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Sunday, February 23, 2014

REdNET Bootroom Update, come on REdS !!!!! ......ride the white swans...please!

CHOOSE "happy Hendo" not "teachers pet" Joe..(Allen)
REdNET Bootroom 


come on REdS !!!!!

......ride the white swans...please!


REdS , come on, 100% commitment, have a strong start, please play like U did at home against evrton & arsenal , dont let swansEA settle, 

Micheal O Regan> 12 games to go liverpool are 4th in the league,where do u think we will finish at end of season?

Jod Burke > Hahah I love all you guys being optimistic but im a realist. We are not as good as City or Chelsea ... yet. Ill be ecstatic with 4th and CL football. Over the moon with 3rd if we can get by Arsenal and get direct qualification to the CL. Next year for a title run I think.
 Colm Nolan > John Barnes said third to me tonight

Micheal O Regan> I reckon we will overtake arsenal,we r home to city n chelsea so we are capable of a strong finish.Let's beat Swansea tomorrow and take it from there

Dominic Casey > Not in d bottom 3 I reckon.....

ChriS SmiTH > depends on selection and tactics, if BR can learn from Shanks philosphy ..aim for the stars, this could be our best chance, because neither chelski nor citeh are that impressive, they have cup games and also our Stevie wants it.. maybe HIS last chance to capt winners. "aim for the stars" ..dont "manage expectations" FFS!   agree Michael, one game at a time, we never boasted or predicted even when we dominated the League and europe..

Blah("sportsmole")> Liverpool 'to loan Jordon Ibe to Birmingham City'
Liverpool are reportedly close to sending highly-rated youngster Jordon Ibe out on loan to Birmingham City. 
Reds boss Brendan Rodgers is keen for the 18-year-old to gain match experience at the Championship club, according to The Mirror. Former Wycombe Wanderers man Ibe, who can play on either wing, is said to have been earmarked as one for the future at Anfield. Ibe has made one start and one substitute appearance for Liverpool this season 

Harvey >  dont loan out good young players , they should be developed by us, the Liverpool way

Shankly's Red Crusade>  I think that Brendan sees it as a good way to learn the 'rough and tumble' side of the game. The Championship is a lot more physical, and the Premiership is played at a lot faster pace. They will not get that experience playing in the U21s or U18s. This way they will have more experience when they are recalled for the First Team Squad.

Harvey > IBE was in the first team squad, ID rather see him involved that "pet" Allen

on going.....

 ar*enal 2 Liverpool 1 , out of the FACUP - Now EVERY game is a cup final...

It wont dampen my joy at the FIVE goals last saturday, which could and should have been TEN! v the gooners in the league

Coming back from travelling I didnt really much attention tot his game, my instincts telling me toplay it down, so I didnt get to our club to watch until a few mins before the start, being a bit tired from 10 days of short sleep. alchohol & a lot of eating withOUT my usual excercise, running and footy,.. I felt "heavy"

A bit of Gerrard magic had rescued the game at Fulham , and another 3 points..

but the FACUP is not ours this season..

As the camera focussed on the players waiting to come out, I was happy to see Agger, but then the doubts..
BR rightly dropped Toure
WRONGLY picked (his pet) Joe instead of Hendo (Jordan having the best phase of his career!!!!!)
and Howards Webb didnt let me down, giving our players Yellow cards, ignoring a blatant (2nd) Pen..and failing to penalise home players against us.,
it was chelski v Liverpool again, but just the home name changed..

and then, just to convince me that this was not our day, the normally lethal Studge missed 2 (of 3) good chances in the first few minutes..

However, this leaves the REdS with "Just" the League to go for and if it was anyone other than BR I would be confident of THE TITLE, and NO LESS,
but BR constantly shows his lack, he had our team chasing the game, instead of palying (as Ar*enal did) by counter - attack, its obvious that Wenger told his team to sit and wait for counter chances, which gave them the 2nd goal. 

WE should have played that game. Luis, Studge & Raheem are all capable of damage when one on one...

and BR realised, too late, that the gooners would attack down Cissokho's flank, Flanno at left, Kelly (and soon, again Glen) on the right would make more sense, but when fit I would switch Glen to left, he looks more defensively "sound" on the left, and can still get forward. Our current LB, decided to launch crosses into the box, when we have probably the smallest forwards in the division, and the gooners big defenders just loved it.

WE must now just go for the 3 points, one game at a time, as if they were finals, and hope that BR dont make any more stupid decisions, about tactics , selections or subs..because we can go all the way, despite our novice coach (oh, how I yearn for Kenny or Rafa to be in charge...)

I'd rather have the 3 points and memory of the FIVE goals against ar*enal , when thery were top of the league, than today... lets get the points..we are the only top club that can concentrate 100% on winnign the league, if we are lucky the distractions of Champions league , FA Cup etc will cost our rivals, and who knows we may come from behind 

Shankly's Red Crusade > Sorry for the delay in replying to your post Harvey Tuttle. Afraid you appear to be wrong on a few counts. Kelly is still not ready to step into a game like that, and to be honest he is more of a centre back. I agree that Cissokho is a weak point in our team but who would you play there instead? Brad Smith would be quite good in that position, but due to his lack of experience Brendan has rightly kept him back. Too many young players are thrust into a team before they are ready and it has spoiled many a youngster. On to Allen. He had a very good game, worked his socks off and at times only he and Coutinho were doing the pressing. He also played some good through balls whilst trying to help out Stevie G who will be the first to admit he has slowed up a bit. He brings so many other good qualities to our game that there is no way we would not play Stevie. Henderson did come on near the end, but it was obvious he was struggling with balance. Brendan was right not to play him from the start. He only had an operation on Thursday, and the plaster cast on his arm really hampered his play. Now to your comments on Brendan. I was at that game yesterday. Our team were playing like the 'old' Liverpool. Yes I remember them. I stood on the Kop through the seventies and eighties. Our team played the most wonderful football. Their passing and running and cross field play was a privilege to watch. I see most games on the television and the camera follows the ball. Watching a game live, you can see the whole field of play and our style of football was exceptional. Brendan is moulding them into an amazing team to watch. Their passing and speed and the cross field passes were superb. Unfortunately, I was sat amongst Arsenal supporters but even their comments were in awe of the way we played. They are not used to seeing good football. To actually suggest that we need Kenny or Rafa just shows, I am afraid, how ignorant your comments are. Brendan is doing a brilliant job. Who got Sturridge playing when everyone had cast him off? Who bought Coutinho, and has turned him into a more rounded player. He now plays as a team player and also helps out in defence. Look how he persevered with Sterling. His running with the ball yesterday was excellent, and he beat numerous defenders as if they weren't there. He even had a good stint at right back. Brendan said that he had a three year plan. It is coming together sooner than even he dreamed. I will admit that he made one error in his team selection yesterday. Work it out for yourself. I am afraid that your comments are full of holes. Don't criticise our team, manager or players. They don't set out to lose. Just feel sorry for Arsenal supporters who have to watch their team play mundane football week after week. Be thankful we have a forward looking manager instead of moaning about him.

Harvey > no wonder it took so long ,,,:) ..
a) Kelly hasnt been given a chance, 
b) Reds would be playing this way because BR discarded his Barca version2, 
c) Kenny & Rafa know how to win trophies BR is still learning..NO one can doubt Rafa's record of trophies nor Kennys .. 
d) agree Coutinho and Studge good players but 10 others brought in arent and too many good players loaned out (Ibe? now??) ,,btw the quantity of top young players was down to Rafa & Kenny .. 

e) I support the team, not someone hired by the yankers - they dumped Kenny, Rudolfo & Mcparland, hired the thug chang and so on.. I know u are sold on F S G , u wont ever accept that WE failed to take over the club with 30 million followers 

its an easy "business" to manage, if the germans can do it why cant we? or do u think they have more imtelligent fans than you? ...hmmmm..thats a point..

Shankly's Red Crusade>  You sound to me like the type of supporter, who, when we won the European Cup, said "Yes, but we only won it on penalties" All some supporters (luckily in the minority) is do but moan. Celebrate that at long last we are emerging from the fog and not only are we doing quite well, we are playing some very attractive football. You also live in 'Cloud Cuckoo land' if you think that we could afford to buy out Club. Most of us can't even afford to go and watch the team!

Harvey >  so u think that german fans have a bigger income than Uk fans? anyway with 30 million worldwide it would be easy to set up, I cant "respect" anyione employed by Henry & F S G , when it all comes out what they did, (and Changs threatening fans is just the tip of the iceberg) its u swallow the F SG propaganda that will have mud on their faces, not only do we have a big enough global support (it would have cost LESS than the price of ONE ticket if we all backed the idea) apart from that, we had the ideal chance when the 08 capital of culture project was granted, but certain people just filled their pockets,... I have supported the team through "wind & rain" but i am not blinkrede to the failings of Henry , Ayres OR BR... but thanks anyway , whoever u are, for allowing an open & honest debate

... thats the LIVERPOOL way..
greetings from ;  YNWA!

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