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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RedNet Bootroom 
- post wbrom , & Pre LIVE R Pool v Ar*enal

The team and many fan nies took the game for granted ...

- we must go out & play Strong from the first minute in every game and play away, with as much energy, enthusiasm and "fight" as we do @ Anfield. and OUR Support should please remember, not to be like the moronic mancs who spent more time trying to do us down than supporting their own..

BR must now see the chance to win against the gooners and "go for it" 

NO team is better than ours when we play as ONE.. dont talk about 4th , AIM FOR THE Stars ... (and honour the TRUE Spirit of Shanks)
Its easy to blame Kolo, but BR didnt take care of Danny Agger when fit
BUT ....please
 NO Lfc Defender shoukld wear GLOVES!!!!!

Luis needs to start scoring again ..Hopefully on saturday

Need a BIG game from SG and midfield support - 
Skrtel & Luis ; Vital

TanjaWell done stoke, lets all laugh at man utd hahaha.

LETS get Henry, F S G and all the exploiting bloodsuckers OUT of OUR club , out of our game!

Hi —
I just signed this petition and wanted to ask for your support. The more people who join the campaign, the more likely it is to win. Will you help by adding your name?


  Squawka Football @Squawka
Kolo Toure's Day In Numbers: 39 passes completed (81% accuracy), 2 interceptions, 6 clearances & 1 huge clanger. - 02 Feb
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@Squawka @thisisanfield @EuRED09 take off the gloves, no one looks like a true defender with gloves on..
Jim Boardman @JimBoardman
A Delta taxi has just left Melwood. - 31 Jan
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@JimBoardman @EuRED09 (song)"dont sign Konopl yanka -another squaddie winger, Ayre is a W*nker - the MD is a "ringer" ;) #FSGwastesourmoney   
12:44 PM - 31 Jan 14
Alex Miller @alexmiller73
Anfield stadium capacity may grow as large as 64,000 if all expansion work under consideration is completed - 31 Jan
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@alexmiller73 @thisisanfield @EuRED09 if me Da had been Ho chi Mon, i'd speak chinese
**CLICHE KLAXON** Liverpool are being HELD TO RANSOM for Konoplyanka. Latest updatesl here:… - 31 Jan
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@MirrorFootball @JimBoardman @EuRED09 dont sign Konoplyanka-another squaddie winger, Ayre is a W*nker-the MD is a "ringer" #FSGwastesourmoney
#LFC rumoured to be looking at Malaga midfielder Francisco Portillo #TransferDeadlineDay - 31 Jan
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT

@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 yeah?, but I 've been looking at this really beautiful girl walking in our high street :)
News of a Suarez move on our live blog!… That's Miken Suarez signing for Dartford in the Conference Premier - 31 Jan
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 nah thats Luis nutmegging another feckin journo!
12:50 PM - 31 Jan 14
This Is Anfield @thisisanfield
Liverpool may be set to play friendlies in Chicago, Philadelphia and North Carolina this summer:… - 01 Feb
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@thisisanfield @EuRED09 slave to the dollar, Henry's puppets & the F S G clones & fan nies must be wetting themselves...
10:20 AM - 01 Feb 14

Liverpool Echo @LivEchoLFC
Blood Red: Rodgers the architect of derby triumph - 01 Feb
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@LivEchoLFC @EuRED09 you get funnier by the day, "woy junior" is a black belt in origami , "architect" ha ha ha aha hahahahahahhahahhhhaha!

Jim Boardman @JimBoardman
#LFC // New on #TAW // LIVERPOOL FC – YOU’VE CHANGED // @TheAnfieldWrap - 01 Feb
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james cluskey @jaycluskey99
@JimBoardman @TheAnfieldWrap what is a transfer committee and what does it do - 01 Feb
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
@jaycluskey99 @JimBoardman @TheAnfieldWrap @EuRED09 a puppet accountants structure of Henry & as little risk as possible= better that way ;)
10:25 AM - 01 Feb 14
Thank you to everyone who visited yesterday — it was our busiest ever day with over 663,000 hits. - 01 Feb
REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT

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