham City.

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers is keen for the 18-year-old to gain match experience at the Championship club, according to The Mirror.

Former Wycombe Wanderers man Ibe, who can play on either wing, is said to have been earmarked as one for the future at Anfield.

Ibe has made one start and one substitute appearance for Liverpool this season (sportsmole )

Harvey >  dont  loan out good young players , they should be developed by us, the Liverpool way

 Shankly's Red Crusade > I think that Brendan sees it as a good way to learn the 'rough and tumble' side of the game. The Championship is a lot more physical, and the Premiership is played at a lot faster pace. They will not get that experience playing in the U21s or U18s. This way they will have more experience when they are recalled for the First Team Squad.

Harvey > IBE was in the first team squad, ID rather see him involved that "pet" Allen
Shankly's Red Crusade Allen has a cooler head. It will give Ibe a good education. I saw Allen play live at the Emirates and he had a very good game. Worked hard, set up chances and helped Gerrard.
Harvey >sorry am I talking to BR?

 Allen is an average player, decent for Swansea, but even I can pass the ball a few yards or sideways & back.. and run a bit.. LMAO!
        SCLOG: REdNET Bootroom Update, come on REdS !!!!! ......ride the white swans...please!
        - "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"
 Shankly's Red Crusade  No you are not talking to BR, don't be so rude. I get so fed up with you so called 'fans.' Stop being so negative about our players. Allen made a difference today. A good substitution. He helped to calm the team down, propped up the midfield and gave Henderson the freedom to go forward and score. What is wrong with you?

Harvey >"rude"?? u called me "ignorant" on another thread!! and i suppose there is more than one person here, because the other agreed to disagree, dont really care if U get "fed up" you set up this page, using the great name of Bill Shankly, yet u cant stomach anyone who disagrees with the perversion of his ideals by the current boardroom.. Stevie G was always the man in this game, Allan was decent, but it certainly didnt improve the team by putting Toure & Moses on in place of Agger & Studge, 

whats wrong with me, ??? I'll tell u! = I dont like it when people set up pages with the name of the man who probably influenced my opinions on life more than anyone, then telling me i cant have an opinion, i question almost EVERY F S G decision because I question their motives and so would Shanks!

Shankly's Red Crusade > Poor Harvey, always so negative.

Harvey > at leasts I am not a hypocrite, ... yes, of course i am "negative" because I dont agree with u, and u hide behind an anon profile.. I am supporting the ... this is positive , and when we allowed G & H in our club (at the time top of eufa rankings ) with Rafa the best tactician in academy with 25 intenational kids and Kenny Borught back by Rafa and Rudolfo influence all destroyed by G & H/F S G .. so that now we "aim for 4th" ..THATS "negative" .. Shanks "aim for the Stars" ..

Shankly's Red Crusade > shared Liverpool FC - Liverpool Echo's photo.
Like a Ferrari pulling a caravan?!
Here's Prenno's analysis on yesterday's nerve-jangler at Anfield: A forward line from heaven but the defence from hell - like a Ferrari pulling a caravan is the best analogy we've heard so far!

Harvey >  be better if BR didnt keep selecting wrong players and changing the defence more than 20 times in 27 games.. but i super strike , 1 deflection and 1 dodgy pen was nt as bad as u make it seem.

Shankly's Red Crusade  I didn't make it seem anything, it was an article in the Echo. Not sure if you had noticed, but we have had a string of injuries in the defence?!
Harvey > yes injuries affect defence, but BR changed defence by choice too, experimenting at the wrong times, and subbing defenders (thats just wrong) bu talso FSG forcing out Pepe (who is faster off his line and plays a sweeper role, and distributes better than Mignolet ) & (who like Pepe and all goalies makes errors from time to time) last season BR disrupted the Agger / Skrtel partnership ,(after ONE bad game) FSG playing games with Glens contract, chose Cissohko instead of Kelly & Flanno, brings Sahko in, who was shamed by Torres (and who exchanged shirts with Eto at Chelski) dropped Lucas when he was obviously needed to protect back 4.. but u arent interested in anythign unless it agrees with the FSG/BR mantra, I never ever publicly criticised Lfc before 2007

 .. but that just showed me that its necessary to correct the "propaganda" that comes out of the Lfc boardroom.. ( and BR was THEIR "choice" over Kenny & Rafa!!!!!)... ist no good calling your self "Shanks Red Crusade" then preaching a commercial policy that erodes all the the man stood for.

and the title of your comment is hardly "positive or loyal" is it???

Shankly's Red Crusade  It is the Echo's headline. I do wish you would stop using Shank's words. I had chats with him on more than one occasion. He would have the sense to applaud what they are doing at Anfield. You just denigrate his philosophy. I really feel sorry for you, so blinkered.

Harvey Tuttle > obviously dont know or understand Shanks beliefs & ideals Many people talked to Shanks - no way would he sanction the G & H/F S G perversion of his & our ideals - its hypicritical to back Henry and Co then hide behind a profile that uses Willies name, the same as its wrong for the Union to be using "Spirit of Shankly" but with a weak "spirit" 

/// have all missed the point or deliberately want to fool the young or naive fans..

Shankly's Red Crusade > I might have know you were one of the rednet brigade. Enough said. You really need to grow up Harvey.

Harvey > u really need to wake up, whoever u are..  yep we "rebels" are all determined to get these exploiters, their F S G clones and fan nies out of our club..

WE are LIVERPPOOL, WE are the CLUB and we are Shankly boys, grown & educated on the (old) Kop, and WE havent forgotten OUR roots!
Liverpool 4 swans 3

  1. L


  2. i was there! was a kid in London doing work experience, and got a seat on the london wolves fans train , that alone was a story, the only Red amongst them , they were ok, there was a hole in the fence about an extra 20,000 got in the molyn...See More
    Wolves 76. What a Story from Stephen Aintree…
    What a day! My dad and I went and got first in the queue at one of the paddock turnstiles. (By arriving at 11:30 am!!). Bill McGarry actually saw us and came over for a chat at one stage. We buy...See More
     — with Tanja Banfi and 10 others
    Photo: Wolves 76. What a Story from Stephen Aintree…
What a day! My dad and I went and got first in the queue at one of the paddock turnstiles. (By arriving at 11:30 am!!). Bill McGarry actually saw us and came over for a chat at one stage. We buy a programme with one of the best covers EVER! Then....well over 50% of Molyneux is red-and-white, it seems. People on the floodlights, the stand roof, everywhere. Fourteen minutes in....Steve Kindon scores....runs past us, arm eerie silence in our part of the paddock. The game goes on....and on. Quarter of an hour or so left. Toshack...Keegan....1-1, and everyone knows it's over. No way back for Wolves. Toshack scores a smashing second...people on the pitch, all over the goal area. Ray Kennedy's classy finish rubber stamps the title. More invasions - get off!!! Then the whistle.

Elton John is playing that night at Liverpool Empire. Apparently comes onstage at one point with a sign carrying the score. Class.

We've missed the last train home, me and my dad. We don't care. A bloke we'd been talking to - a complete stranger, just standing, crushed, shoulder-to-shoulder with in the paddock - comes back to us and says "Hey lads - do you want a lift back to Liverpool?"

And one of the best days of my 19-year-old life is complete.
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  4. ///.... Justice banner @ Olympiacos ! YNWA! 
    Photo: ///....  Justice banner @ Olympiacos !  YNWA!1
  5. older Kopites had wit ..
    Photo: older Kopites had wit ..

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