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Monday, February 17, 2014

14217 Now EVERY game is a cup final...

ar*enal 2 Liverpool 1 , out of 
the FACUP - Now EVERY game is a cup final...

It wont dampen my joy at the FIVE goals last saturday, which could and should have been TEN! v the gooners in the league

Coming back from travelling I didnt really much attention tot his game, my instincts telling me to play it down,  so I didnt get to our club to watch until a few mins before the start, being a bit tired from 10 days of short sleep. alchohol & a lot of eating withOUT my usual exercise, running and footy,.. 

I felt "heavy"

A bit of Gerrard magic had rescued the game at Fulham , and another 3 points..

but the FACUP is not ours this season..

As the camera focussed on the players waiting to come out, I was happy to see Danny Agger, but then the doubts..
BR rightly dropped Toure
WRONGLY picked (his pet) Joe instead of Hendo (Jordan having the best phase of his career!!!!!)

and Howards Web b didnt let me down, giving our players Yellow cards, ignoring a blatant (2nd) Pen..and failing to penalise home players against us., it was chelski v Liverpool again,  but just the home name changed..

and then, just to convince me that this was not our day, the normally lethal Studge missed 2 (of 3) good chances in the first few minutes..

However, this leaves the REdS with "Just" the League to go for and if it was anyone other than BR I would be confident of THE TITLE, and NO LESS,

but, BR constantly shows his lack, he had our team chasing the game, instead of palying (as Ar*enal did) by counter - attack, its obvious that Wenger told his team to sit and wait for counter chances, which gave them the 2nd goal. 

WE should have played that game. Luis, Studge & Raheem are all capable of damage when one on one...

and BR realised, too late, that the gooners would attack down Cissokho's flank,  Flanno at left, Kelly (and soon, again Glen) on the right would make more sense, but when fit I would switch Glen to left, he looks more defensively "sound" on the left, and can still get forward. Our current LB, decided to launch crosses into the box, when we have probably the smallest forwards in the division, and the gooners big defenders just  loved it.

WE must now just go for the 3 points, one game at a time, as if they were finals, and hope that BR dont make any more stupid decisions, about tactics , selections or subs..because we can go all the way, despite our novice coach (oh, how I yearn for Kenny or Rafa to be in charge...) 

I'd rather have the 3 points and memory of the FIVE goals against ar*enal , when thery were top of the league, than today... lets get the points..we are the only top club that can concentrate 100% on winning the league, if we are lucky the distractions of Champions league , FA Cup etc will cost our rivals, and who knows we  may come from behind :)
Currently the Laegues top scorers, IF they continue WE have a "chance" of glory....




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