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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

palace 000 Liverpool Six .NO ! SICK>> ....needing a miracle..PLEASE!

palace 000 Liverpool Six .NO ! SICK>>(3-3)

....needing a miracle..PLEASE!

I am writing this after about 12 hours, it took this long to sink in, and stop lashing out at anyone who starts making excuses and claiming "we have had a great season" ..Yes and NO, I dont like to reflect until after the season has gone,  there were too many fan nies posting "we 're gonna win the league" and talking about high scores without respect to the opposition or the minor miracle within our team.. 

Teams that "come right" at a special time ..because of a "bond" .. (thanks to Stevie)

its WHY LIVERPOOL's team and ATLETICO (with even a much SMALLER budget) proves all the "money men" ..the *ankers who keep talking about who we gonna buy etc etc are...WRONG, at any one time there are only 11 men v 11 men , there are referees, who make mistakes or have bias, a lucky (or UNlucky) bounce 

...the players are HUMAN

..and thats why a manager, must be more than a "coach"...

Next sunday we pray that the REdS win and Citeh lose to give us our 19th

... despite BR, when he joined I complained that Rafa was ignored... 

I dont like that Henry employed a young "media - friendly coach" ..yes 99 goals (to date) is something special, but half as many conceded is an exposure of BR's naivety, his " tweaking" of the Defence is over-looked by those who hammered at Rafa for "rotation" ..or "zonal marking"  BR and his assistant looked like little boys v Maureen, and that oaf Pulis must have thanked the heavens that BR let his palace side off the hook..

I could manage the team to the top, if I had Stevie, Luis, Studge, Raheem, Coutinho, Lucas, Glen, Skrtel & dAgger, ( a CRIME not to play him) and even young Flanno has been a revelation!...and Pepe?

too many selection errors and again last night, and the wrong subs at the wrong times..

it should have been SIX , thats Palace 0 and LIVERPOOL SIX , not sharing six goals, (3-3!!!!!!?????, I still dont believe it)

after a collapse that shocked even Stevie..and ME!
Some lad stood in the doorway as I left the pub, he shouldn't have... sorry lad...

palace NIL Liverpool SiX? no, SICK! ...
 naive BR! his tactical naivety in last 2 games ... leaving Agger & Coutinho on the bench.. playing Sakho & Allen 


I will be unpopular, again, i know..the truth hurts!

No one ever wants to hear the truth, but I have said this since day 1, not just now, in bitterness and shame of probably throwing this title away..

I am still old enough to remember the glory days of May, but somehow, this hurts even more.,..because it WAS in our hands 2 games ago...

BR has been found out...

@ 0-3 Palace were nothing, but, Luis looked jaded, so take him off, I shouted at BR (via TV) no one listens to me!, or Allen, yes, he scored a goal but ...nothing else..
I can pass sideways too... the referee gave us nothing but it was still possible to chalk up a big scoreline and put pressure on mercenary citeh..

and Sakho, made ONLY one decent forward pass in 45 mins, Danny Agger must be spitting blood...? ...he is 10 times the player Sakho is..

with Studge back, dont U want Coutinho on, to supply those 2 with slick cutting passes?, which Allen cant do...

sure the ref gave us nothing, and vital, he ignored a foul on Stevie and palace went up the other end to score...

Jeez, we had more possesion in THEIR pen area in the first half than the Palace goalie...

Yes, Luis , you should cry, you wasted a LOT of chances, but, I cry for all the supporters that went to London, some without a return train, thanks to the "sly tv Premiere league"

from the first day of his employment , I keep saying BR is a novice, tonight i wish he'ds have proven me wrong...and Moses for Studge??? if Studge had one leg he would be more effective than Moses.. 

sick, but ...miracles are needed... its not over, but FFS, true REdS , supporters, when will you wake up and realise F S G & their employee is not OURS!???

pre-match REdNET bootroom opinion..

CFD> the "experts" against us ? could be a good sign, f*ck the b'stards @ the SLY premiere league that force our supporters to go to London on a monday night .. WE are LIVERPOOL and we dont care about YOU! stuff yr "billionaires club" (barnes???)

I am, as usual getting the adrenalin flowing, always the same, but good to be so close with just days to go, we need a "minor miracle" but its OUrs - whatever happens we are the team of the season..

 thanks to Stevie more than anyone.. and for him alone as much as myself , I hope we get the dream

I was discussing this last eventful week with my printer, (Lfc Fan), and wondered just what went through Fernando Torres 's mind having played his only two previous clubs inside a week, assisting one crucial goal against our REdS, and scoring another (without celebration) against his boyhood club ;

Hello woy ; "manager of the england team" ???? 
Atletico , whom he captained from the age of 19! .. then saw them proceed to th champions league without him, and perhaps Lfc also suceed absent Nando.

I am one of the few that dont hate Torres, he gave me wonderful memories of conquering Europe in Madrid, Marseille, or Milan .. had Rafa had a fit Torres and Gerrard for a FULL season we would have won the league, by 2010. and the yankers would not have been able to force him out mid-contract, so easy. Nando could have left in the same summer as Rafa, who signed him,

We had already lost Alonso, because of G & H "policy" ..

Nando stayed on during the dark days of Purslows spinning the boardroom and dressing rooms politics, aparently back-stabbing Rafa and Kenny & foreign players he didnt like, enabling the disasterous "woy"

.. Mascherano also couldnt stomach the "BS in the office!"

 & Hodgson playing route 1 "alehouse football" was unlikely to keep Torres at our club, especially as Torres left A.Madrid because "I dont wanto be the only match-winner and I want to win trophies"..must today see the irony of last night, good luck Atletico for smashing Jose's bu (btw _ i dont blame the tactics, but Maureens "nasty tricks brigade" that are part of Chelski) and GOOD LUCK Atletico!

but most of all Torres must look at Stevie, and consider "he might just have had it all"

Our Captain, 
our club; 
our DREAM!


CS> just watch how "results" and PR can cover up basic errors and obvious business.. its easy to promote a club with 30 million customers, its to the detrement of Lfc (boardroom) management of the last 20-30 years that they didnt take advange and promote LFc products etc, easy to get sponsors now, F S G have off-loaded about 20 promising young players that Rafa/ Rudolfo / Kenny developed at the Academy, F S G's committee have signed...? (apart from Coutinho & Studge?) not one that U could say is certain to be a regular whilst they offload Pepe, and play games with Agger, and Glens Contract... what makes u think that Ayre & co will not waste money again this summer?? who is really gonna make a difference.. may as well trust the kids.. ... dont get fooled again?

H-T (v cxhelski)  Aspas? came on (why?) would make more sense to play a quality man like Agger , Aspas passed the ball TWICE blues... (and of course BR continues to play Allen....his boy..)
greetings from ;
supporting ;



.... the Dream

" i dream of her smooth as silk
of her lips as drinky as milk
...I dream of her breast , as hard as a pebble..
..and her loins ..oh so vital...

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