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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

now show you are Supporters , NOW show WE are worthy Champions.. OUR CLUB ; OUR Team..WE go AGAIN>>>@Palace

now show you are Supporters , 
 NOW show WE are worthy Champions.. 

14427 0-2 @ Anfield
Charge of the LIVeRpooL brigade? 
BR defeated by maureen, 
Stevie slips... 
but the League can still be won! 
(if we are as ONE)
...As I reflected on the game, I was exhausted.. this para phrase came to me ,,how to descibe this feeling, to people who just dont understand my Support

" (Chelski) defenders to the left of them, defenders to the right of them...
...the gallant REdS cavalry charged on to the Russian (Abrano) defence....."

Yes thats what it reminded me of, the BR "cavalier attack-tics" ...
but as much as I dislike Maureen, he showed our media-friendly BR how to win a game, and set up a team, ...

I said many times ; if fit , dAGGer must join Skrtel @ CB, 

Danny surely wouldnt have drifted in FRONT of Stevie
and yes our capt.slipped but why was Stevie "last man"???

I have said before the obvious defensive triangle, (especially at Anfield) is to put Lucas in front of the CB's ..

(Champion teams need a sound defensive structure) 

and push Stevie into a joint role (absent Hendo) with Lucas OUR STEVIE has been the MAN..ager on the field , bonding the team sharing his passion, and as we saw, again, taking the responsibility, perhaps too much, in the 2nd half. as he stove to recover the game with at least a half dozen of our TWENTY-SIX goal attempts and 70% possesion.

As expected Chelski, as they did in so many big games, ceded possession, so WHY play Allen (BR's pet player) when Studge is fit? 

better to start with our strongest 11... and for me that means Coutinho behind S & S...allowing Flanno and Glen to handle the "width"

the Mobility of Studge and Luis compensates for the lack of wide midfielders..Raheem can share the load AND get at the back line and keep the opponents under pressure

OUR S & S would have streched the Chelski CB's, and BR must learn that (?) :-

a) throwing on an extra defender , when leading, gives away initiative 
b) throwing on an extra attacker , when losing , clutters the attack, 
often we had "too many" in their box,

 and Aspas for Flanno caused their 2nd goal, 

which could lose us the Title..

NOW we ALL MUST become SUPPORTERS to the very last minute, in force @ Palace and hope that results go our way..THE TEAM needs YOU! we deserve the Title ... ? KEEP the DREAM alive and BELIEVE we can...and transmit that to the players..

I Felt Stevies pain, I dont want to see our manager exchanging smiles with our closest rivals.

NOW is the time to "come of age" Brendan, maureen taught you a lesson, he "done " you, so learn from it!, 

its OUR DREAM! dont spoil it. ========

"REdNet" & bootroom ...OPINION

Sean (we come not to play)> 
Rumors are going around that I am warming to the Owners... Well, rumors are true. After the last financial report published which clearly show progress and the go ahead on the expansion and redevelopment of Anfield (and yes.. its not the first time we have seen blueprints of a stadium by Yanks), I cannot say, hand on heart, that i can fault them at the moment. What is going to further convince me is this summer transfer window. We have already qualified for the champions league next season, and we may even win the Premiership... they will have no excuses not to couple up... and I am not talking about spending money foolishly... like the Arabs or some Russian Billionaire that have money like a bottomless pit... I am talking about doing our business wisely, invest in the team, rebuild the squad, re-enforce it... and a MUST... sort the defense out. So I am warming to the owners... as much as i would like a fan ownership... but I am not 100% convinced. (seanoc)

CF Dix > The ideas are not too bad, but true REDS , with out the money of many of the middle class "fans" prefer to see true supporters get tickets - not VIP and corporates - the Hillsborough disaster was caused by Police and stadium neglect NOT (safe standing) supporters - its emotional but true that german stadiums with proper terraces offer cheaper tickets and room for more SUPPORTERS who sing and support (not only when its a BIG or important game.. if we honour the Shanks spirit and the socialist ethics and dont keep paying homage to F S G commercial agenda, then we MUST show it by a renovation (cheap) and bring SAFE standing (we stand anyway, and in a seated area THAT IS DANGEROUS) back to the KOP
 (copied from H-T!)

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay >and chris, are you saying i, or anyone on this page aren't true reds?? seanoc

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay> Be very careful chris. Lee

Mark Shaw >I've read that post of Chris's three times now and I can't see anywhere where he say's you're not reds, being a little oversensitive there Sean!, and Lee what's with the threats? "be very careful"? behave! As for the points in Chris's post he makes some valid ones, but while I think that safe standing is something that will happen eventually, Anfield will be the last stadium to adopt it. Hillsborough dictates that. I would have loved the stadium to be a huge 80/90k ,but the footprint of Anfield won't allow that. As for west hams stadium, that's a poor example as they never actually built it themselves did they Lee?, it was a leftover of more government money spent regenerating London, as that's the only place in the country that matters* sarcasm by the way!

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay > No one threatened anyone there mark... Well I didn't. I just asked him was he calling his not true fans... That's all seanoc

Chris FD> .hmmm, so, anyway, the stadium I stood in as a lad had a standing KOP, those terraces were NOT "safe" but I have also stood at german stadiums with properly structured terracing, ,,all-seaters are for the rich, our club USED to care about ordinary supporters and we could increase the KOP by almost 8,000 places SAFEly unfortunately 99% of of people even NOW mis-understand the hillsborough crime, and to allow the conversion of the KOP to seating was a massive error! why? ..because.... its says that terracing caused the disaster, it did NOT, everyone shoudl reverse the mentality NOW and USE SAFE standing to PROVE that WE did not cause the 96, the POLICE and stadium management did (and a political opponent in n.10 too) .. anyway as usual intelligence is crowded out by the masses and the loudest voices in the media, whilst FSG just fill their pockets .

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay > chris... im not bringing up terracing or hillsborough on this page... do it in your blogs.. i am all for seated stadiums and not bringing back stands... seanoc

Chris FD> censored?

Fenway. We Come Not To Pay Im not warming to them. Lee

Chris FD> I know what you are "all for" (sean? ) and that NOT allowing any other (intelligent|) opinions that differ  from yours,,or that u dont understand.
more @

supporting ;



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